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Expert NBA Picks

Each day during the NBA season the basketball handicappers on this page will offer free daily picks against the spread as well as their expert NBA picks. All of these services are recommended and endorsed by and have been proven to be legit sports services.

Before you purchase picks from a pro basketball capper, please be advised that even the best only hit 60% of their selections and there is no such thing as a lock, EVER.



Why Use an Expert Handicapper?

I could write a book on this topic but will try to hammer out a condensed version of why you might want to consider using a professional sports service for your sports betting needs.

For starters, sports handicapping and sports betting are just like the news. Each day, a new set of variables is presented to us. It takes TIME to sort through all of these variables in order to make an educated guess on which team is more likely to cover the point spread.

With any given day having TONS of different games and different sports, there is no way that one man can process all of this info unless he's doing it for a full-time + job. I say full time + because in order to properly decipher all of this information, it takes roughly 18 hours a day. In fact, a guy could actually process information 24 hours a day and still not cover it all!

Like yourself, many professional handicappers started out as guys gambling on games for fun. There's a good chance that these guys got smoked for many years before they learned to beat the spreads consistently, or break even for that matter!

By using a pro to select your games for you, you're skipping this process that only time and experience can provide. And let me tell you... It's an expensive education!

Not only does one have to learn how sort through information and realize what is useful and what is not, but one has to pay attention to injury news, line movement, trends, situational variables and more. It's literally a hurricane of information to process in one day.

The average person works a 9-5 job for a living. There just isn't enough time for an employed person to go through everything and pick winners consistently.

The proper way to handicap a day's card is to break down every single game and then only make a move when you feel that the value is on your side. A guy that works a full time job simply doesn't have enough time to accomplish this, which leads to betting on games that have absolutely no wagering value (which is the case with MOST games on the board each day).

In closing, just because a guy calls himself a professional handicapper or sports service, that doesn't mean that he's going to win. Even pros have highs and lows and some even sell their picks because they can't win on their own. It's a good idea to always ask the handicapper to prove himself to you with either a free week of service OR proof of his records against the spread as verified by a third party monitoring service.

Using an expert NBA handicapper is a great way to get in the game without having to get your hands dirty.

Free Picks

NBA Pick of the Day - Let us give you an assist so you can slam dunk your man with our free daily pro basketball best bet of the day. Each day of the NBA basketball season, we look at all the favorites, underdogs and totals and form an opinion of what we believe to be the strongest bet of the day. ALWAYS 100% FREE!

Expert Picks - Get free NBA picks from professional basketball prognosticators! Who will cover the spread tonight? These guys have the answers!

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Bookmaker - Did you know that there's still online sports books that are able to get credit cards to work for deposits? This basketball bookie also gives new members a special 50% bonus which means free cash added to your account!

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How to Bet

Point Spread - The most basic of basketball wagers.

Moneyline - For those that simply want to bet on a team to win straight up.

Totals - Also known as an over/under. This bet has nothing to do with who which team wins or by how many. You're simply predicting if both teams points scored will exceed or fall short of the posted total.

Parlays - Multi-team wager where all must win in order to get paid. Big risk and big reward.

Teasers - Multi-team bet where you get to move the line a certain amount of points on each game. All teams must cover the teased point spreads to cash.

Pleasers - The opposite of a teaser. You're "giving" points away, making this bet a much tougher proposition to win.

Prop Bets - Wagers not having to do with which team wins the game or by how many. These usually pertain to wagers on individual players points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, etc.

NBA Futures - Bet on your favorite team to win their division, conference or the NBA Finals. A great bet for those looking to risk very little for a potentially large payoff.


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