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Sportsinsights Review


We at OFTEN get approached by sports handicappers, betting sites, tracking software proprietors, line services, people with systems selling this and that and more. While we like to make money just as much as anybody else, we're forced to turn down these offers approximately 90% of the time because they either lack integrity, the sales person was too wormy, or we just don't feel that it's safe to offer to our beloved reader base.

When Sportsinsights contacted us, it didn't take long to figure out that they offer one of the coolest and most informative sports handicapping information sites on the internet. In fact, their site is almost too good to be true.

Let's take a look at how can benefit you and help increase your odds of beating your bookie:

Real-time odds from multiple sportsbooks: This is valuable in a few ways. First and most important, if you see a line changing, it alerts you to that "something" may be going on with the game. It could be an injury that you may not otherwise know about, hard to find info such as a coach giving away his gameplan on a pre-game radio show etc. Second, this information is valuable for those who have bookies who are either slow to move their lines or don't move their lines at all. How many times have you won or lost a game by a half point or a point? MANY! Every single half point matters! You can literally increase your winning percentage by 2-3% by nailing down that extra half point when available. Third, real time odds allows you to line shop. Not all books are created equal! They're just like stores in that they have different "prices" (lines/odds). Having a line service allows you to easily compare odds without having to go log into multiple places.

Steam Plays: (AKA: Wiseguy Plays) Sports Insights identifies and notifies when steam plays are made. What's a steam play? It's when a betting syndicate (pros such as Billy Walters) throws down a ton on a game which forces Vegas to move their line. SUPER valuable info!

View Public Betting Trends: Sportsinsights displays rare and valuable information about how much money is coming in on each side, total and moneyline for each game. While your first inclination may be to see "what everybody else is betting on", the truth is you want to make sure that you're on the other side in most cases so that you can be on the same side as the bookies; the guys who win long term!. This simple info INSTANTLY puts you into sharp bettor status!

Note: A Sportsinsights membership is especially helpful during baseball and football season where each team has so many players and there are so many variables in play.

Sharp Bettors Subscribe to SportsInsights! It's affordably priced and It pays for itself!

Join up and get a FREE 7 day trail to see what you've been missing out on by clicking here!

Sportsinsights is PREDICTEM RECOMMENDED which ain't something you'll hear from us very often!

Are you or have you been a Sportsinsights member? We'd love to hear YOUR review of their site including what you've found useful and how it's increased your sports betting winning percentage! If it's good, we'll post your review on this page!

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