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Pot Limit Texas Hold'em

How to Play Pot Limit Hold’em
by K. Swope of

Pot Limit Hold’em is play identical to any form of Hold’em poker with the exception of how much a player may wager during each betting round. Pot Limit Hold’em can be played with up to ten people.

A button or disk is used to designate a dealer.

The ante structure of a big and small blind is used and the two players to the immediate left of the dealer become the opening small and big blinds respectively.

The dealer then gives each player two hole cards face down dealt in a clock-wise fashion in singular increments. Each player must then decide whether to fold, call the big blind or raise their hands.

After each player has acted, the dealer “burns” or discards one card face down and deals three community cards face up in the middle of the table known as the “flop”. Each player may use these community cards to try and make the best five-card hand.

A round of betting takes place and players must again decide to stay or fold. The dealer follows the round of betting by burning another card face down and dealing one community card face up known as the “turn” or “Fourth Street”.

Players are given the opportunity to place bets once again. The dealer concludes by burning a final card face down and dealing the last community card face up known commonly as the “river”. A round of betting follows the river card and the remaining players reveal their hole cards to determine a winner.

In Pot Limit Hold’em a player may only wager and raise the amount of the accumulated pot. This means that if the pot contains 50 chips the next player may only raise to the maximum of 100 chips, a 50 chip wager and a 50 chip raise.

As the pot becomes larger the players left to act may wager more. Players are permitted to move all-in and wager all their chips once the pot has become large enough to cover what that player has remaining in front of them.

This structure is a type of hybrid between Limit and No-Limit Hold’em in the sense that many players will see a flop for very cheap since it is not possible to raise very much before the flop without have several players making re-raises. However, once the pot builds it is not unlikely to find players making heavy wagers in order to steal the pot or force weaker hands out.

Pot Limit Hold’em uses the standard ranking scale for poker hands from a single high card up to a Royal Flush.

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