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NFL Consensus Picks

Welcome to one of our favorite pages, NFL consensus picks. This is where the heart of our handicapping is located. The oddsmakers put out lines and odds each week with hopes of duping the perception of the general betting public. Late in the week we investigate which games are being one sided, then we determine which games are sharp action vs. square plays by tracking line movement and other relevant variables.

Over the course of the NFL season, this makes for some huge profits and in our estimation, this is the best way to bet on NFL games as it has provided us a nice tidy profit each of the past few years since we've instituted this technique of handicapping.

We highly recommend you check this page out every week. Plays are usually posted by late Friday afternoon each week. We also recommend that you don't go at this on your own, because sometimes the betting public is right so that means you can't take just go against "any" game that is getting one sided. There are many variables we put into action before settling on a pick.

If you came to this page looking for consensus plays from numerous professional handicappers, we're sorry, we don't offer that as those plays are stolen and it's a spit in the face to the cappers who work hard to cap plays all week only to have their picks smeared all around the web by consensus services without the originating service receiving any compensation for them.


2016-2017 ATS Record 18-18-3 -1.80 Units

Week 13: (12/1 through 12/5) Jacksonville Jaguars +3.5 (30%)(pending), Cincinnati Bengals -1.5 (45%)(pending), Arizona Cardinals -2.5 (42%)(pending).

Week 12: (11/24 through 11/26) Colts +8.5 (38%)(lost 7-28), Cowboys -6.5 (42%)(lost 31-26), Vikings +1 (44%)(lost 13-16), Titans/Bears UNDER 42 (40%)(lost 27-21), Buccaneers +6 (32%)(won 14-5), Packers +4.5 (43%)(won 27-13).

Week 11: (11/17 through 11/21) Cleveland Browns +8.5 (28%)(lost 9-24), Minnesota Vikings -2 (42%)(won 30-24).

Week 10: (11/10 through 11/14) Jacksonville Jaguars -2.5 (35%)(lost 21-24), Rams +1 (38%)(won 9-6), Bears -2.5 (37%)(lost 10-36).

Week 9 (11/3 through 11/7) Rams +3 (31%)(pushed 10-13), Ravens -1 (42%)(won 21-14), Giants -3 (43%)(won 28-23).

Week 8 (10/27 through 10/31) Browns +2 (40%)(lost 28-31), Buccaneers +1 (32%)(lost 24-30), Colts +3 (42%)(lost 14-30), Bears +4.5 (won 20-10).

Week 7: (10/20 through 10/24) Dolphins +3 (1/2 pt buy -135 (36%)(won 28-25), Niners -1 (41%)(lost 17-34).

Week 6: (10/13 through 10/17) Seahawks -6.5 (32%)(lost 26-24), Rams +3 (39%)(pushed 28-31), Chiefs -1.5 (40%)(won 30-16).

Week 5: (10/6 through 10/10) SF 49ers +3.5 (lost 21-33), Chicago Bears +4.5 (lost 23-29).

Week 4: (9/29 through 10/3) Niners +2.5 (31%)(lost 17-24), Ravens -3.5 (38%)(lost 27-28), Falcons +3 (41%)(won 48-33).

Week 3: (9/22 through 9/26) Patriots pick'em (44%)(won 27-0), Rams +6 (38%)(won 37-32), Packers -7 (43%)(pushed 34-27) and Atlanta Falcons +2.5 (won 45-32).
Week 2: (9/15 through 9/19) Cleveland Browns +5.5 (36%)(won 20-25), Tennessee Titans +6 (39%)(won 16-15), Minnesota Vikings +1.5 (27%)(won 17-14), Chicago Bears -3 (38%)(lost 14-29).
Week 1: (9/8 through 9/12) TB +2.5 (39%)(won 31-24), NY/Dal UNDER 46.5 (41%)(won 20-19), Wash +3 (34%)(lost 16-38)

2015-2016 ATS Record 23-18-1 +3.10 Units

Wildcard Weekend: (1/9 through 1/10) Houston Texans +3 (40%)(pending) and Cincinnati Bengals +3 (43%)(pending).

Week 17: (1/3) Cowboys -4 (34%)(lost 23-34).

Week 16: (12/24 through 12/28) Ravens +10 (32%)(won 20-17), Falcons +7 (32%)(won 20-13), Cards -4.5 (45%)(won 38-8).

Week 15: (12/17 through 12/21) Ravens +6.5 (34%)(lost), 49ers +6 (36%)(lost), Broncos/Steelers UNDER 45.5 (35%)(lost), Lions +2.5 (30%)(win).

Week 14: (12/10 through 12/14) TB -4.5 (45%)(lost 17-24) and Giants/Dolphins UNDER 47 (35%)(lost 55 scored).

Week 13: (12/3 through 12/7) Titans -2 (40%)(win) and KC/Oak OVER 44.5 (40%)(win).

Week 12: (11/26 through 11/30) Titans +1 (35%)(loss) and Ravens +4.5 (win).

Week 11: (11/19 through 11/23) Detroit Lions -1 (39%)(win) and Houston Texans +3 (42%)(win).

Week 10: (11/12 through 11/16) Tennessee Titans +4.5 (35%)(loss) and Washington Redskins -1 (38%)(win).

Week 9: (11/5 through 11/9) Carolina Panthers +2.5 (37%)(won 37-29) and Chicago Bears +4.5 (35%)(won 22-19).

Week 8: (10/29 through 11/2) Tenn +4 (44%)(loss), Chi +1 (34%)(loss), Dal +4.5 (38%)(win).

Week 7: (10/22 through 10/26) Raiders +3.5 (37%)(win), Saints +4.5 (43%)(win), Chiefs -3 (35%)(win), Cowboys +3 (39%)(loss) and Philly/Car UNDER 45.5 (43%)(win).

Week 6: (10/15 through 10/19) Colts +10 (31%)(win)

Week 5 (10/8 through 10/12) Titans +1 (34%)(push) and Eagles -6 (43%)(win).

Week 4: (10/1 through 10/5) Phi/Wash UNDER 44 (41%)(win), Browns +7 (39%)(win), Saints -3 (40%)(win) and Stl/AZ UNDER 43 (41%)(loss).

Week 3: (9/24 through 9/28) Dallas Cowboys +1.5 (38%)(loss).

Week 2: (9/17 through 9/21) Den/KC UNDER 42 (37%)(loss), Bears at a pick'em (43%)(loss), Seahawks +3 (40%)(loss), Bears +1.5 (34%)(loss), Jets +7 (43%)(win).

Week 1: (9/10 through 9/14) Rams +4 (40%)(win), Raiders +3 (41%)(loss), Texans -1 (43%)(loss).

2014-2015 ATS Record 24-26-1 -4.8 Units

Conference Championships: (1/19) Seattle Seahawks -7.5 (36%)(loss)

Divisional Playoffs: (1/10 through 1/11) All four games are receiving even action so no plays qualify this week!

Wild Card Weekend: (1/3 through 1/4 Ravens +3 (37%)(win) and Bengals +3.5 (38%)(loss).

Week 17: (12/28) Panthers +3.5 (41%)(win) and Titans +7.5 (28%)(loss).

Week 16: (12/18 through 12/22) Passed.

Week 15: (12/11 through 12/15) Jacksonville Jaguars +14 (43%)(win), Cleveland Browns -1.5 (44%)(loss).

Week 14: (12/4 through 12/8) Chicago Bears +4 (39%)(loss), Dolphins (41%) (loss), Titans +1 (36%) (loss), Browns +3 (27%)(win), Redskins +3 (31%)(loss).

Week 13: (11/27 through 12/1) Chiefs +1 (38%)(loss)

Week 12: (11/20 through 11/24) Oakland Raiders +7.5 (36%)(win), NYJ +2.5 (loss).

Week 11: (11/13 through 11/17) Minnesota Vikings +2.5 (39%)(loss) and Tennessee Titans +7 (half pt. buy -120 odds)(win).

Week 10: (11/6 through 11/10) New York Jets +4.5 (23%)(win), Niners/Saints UNDER 49 (38%)(loss), Tennessee Titans +10 (33%)(loss), Carolina/Philly UNDER 49 (buy a half point -120)(loss).

Week 9: (10/30 through 11/3) Miami Dolphins -2 (33%)(win), Minnesota Vikings at a pick'em (43%)(win), Houston Texans +1.5 (36%)(loss), NYG +3 (30%)(loss).

Week 8: (10/23 through 10/27) We don't have any public fades this week! This has got to be a first! It is our estimation that the public is going to beat the house this week or break even. We shall see!

Week 7: (10/16 through 10/20) Cincinnati Bengals +3 (27%)(loss) and Jacksonville Jags +5.5 (33%)(win).

Week 6: (10/9 through 10/13) Houston Texans +3 (-130)(loss), Tampa Bay +3.5 (35%)(loss).

Week 5: (10/2 through 10/6) Rams +7 (29%)(win), Tennessee Titans -1.5 (36%)(loss), Baltimore Ravens +3 (42%)(loss), Buffalo Bills +6.5 (38%)(win).

Week 4: (9/25 through 9/29) NYG +3.5 (37%)(win) and Dallas Cowboys +3 (38%)(win)

Week 3: (9/18 through 9/22) Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6.5 (32%)(loss), Washington Redskins +6 (40%)(win), NYG -2 (42%)(win), Seattle Seahawks -4.5 (43%)(win), Kansas City Chiefs +3.5 (win), NYJ -2 (35%)(loss).

Week 2: (9/11 through 9/15) Baltimore Ravens -2.5 (39%)(win), Jets +7.5 (31%)(win), Carolina Panthers -2.5 (37%)(win), Oakland Raiders +3 (36%)(loss), Minnesota Vikings +5.5 (31%)(loss), Philadelphia Eagles +3 (38%)(win).

Week 1: (9/4 through 9/8) Jaguars +10.5 (30%)(loss), Browns +7 (37%)(win), Bills +7 (26%)(win), Giants +7 (1/2 pt buy -120)(loss).

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