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NBA Total of the Day (Over/Under)

Welcome to the NBA total of the day pick page. Each day we preview the day's NBA card and determine which over/under line offers the most value.

We're extremely sharp with NBA totals so expect nice profits by years end. With that being said, we ask that you understand that basketball betting is a grind and more of a marathon rather than a sprint. Get rich quick isn't in the cards with the way we handicap however long term profits are as well as us helping prevent our readers from paying the man!

Over/Under ATS Record: 25-20-1 +3.00 Units

Sunday, February 7th: Passing
Saturday, February 6th: New Jersey/Detroit OVER 187.5 (win)
Friday, February 5th: Detroit/Indiana OVER 200.5 (loss)
Thursday, February 4th: Miami/Cleveland UNDER 187.5 (loss by a nasty 1/2 pt.)
Wednesday, February 3rd: Chicago/Philadelphia OVER 193.5 (WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!)
Tuesday, February 2nd: Memphis/Cleveland UNDER 199 (win)
Monday, February 1st: Milwaukee/Miami UNDER 188 (win)
Sunday, January 31st: Passing
Saturday, January 30th: Portland/Dallas UNDER 193 (loss)
Friday, January 29th: Denver/Oklahoma City UNDER 200.5 (win)
Thursday, January 28th: Dallas/Phoenix UNDER 216 (loss)
Wednesday, January 27th: Memphis/Detroit OVER 197 (loss)
Tuesday, January 26th: Minnesota/NY OVER 208 (win)
Monday, January 25th: Charlotte/Denver UNDER 195.5 (loss)
Sunday, January 24th: Passing
Saturday, January 23rd: New Orleans/Denver UNDER 208 (loss-ot killed us argh!)
Friday, January 22nd: Indiana/Detroit OVER 199.5 (loss)
Thursday, January 21st: Passing, no clear value today.
Wednesday, January 20th: Portland/Philadelphia OVER 194.5 (loss)
Tuesday, January 19th: Passing
Monday, January 18th: Passing
Sunday, January 17th: Dallas/Toronto UNDER 206 (win)
Saturday, January 16th: Passing
Friday, January 15th: New Orleans/Detroit OVER 191.5 (win)
Thursday, January 14th: Passing
Wednesday, January 13th: LA/Dallas UNDER 195.5 (win)
Tuesday, January 12th: LA/San Antonio UNDER 194 (win)
Monday, January 11th: Detroit/Chicago OVER 193 (win)
Sunday, January 10th: Miami/Los Angeles UNDER 193.5 (win)
Saturday, January 9th: Passing
Friday, January 8th: Cleveland/Denver UNDER 202 (win)
Thursday, January 7th: Passing
Wednesday, January 6th: Golden State/Minnesota OVER 223 (loss)
Tuesday, January 5th: Chicago/Charlotte OVER 186 (win)
Monday, January 4th: Oklahoma/Chicago UNDER 192 (win)
Sunday, January 3rd: Passing.
Saturday, January 2nd: Denver/Utah UNDER 202.5 (win)
Friday, January 1st: NY/Atlanta UNDER 205 (loss)
Thursday, December 31st: Dallas/Houston UNDER 197 (win)
Wednesday, December 30th: Philly/Sacramento UNDER 205.5 (loss)
Tuesday, December 29th: Cleveland/Atlanta UNDER 193 (win)
Wednesday, December 23rd: Toronto/Detroit OVER 196.5 (loss)
Tuesday, December 22nd: Chicago/New York OVER 199 (loss)
Monday, December 21st: Milwaukee/Indiana UNDER 198.5 (win)
Sunday, December 20th: Denver/Memphis UNDER 208.5 (win)
Saturday, December 19th: Washington/Phoenix UNDER 218 (win)
Friday, December 18th: Passing
Thursday, December 17th: Phoenix/Portland UNDER 202.5 (loss)
Wednesday, December 16th: Memphis/Atlanta UNDER 207 (TIE).
Tuesday, December 15th: LA/Chicago UNDER 193 (win)
Monday, December 14th: Washington/LA UNDER 193.5 (win)
Sunday, December 13th: Passing.
Saturday, December 12th: Boston/Chicago UNDER 187 (win)
Friday, December 11th: New Jersey/Indiana OVER 198.5 (brutal half point loss)
Thursday, December 10th: Orlando/Utah UNDER 201.5 (loss)
Wednesday, December 9th: Golden State/New Jersey OVER 218.5 (loss)
Tuesday, December 8th: NJ/Chicago OVER 192 (win)
Monday, December 7th: Passing.
Sunday, Decmeber 6th: Miami/Sacramento UNDER 203.5 (loss)
Saturday, December 5th: Houston/Portland OVER 190 (loss)


2008/2009 Over/Under of the Day ATS Record: 7-3 +3.70 Units

Tuesday, February 24th: Bobcats/Suns OVER 222.5 (pending)
Monday, February 23rd: Warriors/Clippers UNDER 228 (winner)
Sunday, February 22nd: Boston/Phoenix OVER 222 (win)
Saturday, February 21st: Passing
Friday, February 20th: Oklahoma City/Phoenix OVER 231 (winner)
Thursday, February 19th: Passing due to short 2 game card.
Wednesday, February 18th: NJ/Dallas UNDER 200 (loss)
Tuesday, February 17th: Passing
Thursday, February 12th: Portland/Golden State UNDER 216 (winner)
Wednesday, February 11th: Oklahoma City/Portland UNDER 201 (winner)
Tuesday, February 10th: Cleveland/Indiana UNDER 208 (winner)
Monday, February 9th: Clippers/Bobcats OVER 196.5 (loss)
Sunday, February 8th: Lakers/Cavaliers UNDER 204 (win)
Saturday, February 7th: Clippers/Hawks UNDER 202.5 (loss)

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How to Bet

Point Spread - The most basic of basketball wagers.

Moneyline - For those that simply want to bet on a team to win straight up.

Totals - Also known as an over/under. This bet has nothing to do with who which team wins or by how many. You're simply predicting if both teams points scored will exceed or fall short of the posted total.

Parlays - Multi-team wager where all must win in order to get paid. Big risk and big reward.

Teasers - Multi-team bet where you get to move the line a certain amount of points on each game. All teams must cover the teased point spreads to cash.

Pleasers - The opposite of a teaser. You're "giving" points away, making this bet a much tougher proposition to win.

Prop Bets - Wagers not having to do with which team wins the game or by how many. These usually pertain to wagers on individual players points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, etc.

NBA Futures - Bet on your favorite team to win their division, conference or the NBA Finals. A great bet for those looking to risk very little for a potentially large payoff.


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