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Keno Betting Strategies
By Wilson of Predictem.com

Every person who partakes in the act of gambling should at the least study up a bit on the basics of their particular game/s of choice to increase your chances of winning. I think of it as buying a house without at least doing a walk through or purchasing a car without a test drive. Ok, that may seem like an extreme analogy, but really, you would be surprised at the amount of people who fly to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or any other gambling destination without a clue of how to play the games. Keno may appear to be a very simple game to play but even the ďeasy to playĒ games have a strategy. Letís take a look at a few basic keno bets, and discuss a little strategy regarding the game.

Straight Ticket Bet:

A player who wants to make just a basic simple single wager on a certain amount of numbers will take advantage of the straight bet. To complete this wager the player will take a keno card which is located near or at the ticket writer counter (in the keno lounge) or attain a card from a waitress or waiter (if the restaurant caters to keno players). Once the player has a keno card then he simply marks the numbers that he feels will show in the next round or series of numbers. If a certain amount of the playerís numbers show he will win money. Most casinos have a different payoff table so payoffs will vary at each house.

The Way Ticket:

This bet is a way (no pun intended) for players to spice up the typical straight bet by paying a couple bucks more to add some action to the wager. For example, if a player decided to mark six numbers on a keno card he could mark all six numbers and then circle two groups of three from the six originally marked numbers. If the table minimum was $1 the player would bet $3 to have a $1 wager on each of the two circled groups of numbers and on the six numbers overall. Thus the player would have more chances to win, of course it cost more money but thatís why they call it gambling. Make sure you check the pay table to understand each pay off as they differ depending on how you bet.

King Ticket:

This bet is another option for the keno player who wants to add an outside number to a circled group of numbers plus play all as a straight bet at the same time. To play the King ticket bet in keno a player will circle two combinations of numbers and then circle a number by itself perhaps from another row of numbers. The ticket writer will understand that the single circled number is to be included in each of the circled combinations as well as the straight bet of all the numbers marked. The player will mark 2/4, 1/7 on the side of the keno card clarifying that he is betting two combinations of four numbers and the overall seven numbers.

Combination Ticket:

This wager is a series of different number combinations marked throughout the keno card. The player can mark several combinations that can be as small as two numbers. For example, a player could group numbers as 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 (the 2&3 number groups together) 1/6 (2 & 4 number groups together) 1/7 and the 1/9 which represents all three groups. This particular bet would cost a player $7 at $1 minimum table.

Best Strategy:

Most people donít even consider keno a game that needs a whole deal of serious breakdown and analysis. So when it comes to the best keno strategy there really isnít a consistent return thus the game canít be taken too seriously- nothing like Blackjack or even Craps. The best strategy for a player who truly wants to put some time into keno is to scout out the different casinos if applicable and find the best pay table and stick to the casino that forks out the most cash for the numbers you select. As far as how to select numbers or if certain numbers show more than othersÖthey donít. Each number has just as good of a chance to show as the other. Luck to ya.


The chances of hitting 0 numbers on a 20 spot ticket: 1 in 843.38 for a minescule chance of less than 2/10th's of 1%! (0.12%)

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Keno was created in China around 200 B.C. where characters instead of numbers were used. The characters used were the first 80 of China's famous poem called "The Thousand Character Classic"