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What to Expect: Expert MLB picks from our in house handicappers which are usually released late in the afternoon around 5PM EST. We are likely to put out one game per day as we are only interested in hunting for the best value on the board and then hammering it.

Our main goal here is to turn a profit each calender month. In order to do this we'll be playing short favorites and many underdogs. While our picks may seem questionable at times (underdogs usually means betting on bad teams) believe us when we say we've been around the block and we know what we're doing.

We recommend that if your going to tail these picks on a daily basis that you play all of them, not picking and choosing which to wager on as our style is to grind out profits. Keep in mind that sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint. We're not going to win'em all. Our service here to the reader is free and regardless of if we win 1 unit or 10 units during the month always keep in mind that the main goal is to turn a profit at months end which we are likely to do. Enjoy!

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2017 ATS Record: 43-28-2 +6.65 Units

6/24/17: Sea +128 (pending)
6/23/17: AZ -197 (loss 1-6)
6/22/17: Mia +120 (lost 1-11)
6/21/17: Cubs -190 (day game)(lost 2-3)
6/20/17: Cubs -195 (won 4-0)
6/19/17: LAD -300 (won 10-6)
6/18/17: AZ -175 (won 5-4)
6/17/17: Col -160 (winner 5-1)
6/16/17: Mil -160 (win 6-5)
6/15/17: Col -168 (won 10-9)
6/14/17: SD -132 (won 4-2)
6/13/17: LAA +112 (won 3-2)
6/12/17: Tex +100 (winner 6-1)
6/11/17: Mil +137 (lost 1-11)
6/10/17: SFG -140 (lost 2-3)
6/9/17: Mets/Braves OVER 10 (lost 2-3)
6/8/17: Cubs -188 (lost 1-4)
6/7/17: CWS +162 (lost 1-3), KC -109 (won 7-5), Min +105 (lost 5-6)
6/6/17: Sea -210 (won 12-3), Mil -140 (won 5-2), LAA/Det OVER 9 (lost 5-3). Check back at 6:45PM EST for final update.
6/5/17: Tor/Oak Over 8 (tied 3-5), SFG -128 (winner 7-2)
6/4/17: Sea -128 (won 7-1)
6/3/17: SD -104 (lost 1-10)
6/2/17: Phi -117 (lost 0-10), Tex +111 (lost 1-7), Cle -107 (loss 0-4), TB -122 (lost 4-12)
6/1/17: No value; Passing
5/31/17: Mil/NYM UNDER 7.5 (loss 7-1)
5/30/17: Hou/Min OVER 9 (tied 2-7)
5/29/17: Hou -115 (won 16-8)
5/28/17: Rays -103 (won 8-6)
5/27/17: Cin +114 (lost 4-3)
5/26/17: Wash -225 (won 5-1), AZ -101 (won 4-2), SF -121 (lost 0-2), Tex/Tor OVER 9.5 (win 6-7), Oak +143 (winner 4-1)
5/25/17: SD/NYM OVER 8.5 (-120)(lost 4-3)
5/24/17: LAA -102 (lost 2-5)
5/23/17: Chi/Az OVER 11 (lost 4-5)
5/22/17: NYY -172 (win 4-2)
5/21/17: Stl -175 (won 8-3)
5/20/17: LAD -175 (lost 6-10)
5/19/17: Pit -123 (lost 2-7)
5/18/17: Oak -105 (winner 8-3)
5/17/17: Det -147 (won 6-5), Oak -101 (lost 4-0)
5/16/17: SFG +1.5 (runline; -115 odds)(won 2-1)
5/15/17: I'm an idiot and forgot to post today's pick! My apologies!
5/14/17: Taking a day off!
5/13/17: KC -118 (winner 4-3)
5/12/17: CWS -127 (lost 3-6)
5/11/17: Cin +105 (won 3-2)
5/10/17: Mil -123 (won 7-4)
5/9/17: SD +105 (lost 0-11), Min -105 (won 7-2)
5/8/17: Col +115 (Rainout)
5/7/17: Tribe -108 (won 1-0)
5/6/17: NYY/ChC UNDER 7.5 (-120)(lost 11-6)
5/5/17: Bal -177 (won 4-2)
5/4/17: Sea -145 (won 11-3)
5/3/17: Mil/Stl UNDER 7.5 (Rained Out)
5/2/17: Cin -131 (lost 3-12)
5/1/17: Stl -154 (lost 4-7)
4/30/17: Hou -200 (won 7-2)
4/29/17: Atlanta Braves +108 (won 11-3)
4/28/17: TB +120 (won 7-4)
4/27/17: No value; Passing
4/26/17: Sea -126 (winner 8-0)
4/25/17: Atl +109 (Rained Out)
4/24/17: Col -161 (winner 8-4)
4/23/17: Bos +100 (won 6-2)
4/22/17: Wash +103 (won 3-1)
4/21/17: Wash +106 (win 4-3)
4/20/17: No value; Passing
4/19/17: Bal/Cin UNDER 9 (+100)(won 2-0)
4/18/17: AZ -120 (won 11-2)
4/17/17: Sea -145 (won 6-1)
4/2/17: SF -144 (lost 5-6)

Previous Seasons:

2016 ATS Record: 106-82-2 +17.55 Units

Wednesday, November 2nd: Indians +108 (lost 7-8)
Tuesday, November 1st: Passing
Sunday, October 30th: No value; Passing
Saturday, October 29th: Indians +124 (won 7-2)
Friday, October 28th: Cubs -190 (lost 0-1)
Wednesday, October 26th: Chi/Clev OVER 7 (lost 5-1)
Tuesday, October 25th: Indians -105 (won 6-0)
Thursday, October 20th: Passing
Wednesday, October 19th: Blue Jays -181 (lost 0-3)
Tuesday, October 18th: LA Dodgers +103 (Victory 6-0)
Monday, October 17th: Passing
Sunday, October 16th: Cubs +110 (lost 0-1)
Saturday, October 15th: No value; Passing
Friday, October 14th: Blue Jays +129 (lost 0-2)
Thursday, October 13th: Washington Nationals -148 (lost 3-4)
Wednesday, October 12th: No games scheduled.
Tuesday, October 11th: Giants +112 (lost 4-5. Cubs 4 run 9th inning. Puke!)
Monday, October 10th: Nationals +124 (won 8-3)
Saturday, October 8th/Sunday, October 9th: Dodgers -119 (lost 2-5)
Friday, October 7th: Washington Nationals +133 (lost 3-4)
Thursday, October 6th: Neither game has any clear advantages so we're forced to pass again.
Wednesday, October 5th: No value; Passing
Tuesday, October 4th: Baltimore Orioles +133 (lost 2-5)
Wednesday, September 21st-Tuesday, October 3rd: We're breaking until the playoffs start. Many teams are out of the race and don't care about winning as they're trying to evaluate prospects for next season. Other teams are resting players for the playoffs. Things are way too unpredictable right now so it's best we take a break until the playoffs start. Please set a reminder to come back here Tuesday, Oct 4th for more winners! Congrats on a great season!
Tuesday, September 20th: Sea +113 (lost 2-10)
Monday, September 19th: Col +101 (lost 3-5)
Sunday, September 18th: Passing
Saturday, September 17th: No value; Passing
Friday, September 16th: Det/Cle UNDER 7.5 (lost 11-4), AZ +130 (lost 2-3), Marlins -132 (lost 3-4)(Added at 6:37PM EST)
Thursday, September 15th: Stl/SF UNDER 7 (lost 6-2)
Wednesday, September 14th: Phillies +116 (won 6-2)
Tuesday, September 13th: SD +140 (won 6-4)
Monday, September 12th: Minn/Det UNDER 9 -110 (won 4-2)
Sunday, September 11th: passing.
Saturday, September 10th: Phi/Wash Under 7.5 -115 (won 3-0)
Friday, September 9th: Balt -102 (lost 4-3)
Thursday, September 8th: Nationals -205 (lost 1-4)
Wednesday, September 7th: Mil +133 (won 2-1)
Tuesday, September 6th: Phi/Mia UNDER 8.5 (won 4-3)
Monday, September 5th: KC -135 (won 11-5)
Sunday, September 4th: Angels +120 (won 2-0)
Saturday, September 3rd: Atl +110 (won 6-4)
Friday, September 2nd: Chi/Min UNDER 9 ***3 UNIT BEST BET*** (lost 11-4)
Thursday, September 1st: No value; Passing!
Wednesday, August 31st: Padres/Braves OVER 9 (pushed 8-1)
Tuesday, August 30th: Mia/NYM UNDER 8 (lost 7-4)
Monday, August 29th: Stl -148 (won 6-5)
Sunday, August 28th: KC +138 (won 10-4), TB +100 (won 10-4), Oak +150 (won 7-4), Tex -104 (won 2-1)
Saturday, August 27th: SD +128 (won 1-0)
Friday, August 26th: Blue Jays -235 (won 15-8)
Thursday, August 25th: Brew Crew +112 (lost 2-3)
Wednesday, August 24th: Atl/Az UNDER 8.5 (lost 10-9)
Tuesday, August 23rd: CWS -165 (9-1)
Monday, August 22nd: NYY/Sea OVER 8.5 (won 7-5)
Sunday, August 21st: Bal +105 (lost 3-5)
Saturday, August 20th: KC -150 (won 10-0)
Friday, August 19th: Tigers +113 (lost 2-10)
Thursday, August 18th: Mia/Cin UNDER 7.5 (lost 5-4)
Wednesday, August 17th: KC/Det UNDER 8 (+102)(won 4-1)
Tuesday, August 16th Pick: Hou -155 (lost 5-8)
Monday, August 15th: KC +122 (won 3-1)
Sunday, August 14th: KC Royals +108 (won 11-4)
Saturday, August 13th: Phil +105 (won 6-3)
Friday, August 12th: Cin/Mil OVER 9 (won 7-4)
Thursday, August 11th: Braves +112 (lost 3-11)
Wednesday, August 10th: Sea -110 (won 3-1) and Minny +120 (rained out)
Tuesday, August 9th: Atl +116 (won 2-1)
Monday, August 8th: TB/Tor UNDER 9 -110 (lost 7-5)
Sunday, August 7th: Twins +112 (won 6-3)
Saturday, August 6th: Nats -240 (lost 7-1)
Friday, August 5th: Mia/Col OVER 11.5 +105 (lost 5-3)
Thursday, August 4th: LAA -140 (lost 8-6)
Wednesday, August 3rd: Pit/Atl OVER 8.5 (+100)(won 8-4)
Tuesday, August 2nd: Reds +134 (won 7-5)
Monday, August 1st: Yankees -111 (won 5-4)
Sunday, July 31st: STL/Mia UNDER 8 -120 (lost 5-4)
Saturday, July 30th: Col +137 (won 7-2)
Friday, July 29th: NYY/TB UNDER 7.5 -105 (won 5-1)
Thursday, July 28th: No value; Passing
Wednesday, July 27th: Cin +210 (won 2-1)
Tuesday, July 26th: Atl/Min OVER 9 -115 (lost 2-0)
Monday, July 25th: LAA/KC UNDER 8.5 -105 (won 6-2)
Sunday, July 24th: NYM/Mia OVER 8.5 -110 (lost 3-0)
Saturday, July 23rd: STL +116 (lost 7-2)
Friday, July 22nd: Phi/Pit UNDER 8 -115 (won 4-0)
Thursday, July 21st: Min/Bos OVER 10 -108 (won 13-2)
Wednesday, July 20th: Col -106 (lost 11-3)
Tuesday, July 19th: Min/Det OVER 9.5 -105 (lost 6-2)
Monday, July 18th: No value; Passing
Sunday, July 17th: Cle/Min OVER 9 -109 (lost 6-1)
Saturday, July 16th: Phi -110 (won 4-2)
Friday, July 15th: CWS/LAA UNDER 8 +100 (won 7-0)
Sunday, July 10th: Phil/Col UNDER 12 +105 (lost 10-3)
Saturday, July 9th: Pitt +147 (won 12-6)
Friday, July 8th: Sea/KC UNDER 8.5 -105 (won 3-2)
Thursday, July 7th: Oak/Hou UNDER 8 +100 (won 3-1)
Wednesday, July 6th: Min -108 (won 4-0)
Tuesday, July 5th: Tex/Bos OVER 9 (push 7-2)
Monday, July 4th: Det +165 (lost 5-3)
Sunday, July 3rd: CWS/Hou UNDER 8 +100 (won 4-1)
Saturday, July 2nd: CWS +102 (won 7-6)
Friday, July 1st: Det -106 (won 10-2)
Thursday, June 30th: Sea -104 (won 5-3)
Wednesday, June 29th: Passing
Tuesday, June 28th: Pit/Sea OVER 8 (lost 5-2)
Monday, June 27th: Rockies -102 (won 9-3)
Sunday, June 26th: Indians +120 (won 9-3)
Saturday, June 25th: CWS +107 (lost 8-10)
Friday, June 24th: Wash/Mil UNDER 7.5 (lost 5-3)
Thursday, June 23rd: SD -104 (won 7-4)
Wednesday, June 22nd: CWS +111 (won 8-6)
Tuesday, June 21st: KC +1.5 -125 (No Action - Pitching change Colon for Syndergaard)
Monday, June 20th: Marlins -117 (lost 3-5)
Sunday, June 19th: Tigers/Royals UNDER 9 (won)
Saturday, June 18th: Orioles -105 (won 4-2)
Friday, June 17th: Cubs -235 (won 6-0)
Thursday, June 16th: KC Royals +104 (lost 4-10)
Wednesday, June 15th: Rays -125 (won 3-2)
Tuesday, June 14th: Rockies +101 (won 13-10)
Monday, June 13th: Brewers/Giants UNDER 7.5 (lost 11-5)
Sunday, June 12th: Royals +111 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***(won 3-1)
Saturday, June 11th: Rays -138 (lost 3-4)
Friday, June 10th: Orioles +111 (lost 3-4)
Thursday, June 9th: Astros -125 (lost 3-5)
Wednesday, June 8th: Minny -104 (won 7-5)
Tuesday, June 7th: Twins +106 (won 6-4)
Monday, June 6th: KC/Bal UNDER 9 (won 4-1)
Sunday, June 5th: Stl -153 (won 6-3)
Saturday, June 4th: Rockies -106 (lost 3-4)
Friday, June 3rd: Stl -105 (lost 1-5), Oak +127 (lost 2-12), SD -145 (won 4-0) and Pit -160 (lost 2-9)
Thursday, June 2nd: Tigers +108 (lost 4-5)
Wednesday, June 1st: Rockies -185 (lost 2-7)
Tuesday, May 31st: Braves +120 (lost 0-4)
Monday, May 30th: Pit/Mia OVER 9 (won 10-0)
Sunday, May 29th: LAD -219 (won 4-2), KC +130 (won 5-4), Sea -180 (lost 4-5), Stl +178 (lost 2-10)
Saturday, May 28th: AZ -186 (won 8-7)
Friday, May 27th: Reds +124 (lost 5-9)
Thursday, May 26th: Astros -114 (won 4-2)
Wednesday, May 25th: Diamondbacks +113 (lost 4-5)
Tuesday, May 24th: Wash -161 (won 7-4)
Monday, May 23rd: Nats -142 (lost 1-7)
Sunday, May 22nd: Mil/NYM UNDER 7 (won 3-1)
Saturday, May 21st: Braves +125 (won 2-0)
Friday, May 20th: Phillies -163 (lost 1-7)
Thursday, May 19th: A's -110 (lost 1-4)
Wednesday, May 18th: Wash -110 (won 7-1)
Tuesday, May 17th: CWS -107 (lost 5-6)
Monday, May 16th: Rays +113 (won 13-2)
Sunday, May 15th: A's +110 (won 7-6)
Saturday, May 14th: SF/AZ OVER 9.5 +100 (lost 5-3)
Friday, May 13th: Cinci +107 (lost 2-3)
Thursday, May 12th: Hou/Bos OVER 8 (won 11-1)
Wednesday, May 11th: Indians -138 (lost 3-5)
Tuesday, May 10th: Arizona -104 (won 5-1) and Yankees -182 (won 10-7)
Monday, May 9th: Blue Jays -125 (won 3-1)
Sunday, May 8th: ChiSox -190 (won 3-1)
Saturday, May 7th: SF -170 (won 2-1)
Friday, May 6th: Oak -105 (Rained Out)
Thursday, May 5th: Phillies +1.5 (-125)(loss), Mil/Cin OVER 9 (win)
Wednesday, May 4th: TB -162 (won 8-5)
Tuesday, May 3rd: Atl +2.5 (-165)(won 3-0)
Monday, May 2nd: Rockies -117 (lost 1-2)
Sunday, May 1st: TB Rays +1.5 -150 (lost 1-5)
Saturday, April 30th: NYM -183 (won 6-5), Miami -113 (won 7-5)
Friday, April 29th: Pirates -148 (won 4-1) and Red Sox +101 (won 4-2)
Thursday, April 28th: ChiSox +129 (lost 2-10)
Wednesday, April 27th: SF -188 (win 13-9)
Tuesday, April 26th: Cle/Min UNDER 8.5 (lost 6-5) and Sea +125 (won 11-1)
Monday, April 25th: Mariners -141 (won 3-2)
Sunday, April 24th: Dodgers/Rockies OV ER 11 (won 22 runs scored)
Saturday, April 23rd: NYY -154 (won 3-2)
Friday, April 22nd: Phillies +119 (won 5-2) and Mia/SF UNDER 7.5 (lost 8-1)
Thursday, April 21st: Oak +119 (won 7-3)
Wednesday, April 20th: Red Sox -108 (won 7-3)
Tuesday, April 19th: Astros -107 (loss 5-7)
Monday, April 18th: Col/Cin OVER 8.5 -115 (lost 5-1)
Sunday, April 17th: A's -120 (win 3-2)
Saturday, April 16th: Clev +117 (won 7-5)
Friday, April 15th: LAA -120 (lost 4-5)
Thursday, April 14th: Toronto -150 (won 4-2)
Wednesday, April 13th: Marlins +112 (lost 1-2)(1pm est!)
Tuesday, April 12th: TB +117 (won 5-1)
Monday, April 11th: Hou -132 (win 8-2)
Sunday, April 10th: Cubbies -220 (won 7-3)
Saturday, April 9th: SD +110 (won 16-3)
Friday, April 8th: Braves +151 (lost 4-7)
Thursday, April 7th: Min +123 (lost 2-4)
Wednesday, April 6th: Sea/Tex OVER 9.5 (won 9-5)
Tuesday, April 5th: Rockies +120 (lost 6-11)
Monday, April 4th: Nats -173 (won 4-3)
Sunday, April 3rd: Cards/Pirates OVER 6 -125 (lost 4-1)

2015 ATS Record: 90-91-1 -9.35 Units

Saturday, October 31st: NYM -144 (loss)
Friday, October 30th: KC +134 (loss)
Wednesday, October 28th: NYM/KC OVER 7 (win)
Tuesday, October 27th: KC +101 (win)
Friday, October 23rd: KC +121 (win)
Thursday, October 22nd: No games scheudled.
Wednesday, October 21st: NYM +106 (win)
Tuesday, October 20th: Chicago Cubs +101 (2 units to win 2.02 units)(loss)
Monday, October 19th: No value; Passing!
Sunday, October 18th: NYM +136 (win)
Saturday, October 17th: KC +150 (win)
Friday, October 16th: Tor/KC OVER 8 (loss)
Wednesday, October 14th: Tex/Tor UNDER 8 (loss)
Tuesday, October 13th: Passing
Monday, October 12th: KC +112 (win)
Sunday, October 11th: Passing
Saturday, October 10th: Passing
Friday, October 9th: Cubs +101 (loss)
Thursday, October 8th: KC -132 (loss)
Wednesday, October 7th: No value; Passing
Tuesday, October 6th: NYY +100 (loss)
Saturday, October 3rd: Passing
Friday, October 2nd: TB -102 (loss)
Thursday, October 1st: Mil +115 (loss)
Wednesday, September 30th: SF/LAD OVER 7 (loss)
Tuesday, September 29th: LAA -164 (win)
Monday, September 28th: Tex -131 (loss)
Sunday, September 27th: Passing
Saturday, September 26th: Clev +116 (win)
Friday, September 25th: No value to be found today; Passing!
Thursday, September 24th: Mia -180 (win)
Wednesday, September 23rd: Phi/Mia UNDER 8.5 (win)
Tuesday, September 22nd: Cle/Min UNDER 8 runs (win)
Sat/Sun/Mon, September 19th-21st: Passing
Friday, September 18th: Cinci -105 (win)
Thursday, September 17th: KC/Cle OVER 7 (win)
Wednesday, September 16th: Rockies +176 (loss)
Tuesday, September 15th: Det/Min UNDER 9 (Push)
Monday, September 14th: CWS +103 (2.00 units to win 2.06 units)(win)
Sunday, September 13th: Mariners -191 (loss)
Saturday, September 12th: Passing
Friday, September 11th: Det/Cle UNDER 7.5 (rained out)
Thursday, September 10th: Tor/NY UNDER 7.5 (rained out)
Wednesday, September 9th: Atl/Phi OVER 8.5 (pending)
Tuesday, September 8th: Cincinnati Reds +111 (loss)
Monday, September 7th: Passing
Sunday, September 6th: Stl -111 (2.22 units to win 2 units)(loss)
Saturday, September 5th: Oak +110 (loss)
Friday, September 4th: STL -148 (loss)
Thursday, September 3rd: Mil +137 (win)
Wednesday, September 2nd: NYY/Bos OVER 9 (win)
Tuesday, September 1st: Mia -107 (win)
Monday, August 31st: Wash +123 (loss)
Sunday, August 30th: CWS -164 (win)
Saturday, August 29th: Phillies +114 (win)
Friday, August 28th: Angels +117 (loss)
Thursday, August 27th: Sea/Chi UNDER 8.5 (win)
Wednesday, August 26th: ChiSox -205 (loss)
Tuesday, August 25th: Oak/Sea OVER 7.5 (win)
Monday, August 24th: No value; Passing
Sunday, August 23rd: Phil -106 (win)
Saturday, August 22nd: Phil +117 (win) and CWS -111 (win)
Thursday, August 20th: Cle/NYY UNDER 8.5 (win)
Wednesday, August 19th: Det +190 (win)
Tuesday, August 18th: Det +137 (win), Phi +153 (loss), Min +143 (loss), Col +140 (loss)
Monday, August 17th: CWS +140 (loss)
Sunday, August 16th: SD -105 (pending)
Saturday, August 15th: Col -111 (loss)
Friday, August 14th: STL -200 (win)
Thursday, August 13th: LAA -119 (win)
Wednesday, August 12th: NYY +108 (loss)
Tuesday, August 11th: Bal/Sea UNDER 7.5 (loss)
Monday, August 10th: SD -142 (win)
Sunday, August 9th: Pit +110 (win)
Saturday, August 8th: Atl +104 (win)
Friday, August 7th: Cin +106 (loss)
Thursday, August 6th: A's +106 (loss)
Wednesday, August 5th: Arizona +123 (win)
Tuesday, August 4th: LAD -230 (loss)
Monday, August 3rd: AZ +126 (win) and Atl +134 (win)
Sunday, August 2nd: Phil +103 (loss)
Saturday, August 1st: CWS +102 (win)
Friday, July 31st: TB +105 (loss)
Thursday, July 30th: Pit -148 (loss)
Wednesday, July 29th: Passing
Tuesday, July 28th: KC +113 (win)
Monday, July 27th: KC -102 (win)
Sunday, July 26th: Sea +101 (win)
Saturday, July 25th: Tor/Sea OVER 8 (win)
Friday, July 24th: Sea -143 (win)
Thursday, July 23rd: Mia/SD UNDER 6.5 (win)
Wednesday, July 22nd: No value; Passing
Tuesday, July 21st: TB Rays -127 (win)
Monday, July 20th: LAA -161 (Game 2 of DH)(win)
Sunday, July 19th: Mil -133 (win)
Saturday, July 18th: Phil +121 (win)
Friday, July 17th: Passing
Sunday, July 12th: Mariners -106 (loss)
Saturday, July 11th: Angels -113 (loss)
Friday, July 10th: Hou +100 (loss) and Pit -133 (win)
Thursday, July 9th: Pirates -105 (loss)
Wednesday, July 8th: Az +103 (win) and Cubs -114 (loss)
Tuesday, July 7th: Milwaukee Brewers -145 (loss)
Monday, July 6th: NYM +123 (win)
Sunday, July 5th: Az -135 (loss)
Saturday, July 4th: Sea -126 (loss)
Friday, July 3rd: Tor -103 (loss)
Thursday, July 2nd: Tor -158 (loss)
Wednesday, July 1st: Phil +100 (loss)
Tuesday, June 30th: Tigers -104 (loss)
Monday, June 29th: Phil +132 (loss)
Sunday, June 28th: SF -222 (win)
Saturday, June 27th: Mil -138 (loss)
Friday, June 26th: Bal -109 (win)
Thursday, June 25th: Chi Cubs -143 (loss)
Wednesday, June 24th: SD +109 (loss)
Tuesday, June 23rd: Phi/NYY OVER 9.5 (win)
Monday, June 22nd: LAA -124 (win)
Sunday, June 21st: Mil -106 (loss)
Saturday, June 20th: Bal +105 (win), Min +103 (loss), Mil/Col OVER 10.5 (loss), SD -106 (win), Hou/Sea UNDER 6.5 (loss)
Friday, June 19th: Arizona +100 (win)
Thursday, June 18th: Mia +123 (loss)
Wednesday, June 17th: Bluejays -210 (win)
Tuesday, June 16th: SD +100 (loss)
Monday, June 15th: Texas Rangers -109 (win)
Sunday, June 14th: Dbacks +134 (win)
Saturday, June 13th: Col/Mia UNDER 7.5 (win)
Friday, June 12th: CWS +115 (loss)
Thursday, June 11th: Passing
Wednesday, June 10th: Hou -105 (loss)
Tuesday, June 9th: Min -116 (loss)
Monday, June 8th: Phillies +101 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** (loss), Hou/CWS UNDER 7 (win)
Sunday, June 7th: Arizona +110 (loss)
Friday, June 5th: TB/SEA UNDER 7 (win)
Thursday, June 4th: Oak +102 (win)
Wednesday, June 3rd: Min +133 (Gm2)(win)
Tuesday, June 2nd: Clev -133 (win)
Monday, June 1st: SF +116 (loss), SD -110 (loss), Atl -108 (win) and STL -142 (loss).
Sunday, May 31st: Indians -105 (win)
Saturday, May 30th: Bal -140 (loss)
Friday, May 29th: AZ +111 (win)
Thursday, May 28th: Pit/SD UNDER 6.5 (loss)
Wednesday, May 27th: Brewers -115 (loss)
Tuesday, May 26th: Hou +102 (win)
Monday, May 25th: Az/Stl UNDER 7.5 (win), Oak -134 (win), Sea +119 (win), SD +115 (loss)
Sunday, May 24th: SD +119 (win)
Saturday, May 23rd: Dbacks +116 (loss)
Friday, May 22nd: Twins +109 (loss)
Thursday, May 21st: Cubbies -107 (win)
Wednesday, May 20th: SF +107 (win)
Tuesday, May 19th: Tor -125 (loss)
Monday, May 18th: NYM -139 (win)
Sunday, May 17th: Arizona -129 (loss)
Saturday, May 16th: Balt. -128 (loss)
Friday, May 15th: CWS +111 (win)
Thursday, May 14th: Tex +100 (early start)(loss)
Wednesday, May 13th: Cubbies -107 (win)
Tuesday, May 12th: Yankees +116 (loss)
Monday, May 11th: Passing
Sunday, May 10th: Royals +110 (win)
Saturday, May 9th: Dbacks -116 (loss)
Friday, May 8th: Min +132 (win), Tex/TB UNDER 7.5 (loss)
Thursday, May 7th: Mil +100 (loss) and TB -168 (loss)
Wednesday, May 6th: Tex/Hou OVER 8.5 (win)
Tuesday, May 5th: Oak/Min UNDER 8.5 (win) and TB +107 (loss)
Monday, May 4th: Dodgers -195 (loss)
Sunday, May 3rd: Passing
Saturday, May 2nd: TB -138 (loss)
Thursday, April 30th: Atlanta Braves at +103 (loss)
Wednesday, April 29th: Twins -109 (loss)
Tuesday, April 28th: Cle -133 (loss)
Monday, April 27th: Orioles -141 (Game Canceled)
Sunday, April 26th: CWS +110 (win)
Saturday, April 25th: Tor/TB OVER 8 (loss)
Friday, April 24th: Wash/Mia UNDER 7.5 (win)
Thursday, April 23rd: Oak +101 (loss)
Wednesday, April 22nd: Mariners -160 (win)
Tuesday, April 21st: Astros -105 (win)
Monday, April 20th: LAA -150 (loss)
Sunday, April 19th: Cardinals -185 (win)
Saturday, April 18th: Twins -110 (loss)
Friday, April 17th: Dodgers -270 (win)
Thursday, April 16th: No value; Passing
Wednesday, April 15th: Angels -126 (Won 10-2)

2014 ATS Record: 117-91-2 +19.46 Units

Congrats to all who followed along this season! We're calling it quits and walking away a winner. The SF/KC world series is too evenly matched to find any betting advantage, so we're done! Please bookmark the site and join us next season for more winners! Until then, please visit our college and pro football sections as we're WHITE HOT!
Wednesday, October 22nd: SF Giants +112 (loss)
Tuesday, October 21st: SF -107 (win)
Wednesday, October 15th: STL/SF OVER 7 (win)
Tuesday, October 14th: Travel day. Passing.
Monday, October 13th: KC -110 (refund)
Sunday, October 12th: SF +125 (loss)
Saturday, October 11th: Passing.
Friday, October 10th: KC +107 (win)
Tuesday, October 7th: LA/STL OVER 6.5 (loss)
Monday, October 6th: No value; Passing!
Sunday, October 5th: Passing.
Saturday, October 4th: Wash -208 (loss)
Friday, October 3rd: Not enough time so passing.
Thursday, October 2nd: KC/LA UNDER 8 (win)
Wednesday, October 1st: Pirates +1.5 (-185)(loss)
Tuesday, September 30th: No value; Passing!
Saturday, September 27th and Sunday, September 28th: Passing
Friday, September 26th: SD +124 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT!*** (win)
Thursday, September 25th: Passing!
Wednesday, September 24th: Rays -150 (loss)
Tuesday, September 23rd: Tex -105 (win)
Monday, September 22nd: SD -113 (win)
Sunday, September 21st: Passing.
Saturday, September 20th: We can't find any advantages so are passing.
Friday, September 19th: Cardinals -245 (win)
Thursday, September 18th: Pit -235 (win)
Wednesday, September 17th: Tor +114 (loss)
Tuesday, September 16th: Braves +113 (loss)
Monday, September 15th: Rockies +115 (loss)
Sunday, September 14th: Passing
Saturday, September 13th: Brewers -195 (loss)
Friday, September 12th: Phillies -151 (win)
Thursday, September 11th: Cle -165 (win)
Wednesday, September 10th: LAD -155 (win)
Tuesday, September 9th: San Diego Padres +122 (win)
Monday, September 8th: Toronto -200 (win)
Sunday, September 7th: Toronto -120 (win)
Saturday, September 6th: Passing!
Friday, September 5th: Col -125 (win)
Thursday, September 4th: Balt -158 (win)

Note: Thanks to Vincent for noticing that we had forgotten to mark out 7/28/14 pick down as a loss. I don't believe we subtracted the units either, so this has been accounted for. The last thing we'd ever want our readers to think is that we were pulling the wool over their eyes. Mistakes are going to happen. I'd surely rather have it happen on a winning pick than a loser! That probably looked really shoddy! We make lots of mistakes and are lucky to either find them or be notified by our loyal readers. We work long hours and often times with one eye open. Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 3rd: Hou +131 (win)
Tuesday, September 2nd: LAD -188 (win)
Monday, September 1st: Phi +130 (win - no hitter!)
Sunday, August 31st: Mia/ATL OVER 7 (loss)
Saturday, August 30th: Taking a much needed day off!
Friday, August 29th: Det/CWS OVER 9 (loss)
Thursday, August 28th: Orioles -119 (win)
Wednesday, August 27th: Seattle Mariners -173 (loss)
Tuesday, August 26th: Houston Astros +109 (win)
Monday, August 25th: SD +122 (loss)
Sunday, August 24th: Phillies +110 (win)
Saturday, August 23rd: DBacks +115 (win)
Friday, August 22nd: SF/WASH UNDER 7 (loss)
Thursday, August 21st: SF/CHI UNDER 8 (push)
Wednesday, August 20th: Bal -142 (win)
Tuesday, August 19th: SD +102 (loss)
Monday, August 18th: Wash -225 (win)
Sunday, August 17th: Cle -131 (loss)
Saturday, August 16th: Bos -162 (win)
Friday, August 15th: NYY/TB UNDER 7 (win)
Thursday, August 14th: Tampa Rays -133 (win)
Wednesday, August 13th: Pit -107 (loss)
Tuesday, August 12th: Rockies +126 (loss)
Note: We forgot to update our Thursday, August 7th win in our records, so did so today. (In case you're wondering why another win/unit showed up in our record)
Monday, August 11th: Mariners -220 (win)
Sunday, August 10th: Cin -181 (win)
Saturday, August 9th: Chi/SEA UNDER 7.5 (win)
Friday, August 8th: Tor +115 (loss) and Atl +106 (win)
Thursday, August 7th: Bal/TOR UNDER 9 (win)
Wednesday, August 6th: Milwaukee Brewers -137 (loss)
Tuesday, August 5th: Tex +108 (win)
Monday, August 4th: Dodgers -125 (loss)
Sunday, August 3rd: STL -136 (win)
Saturday, August 2nd: Cubs/Dodgers UNDER 7 (push)
Friday, August 1st: UNDER 122.5 runs scored in MLB today. (win)Find this wager offering at 5Dimes
Thursday, July 31st: Marlins +105 (loss) and Orioles +105 (loss)
Wednesday, July 30th: Col/CHI UNDER 8 (loss) and Cle -103 (win)
Tuesday, July 29th: Balt +114 (win)
Monday, July 28th: A's -184 (loss)
Sunday, July 27th: NYM +111 (win)
Saturday, July 26th: Bal/SEA UNDER 8 (win)
Friday, July 25th: SF Giants +115 (loss)
Thursday, July 24th: Texas +173 (loss)
Wednesday, July 23rd: NYY +107 (win)
Tuesday, July 22nd: SD/CHI OVER 9.5 (loss), Bal/LA OVER 8.5 (loss), AZ +105 (win)
Monday, July 21st: NYM +111 (loss)
Sunday, July 20th: Pittsburgh Pirates -171 (win)
Saturday, July 19th: Dbacks -145 (win)
Friday, July 18th: Bos -125 (win)
Monday, July 14th through Thursday, July 17th: All Star Break!
Sunday, July 13th: No value; Passing!
Saturday, July 12th: Sea +100 (win) and AZ +117 (win)
Friday, July 11th: CWS/CLE UNDER 8.5 (-145)(loss)
Thursday, July 10th: Pit +104 (win)
Wednesday, July 9th: Tor/LA UNDER 8 (loss)
Tuesday, July 8th: (GM2 of DH) Cubs +100 (loss)
Monday, July 7th: LAA -162 (win)
Sunday, July 6th: NYY/MIN UNDER 8.5 (loss)
Saturday, July 5th: Mia +120 (win)
Friday, July 4th: SF/SD UNDER 7 (win)
Thursday, July 3rd: NYY/MIN UNDER 7 (loss)
Wednesday, July 2nd: CWS +130 (win)
Tuesday, July 1st: Houston Astros +117 (loss)
Monday, June 30th: Cubbies +120 (win)
Sunday, June 29th: Cin +108 (win)
Saturday, June 28th: SD +106 (loss)
Friday, June 27th: Min +120 (loss)
Thursday, June 26th: Cincinnati Reds +104 (win)
Wednesday, June 25th: Cubbies +113 (loss)
Tuesday, June 24th: Sea -104 (win), Min +171 (loss), Det -117 (win), Cin/CHI UNDER 7.5 (loss)
Monday, June 23rd: Baltimore Orioles +101 (win)
Sumday, June 22nd: Minnesota Twins -148 (win)
Saturday, June 21st: Bal -105 (win)
Friday, June 20th: Chi/MIN UNDER 9 (push)
Thursday, June 19th: AZ +105 (loss), Mia -122 (loss), Hou/TB UNDER 7.5 (win)
Wednesday, June 18th: No value; Passing!
Tuesday, June 17th: CWS +112 (win)
Monday, June 16th: KC +130 (win) and ChC -102 (win)
Sunday, June 15th: Cle +101 (win) and NYY +158 (loss)
Saturday, June 14th: TB/HOU UNDER 8 (loss)
Friday, June 13th: Cubs -104 (win) and Reds +104 (win)
Thursday, June 12th: Baltimore Orioles -105 (win)
Wednesday, June 11th: Min +137 (win) and Cle +110 (loss)
Tuesday, June 10th: NYY/SEA UNDER 7 (win)
Monday, June 9th: NYY +118 (Rained Out)
Sunday, June 8th: Chi -107 (loss), AZ -105 (win), SD +114 (loss), Bos +119 (win), Tex +100 (loss), Tor -154 (loss)
Saturday, June 7th: Phi +125 (loss), Bos +116 (loss), Hou +108 (loss), LAA +102 (win)
Friday, June 6th: Bal -105 (loss)
Thursday, June 5th: Hou +115 (win), Chi -115 (win), Az/COL OVER 10.5 (win), Oak +130 (loss), Oak/NYY UNDER 7.5 (win), TB -150 (loss)
Wednesday, June 4th: Oak -139 (win), Pit +100 (loss), Hou +114 (loss), Min -106 (win)
Tuesday, June 3rd: Mia +108 (win), Atl -153 (loss), LA/HOU UNDER 8 (loss), Cle -102 (win)
Monday, June 2nd: Philadelphia Phillies -103 (loss)
Sunday, June 1st: Washington Nationals +109 (loss)
Saturday, May 31st: Houston Astros -129 (loss)
Friday, May 30th: Pittsburgh Pirates +118 (win)
Thursday, May 29th: STL -131 (loss)
Wednesday, May 28th: Dbacks -112 (win)
Tuesday, May 27th: Houston Astros +116 (win)
Monday, May 26th: Boston Red Sox +115 (win)
Sunday, May 25th: Houston Astros +134 (win)
Saturday, May 24th: Mia -108 (win), Cin -103 (loss), SD -113 (loss), NYY -106 (win)
Friday, May 23rd: Indians/Orioles OVER 9 (win)
Thursday, May 22nd: Tampa Bay Rays +102 (win)
Wednesday, May 21st: CWS +106 (loss)
Tuesday, May 20th: Mil +130 (loss), Cle +142 (win), TB +110 (loss), Tor +135 (win)
Monday, May 19th: Washington Nationals -173 (loss)
Sunday, May 18th: Cubs +119 (win), Giants -154 (win), Diamondbacks +108 (win), Indians +112 (loss), Twins +141 (loss), Pirates -117 (win)
Saturday, May 17th: Cubs +114 (win), Rockies -126 (loss), Diamondbacks +162 (win)
Friday, May 16th: Pirates/Yankees UNDER 9 (rained out)
Thursday, May 15th: Cleveland Indians -104 (loss)
Wednesday, May 14th: Astros +101 (win)
Tuesday, May 13th: Phillies -161 (loss)
Monday, May 12th: Rays/Mariners UNDER 3.5 (first five innings bet)(loss)
Sunday, May 11th: Mariners -130 Top Play Alert! 2.6 units to win 2 units)(loss)
Saturday, May 10th: San Diego Padres +102 (win)
Friday, May 9th: Toronto -105 (loss)
Thursday, May 8th: Cubs/White Sox UNDER 9 (loss)
Wednesday, May 7th: ATL +106 (loss) and NYY +130 (win)
Tuesday, May 6th: Passing!
Monday, May 5th: White Sox/Cubs UNDER 6.5 (win) and KC/SD UNDER 6.5 (loss)
Sunday, May 4th: Chicago Cubs +125 (loss)
Saturday, May 3rd: Atlanta -180 (loss)
Friday, May 2nd: Marlins +109 (win)
Thursday, May 1st: Min (GM2) -105 (loss) and Sea +142 (win)
Wednesday, April 30th: Mia -104 (win), Col +106 (loss), Oak -105 (win)
Tuesday, April 29th: Rockies -105 (win), Giants -163 (win), Indians +115 (loss)
Monday, April 28th: Cubs +115 (postponed) and A's +124 (win)
Sunday, April 27th: SF Giants +100 (win)
Saturday, April 26th: San Diego Padres -104 (loss)
Friday, April 25th: Texas Rangers -110 (loss)
Thursday, April 24th: Oakland A's -155 (win)
Wednesday, April 23rd: Marlins +2.5 -260 (won 1-3), Rockies -113 (lost 10-12), Brewers -131 (won 5-2), Yankees +110 (lost 1-5 no thanks to Michael Pineda the cheater!)
Tuesday, April 22nd: 1st 5 innings NYY -101 (won 8-2)
Monday, April 21st: Philadelphia Phillies +101 (won 7-0).

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