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Welcome to the Predictem.com Keno section. Here you will find places to play keno for real money, play for free, get tips on how to play, strategies on how to win and other miscellaneous advice from professional gamblers which will surely increase your chances of winning.

Keno is a game which is similar to bingo but has many different variables. One of the biggest differences between Keno and Bingo is that you get to choose your numbers and how many of those numbers you wish to play. Your payouts and odds of winning all depend on how many numbers you select. Keno is a very exciting game with some very large payouts should your numbers hit. Check out all the articles and information in this section and see why Keno is one of the fastest growing fascinations amongst both land based casino gamblers and online gamblers alike!


An Overview of the Game

Keno is a bingo style game. It works a lot like the lottery. Keno originated during the Han Dynasty in China over 2000 years ago. The game was brought to the United States by Chinese immigrants in the nineteenth century. Keno has many variations in Las Vegas casinos including live keno play and machine play.


Keno is based on choosing numbers between 1 and 80. If you play live, get yourself a keno ticket form. You will see all the numbers in a grid. You decide how many numbers to play. You can play anywhere from one number to twenty numbers for each card. Let's say you choose to play six numbers. Now you take the crayon or marker and put an "x" on each number you choose. Traditionally, the "caller" would remove twenty numbered balls from a bubble for each game. The more numbers you play, the more you will get if you match all the numbers in a particular game.


Traditionally, a casino has a live Keno lounge for players to place bets and watch the numbers come up. Just a few years ago, if you were eating in a casino café, in addition to your ketchup, salt, pepper and sugar there was also a few brown crayons with keno cards/slips. A Keno Runner would walk around saying "keno" just the same as the cocktail servers walk around saying "cocktails." For the most part, Keno runners are a thing of the past.

Many casinos still have Keno lounges today but things are moving toward computer generated numbers in favor of the traditional ball drawing method. Keno machines are the most popular way to play today. Its faster - no waiting around for bets to be placed or numbers to be manually drawn. It is a lot like video poker and, in fact, is found as an alternative on many multi-game machines. There are dozens of styles of video Keno out there. There are games with bonus options or variations with more than one "hand" per draw. I have seen people very serious about hedging their keno bets at those machines.


Keno payouts are based on how many numbers are chosen and how many numbers are "hit," multiplied by the proportion of the original wager to the "base rate" of the paytable. Each casino has specific rules for play and payout tables. Keep in mind, again, that the more numbers you can play and hit, the bigger the payout. A few years ago, the first person to hit 10 out of 10 numbers at live keno won a million dollars. Yes, you can win big. But, that was the only time anyone ever hit that big.

Keep in mind, the probability of hitting all twenty numbers on a twenty spot ticket is 1 in 3.5 quintillion - I think that's more than the national debt! But keep in mind, Keno players are not expecting that kind of score so they hedge their bets. You will get smaller payouts on hitting less than the total number. You can also win, in some games, for getting no hits. Always check the rules of the casino or machine you are playing.

Look for multi-race keno at the Keno lounges. You can choose numbers and play up to a thousand sequential games during the day whether or not you are present. Lots of visitor have put their numbers in at breakfast time and come back after dinner to pick up a big reward.

The odds for hitting big in Keno aren't spectacular but it is a good game for people who don't want to think about a lot of rules or strategies. You can expect to play the game for a long time for a relatively small bankroll and get a small return on your bet.


The chances of hitting 0 numbers on a 20 spot ticket: 1 in 843.38 for a minescule chance of less than 2/10th's of 1%! (0.12%)

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Keno was created in China around 200 B.C. where characters instead of numbers were used. The characters used were the first 80 of China's famous poem called "The Thousand Character Classic"