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Keep Moving Up

Poker Advice: Keep Moving Up
by Hank Cashman of

There are a lot of ways to improve your game. Two of the best ways I know are to adjust your game and your opponents.

There are a few ways that you can adjust your game. Many of us started playing poker at home with family and friends. Some of us started playing online. Some of us got involved in local bar league tournaments.

No matter how you started, you can step your game up a notch.

If you started with the neighborhood home game or online, venture out to the local card rooms. Either way you will get more experience with more players.

If you are used to playing online, you need to get some live experience in a low level game. This will help you learn to hide tells you may have developed while playing on the internet. When you play online you say and do things that will cost you in live play. You have to quit yelling when you get a hand.

If you feel comfortable and win fairly often in a $2-5 game, maybe itís time to move up the next level to a $5-10. If you donít do well right off, get back down to the $2-5 again until you can dominate at the lower level. You have to test the waters every once and a while.

When you have some experience with Texas Holdíem, try some Omaha. It's a more difficult game and can be a lot more fun. There are many players that once they play Omaha they do better with it than Holdíem.

Have you been playing only single table games? Try the larger multi-table tournaments. It is completely different to try to beat or at least out last 100 players. In the bigger tournaments you are always playing a full table but the players keep changing. It will keep you on your toes.

Iíve talked about changing venues, numbers of players, buy-ins and games. Along with this you need to up-grade the opposition. One of the first things I learned when playing any sport is that you will only become as good as your competition.

If you want to improve your tennis game, find a tougher opponent. If you want to excel in chess, play a better player. This forces you to improve your game. This also gives you a source to learn at a higher level. If you always play kids youíll never learn how to beat pros.

As you change your game you will also find these better players to compete with. But, donít think that just because the buy in goes up so does the ability of the players. I have seen some terrible $1,000 players and some wonderful $25 players.

Search out these games and players. They will make you a better and more successful player.

Keep the cards and chips flying.

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