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How Much Money Have You Made With Your Clothes On? Part II of II

How Much Money Have You Made Without Your Clothes On? (Part II of II
by Leon Carpenter


Whether it was caused solely by the random chance mechanism of an accident (My “Train Wreck” Theory), or guided by the wisdom of the driven hand of Providence (My “It’s A Friggin’ Miracle” Theory), the fact remains that I had unknowingly just asked my computer to search for the phrase “Texas hold em”. I reached for the mouse to hit the “back” button, only to find (and folding yet another twist of fate) that my cursor had frozen. While moving the mouse in circles, as I waited for the cursor to become active, my focus unconsciously changed from the cursor to the background behind it. Since most search “typos” (errors) are gibberish, I automatically expected my query would return few matches, if any at all.

I was understandably surprised then, when the page filled and an information line near the top read “first 100 out of 13,600,000”, my curiosity had been aroused enough to at least take a brief look at this page. Haphazardly glancing at various parts of the page, I was initially startled that no matter where my gaze went, the word “poker” had beaten me there and was waiting for me. I have always loved the game and indeed, at one time in my life fancied myself a better-than-average player, having played occasionally in a game held at the local pub. Although I never played frequently enough to consider myself a “regular”, I developed a personal connection to the game unlike any other sporting endeavor I have known. To this day, whenever I chance upon even the mere mention of that magical five-letter-word, it never fails to invoke within me a warm feeling of hope and excitement.

Perhaps like many people, I was falling victim to the (devaluing) human tendency to see our lives in terms of what we have accomplished in the past, instead of the much more enriching and productive outlook focus of personal victories we are determined to yet achieve. In any event, I was completely unaware of, and startled by, the frenzied international attention that poker was receiving recently. The sheer numbers and diversity of poker information that now filled my screen filled me with awe. Completely hypnotized, I started clicking. . .

It was well after dawn of the following day when I finally tore myself away from the screen. During those hours, I managed to be more productive than I had ever felt my life. I learned about the incredible growth that the game of poker has undergone in the last two to three years, as this out of control public poker frenzy has completely swept the nation. The amount of people playing real poker for real money just a few years ago was a small amount compared to the huge number of people doing it today, and that gap is increasing, as thousands of new players are getting into the game each day. Much more intriguing, was statistically confirming my growing realization that the average poker experience amongst these new players was little or none. My few short years of previous exposure to the game meant that I had more poker experience than most of the people playing today! Wow!

Since the vast percentages of these people were playing online, that's where I wanted play too! Are you following me? So naturally, I then started to check out a lot of the online poker sites to find out which were the best ones to play at. I made up a list using my own stringent qualifications as a yardstick. At the end of this article, I will give you my short list of the best places to play.

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