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Free NHL Picks

Welcome to our ice hockey section where you'll find free NHL picks, tips, strategy, advice and other articles that will help you increase your odds of winning at hockey betting. What you can expect to find here are free daily selections by proven NHL handicappers who consistently beat the bookies. You'll also find player news and injury information from around the National Hockey League as it breaks. Lastly, we offer reviews of the best places to bet pucks online. Please be sure to bookmark this section and check back often as we are constantly posting new information and news relative to pro hockey. Enjoy!


NHL Picks, News and Information

Thursday: Washington Capitals/St. Louis Blues OVER 5. - 1/19

Wednesday: Boston Bruins/Detroit Redwings UNDER 5.5 and Pittsburgh Penguins/Montreal Canadiens OVER 5.5. - 1/18

Tuesday: Carolina Hurricanes/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5. - 1/17

Monday: Arizona Coyotes/Edmonton Oilers UNDER 5.5. - 1/16

Sunday: New Jersey Devils/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 5 goals. - 1/15

Saturday: Nashville Predators/Colorado Avalanche UNDER 5.5. - 1/14

Friday: Buffalo Sabres/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5. - 1/13

Thursday: New Jersey Devils/Edmonton Oilers UNDER 5. - 1/12

Wednesday: Montreal Canadiens/Winnipeg Jets OVER 5.5. - 1/11

Tuesday: Vancouver Canucks/Nashville Predators OVER 5. - 1/10

Monday NHL Play: Dallas Stars/Los Angeles Kings UNDER 5.5. - 1/9

Sunday Hockey Picks: Boston Bruins/Carolina Hurricanes OVER 5, Edmonton Oilers/Ottawa Senators OVER 5, Minnesota Wild/Anaheim Ducks OVER 5. - 1/8

Saturday: Passing. - 1/7

Friday: Toronto Maple Leafs/New Jersey Devils UNDER 5.5 and Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 5.5. - 1/6

Thursday: Nashville Predators/Tampa Bay Lightning UNDER 5.5. - 1/5

Wednesday: Montreal Canadiens/Dallas Stars UNDER 5.5. - 1/4

Tuesday: Winnipeg Jets/Tampa Bay Lightning UNDER 5.5. - 1/3

Monday: Boston Bruins/New Jersey Devils OVER 5. - 1/2

Sunday: Ottawa Senators/Washington Capitals OVER 5. - 1/1

Saturday: Arizona Coyotes/Calgary Flames UNDER 5.5. - 12/31

Friday's Top Play: Anaheim Ducks/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5. - 12/30

Thursday: New Jersey Devils/Washington Capitals OVER 5 goals.

Wednesday: Los Angeles Kings/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5. - 12/28

Tuesday: Washington Capitals/New York Islanders OVER 5. - 12/27

Saturday through Monday: No games scheduled. - 12/24 through 12/26

Friday: Montreal Canadiens/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5, Los Angeles Kings/Dallas Stars UNDER 5.5, Colorado Avalanche/Chicago Blackawks UNDER 5.5. - 12/23

Thursday: Carolina Hurricanes/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5. - 12/22

Hockey Betting Primer: Take a Punt on the Puck.

Wednesday: Washington Capitals/Philadelphia Flyers OVER 5. - 12/21

Tuesday: NY Islanders/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.5, Colorado Avalanche/Minnesota Wild OVER 5, Winnipeg Jets/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5. - 12/20

Monday: Calgary Flames/Arizona Coyotes OVER 5. - 12/19

Sunday: New Jersey Devils/New York Rangers OVER 5. - 12/18

Saturday: Arizona Coyotes/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5. - 12/17

Friday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5. - 12/16

Thursday: New York Rangers/Dallas Stars OVER 5.5. - 12/15

Wednesday: Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Calgary Flames OVER 5 scores. - 12/14

Tuesday: Passed. - 12/13

Monday: Boston Bruins/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5. - 12/12

Sunday: St. Louis Blues/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5 goals. - 12/11

Saturday's NHL Play: Toronto Maple Leafs/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.5 - 12/10

Friday's Plays: Columbus Blue Jackets/Detroit Red Wings OVER 5. - 12/9

Thursday: Edmonton/Philadelphia OVER 5.5, Nashville/Dallas OVER 5.5, Carolina/Los Angeles OVER 5. - 12/8

Wednesday: Toronto Maple Leafs/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5 goals. - 12/7

Tuesday: Colorado Avs/Nashville Predators UNDER 5.5. - 12/6

Monday: Arizona Coyotes/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5 goals. - 12/5

Sunday, December 4th: Tampa Bay Lightning/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5 and Detroit Red Wings/New York Islanders OVER 5.

Saturday, December 3rd: Columbus Blue Jackets/Arizona Coyotes UNDER 5.5.

Friday, December 2nd: Montreal Canadiens/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5. - 12/2

Thursday, December 1st: Carolina Hurricanes/Boston Bruins UNDER 5 scores.

Wednesday, November 30th: Please accept our apologies as we spaced off posting today's NHL play!

Tuesday, November 29th: Passing.

Monday, November 28th: Dallas Stars/St. Louis Blues UNDER 5.5.

Sunday, November 27th: Calgary Flames/Philadelphia Flyers UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, November 26th: Chicago Blackhawks/Los Angeles Kings UNDER 5.

Friday, November 25th: Calgary Flames/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.

Thursday, November 24th: Small card; No value.

Wednesday, November 23rd: Toronto Maple Leafs +125

Tuesday, November 22nd: Philadelphia Flyers/Florida Panthers UNDER 5.5.

Monday, November 21st: Wild/Stars UNDER 5.5.

Sunday, November 20th: Flames/Redwings UNDER 5. - 11/20

Saturday, November 19th: Winnipeg Jets/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.

Friday, November 18th: New York Rangers/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5. - 11/18

Thursday, November 17th: Tampa Bay Lightning/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5.

Wednesday, November 16th: Arizona Coyotes/Calgary Flames UNDER 5.5. - 11/16

Tuesday, November 15th: Philadelphia Flyers -140 - 11/15

Monday, November 14th: There's just one game on tonight's NHL card and it doesnt have any value so we're forced to take a pass. - 11/14

Sunday, November 13th: New York Rangers/Edmonton Oilers UNER 5.5.

Saturday, November 12th: Buffalo Sabres/New Jersey Devils UNDER 5.

Friday, November 11th: Washington Capitals/Chicago Blackhawks UNDER 5.

Thursday, November 10th: Minnesota Wild/Pittsburgh Penguinms UNDER 5.5, Los Angeles Kings/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5, Dallas Stars/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, November 9th: Anaheim Ducks/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5 goals.

Tuesday, November 8th: Ottawa/Nashville UNDER 5.5.

Monday, November 7th: Buffale Sabres/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.

Sunday, November 6th: Edm/Det UNDER 5.5, Win/NYR UNDER 5.5, Dal/Chi UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, November 5th: Vancouver Canucks/Toronto Maple Leafs OVER 5.

Friday, November 4th: Winnipeg Jets/Detroit Red Wings UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, Novebmer 3rd: Winnipeg Jets/Washington Capitals UNDER 5.

Wednesday, November 2nd: Vancouver Canucks/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5. - 11/2

Tuesday, November 1st: We got a late start today so we have to pass. - 11/1

Sunday, October 30th: Washington Capitals/Calgary Flames UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, October 29th: Pittsburgh Penguins/Philadelphia Flyers UNDER 5.5, Los Angeles Kings/St. Louis Blues OVER 5, Dallas Stars/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5, Nashville Predators/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5.5. - 10/29

Friday, October 28th: Rangers/Hurricanes UNDER 5.5, Blackhawks/Islanders OVER 5, Oilers/Canucks OVER 5, Blue Jackets/Ducks UNDER 5.5. - 10/28

Thursday, October 27th: Minnesota Wild/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5.

Wednesday, October 26th: Montreal/New York (Islanders) OVER 5.

***2016 NHL PICKS WILL START WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26TH!*** We need a couple weeks to see who is doing what so we can form solid opinions! Please set a reminder to check back then!

Sunday Stanley Cup Finals Game 6 Pick: Pittsburgh Penguins -107. - 6/12

Thursday: We have mixed feelings about this game so are taking a pass. - 6/9

Tuesday/Wednesday: No games scheduled. - 6/7 through 6/8

Monday: Pittsburgh Penguins +116. - 6/6

Thursday: Off day. - 6/2

Wednesday Stanley Cup Game 2 Prediction: SJ/Pitt UNDER 5.5. - 6/1

Tuesday: No games scheduled. - 5/31

Monday Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Pick: San Jose Shark/Pittsburgh Penguins UNDER 5.5. - 5/30

Friday/Saturday: No games scheduled today. - 5/27 and 5/28

Thursday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Pittsburgh Penguins UNDER 5.5 -120. - 5/26

Wednesday: Blues/Sharks UNDER 5. - 5/25

Tuesday: Passing. - 5/24

Monday: Passing. - 5/23

Sunday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 5. - 5/22

Saturday: Passing. - 5/21

Friday: No clear cut winner here so passing again. - 5/20

Thursday: Passing. - 5/19

Free NHL Picks

Free Hockey Picks - Our staff analyzes each day's hockey odds and posts our best bet of the day.

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