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Free NHL Picks

Welcome to our ice hockey section where you'll find free NHL picks, tips, strategy, advice and other articles that will help you increase your odds of winning at hockey betting. What you can expect to find here are free daily selections by proven NHL handicappers who consistently beat the bookies. You'll also find player news and injury information from around the National Hockey League as it breaks. Lastly, we offer reviews of the best places to bet pucks online. Please be sure to bookmark this section and check back often as we are constantly posting new information and news relative to pro hockey. Enjoy!


NHL Picks, News and Information

Thursday, June 7th: Vegas Golden Knights -145.

Monday, June 4th: Passing.

Wednesday, May 30th: Passing.

Monday Stanley Cup Game 1 Pick: Caps/Golden Knights OVER 5.5 goals.

Wednesday, May 22nd: Passing.

Monday, May 21st: Tampa Bay Lightning +112.

Sunday, May 20th: Vegas Golden Knights/Winnipeg Jets OVER 6.

Saturday, May 19th: Tampa Bay Lightning -165.

Friday, May 18th: Winnipeg Jets/Vegas Golden Knights OVER 5.5.

Thursday, May 17th: Tampa Bay Lightning/Washington Capitals OVER 6.

Saturday, May 12th - Tuesday, May 15th: Passing.

Saturday, May 12th: Passing.

Friday, May 11th: Tampa Bay Lightning -180.

Thursday, May 10th: Nashville Predators -155.

Tuesday, May 8th: No games scheduled.

Monday, May 7th: Passing.

Sunday, May 6th: Vegas Golden Knights/San Jose Sharks OVER 5.5.

Saturday, May 5th: Winnipeg Jets/Nashville Predators OVER 5.5.

Thursday, May 3rd: Nashville Predators/Winnipeg Jets UNDER 6.

Wednesday, May 2nd: Vegas Golden Knights/San Jose Sharks OVER 5.5.

Tuesday, May 1st: Washington Capitals/Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 5.5.

Monday, April 30th: Vegas Golden Knights/San Jose Sharks OVER 5.5.

Sunday, April 29th: Winnipeg Jets/Nashville Predators OVER 5.5.

Saturday, April 28th: San Jose Sharks/Vegas Golden Knights UNDER 5.5.

Friday, April 27th: No value; Passing.

Thursday, April 26th: San Jose Sharks/Vegas Golden Knights OVER 5.

Wednesday, April 25th: Toronto Maple Leafs/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.5.

Monday, April 23rd: No value; passing.

Sunday, April 22nd: No value; passing. There's NEVER any reason to force the action when true value isn't present. There's always another bet! Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, April 21st: Columbus Blue Jackets/Washington Caps OVER 5.5 and New Jersey Devils/Tampa Bay Lightning UNDER 6.

Friday, April 20th: Minnesota Wild/Winnipeg Jets UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, April 19th: Washington Capitals vs. Columbus Blue Jackets OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, April 18th: Passing.

Tuesday, April 17th: Washington Capitals/Columbus Blue Jackets OVER 5.5.

Monday, April 16th: Boston/Toronto UNDER 5.5.

Sunday, April 15th: No value; Passing.

Saturday, April 14th: Colorado Avalanche/Nashville Predators OVER 5.5 goals.

Friday, April 13th: Our Cappers have conflicting views so we're forced to pass.

Thursday, April 12th: No value; Passing.

Wednesday, April 11th: Taking a pass to observe.

Saturday, April 7th: New York Rangers/Philadelphia Flyers OVER 6.

Friday, Aptil 6th: St. Louis Blues/Chicago Blackhawks OVER 5.5.

Thursday, April 5th: Carolina/Philadelphia OVER 6.

Wednesday, April 4th: No value; Passing!

Tuesday, April 3rd: New York Rangers/New Jersey Devils OVER 6.

Monday, April 2nd: Passing.

Sunday, April 1st: Passing.

Saturday, March 31st: St. Louis Blues/Arizona Coyotes UNDER 5.5

Friday, March 30th: Toronto Maple Leafs/New York Islanders OVER 6.5, St. Louis Blues/Vegas Golden Knights UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, March 29th: Detroit Red Wings/Buffalo Sabres UNDER 5.5.

Wednesday, March 28th: New York Rangers/Washington Wizards OVER 6.

Tuesday, March 27th: Philadelphia Flyers/Dallas Stars OVER 5.5, Anaheim Ducks/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 5.5.

Monday, March 26th: Arizona Coyotes/Tampa Bay Lightning OVER 6.

Sunday, March 25th: Vancouver Canucks/Dallas Stars OVER 5.5.

Saturday, March 24th: Carolina Hurricanes/Ottawa Senators OVER 6.

Friday, March 23rd: New Jersey Devils/Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 6.

Thursday, March 22nd: Arizona Coyotes/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5.5, Edmonton Oilers/Ottawa Senators OVER 6, Vancouver Canucks/Chicago Blackhawks UNDER 6.

Wednesday, March 21st: Arizona Coyotes/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5.5.

Tuesday, March 20th: Dallas Stars/Washington Capitals OVER 5.5.

Monday, March 19th: Florida Panthers/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 6.

Sunday, March 18th: New Jersey Devils/Anaheim Ducks UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, March 17th: Ottawa Senators/Columbus Blue Jackets OVER 5.5.

Friday, March 16th: Detroit Red Wings/Anaheim Ducks UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, March 15th: Detroit Red Wings/Los Angeles Kings UNDER 5.5.

Wednesday, March 14th: New Jersey Devils/Vegas Golden Knights OVER 5.5 scores.

Tuesday, March 13th: Boston Bruins/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5.5.

Monday, March 12th: Montreal Canadiens/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5.

Sunday, March 11th: Vancouver Canucks/Arizona Coyotes UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, March 10th: New Jersey Devils/Nashville Predators UNDER 5.5, Minnesota Wild/Edmonton Oilers OVER 6.

Friday, March 9th: Detroit Red Wings/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, March 8th: St. Louis Blues/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5.5.

Wednesday, March 7th: Calgary Flames/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5.5.

Tuesday, March 6th: Montreal Canadiens/New Jersey Devils OVER 5.5, Dallas Stars/Nashville Predators UNDER 5.5, Washington Capitals/Anaheim Ducks OVER 5.5.

Monday, March 5th: Arizona Coyotes/Edmonton Oilers UNDER 5.5.

Sunday, March 4th: Philadelphia Flyers/Florida Panthers UNDER 6.

Saturday, March 3rd: Passing.

Friday, March 2nd: New Jersey Devils/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 6 scores.

Thursday, March 1st: Our hockey plays have been absolute crap lately so we're taking a day off.

Wednesday, February 28th: New York Islanders/Montreal Canadiens OVER 6 and New York Rangers/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 6.

Tuesday, February 27th: Carolina Hurricanes/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.5.

Monday, February 26th: Philly/Montreal OVER 5.5.

Sunday, February 25th: Vancouver Canucks/Arizona Coyotes OVER 5.5.

Saturday, February 24th: Passing.

Friday, February 23rd: San Jose Sharks/Chicago Blackhawks OVER 5.5, Pittsburgh Penguins/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 6, Vegas/Van UNDER 6.

Thursday, February 22nd: TB Lightning/Ottawa Senators OVER 6.

Wednesday, February 21st: Ottawa Senators/Chicago Blackhawks OVER 6 goals.

Tuesday, February 20th: San Jose Sharks/St. Louis Blues OVER 5 scores.

Monday, February 19th: Ottawa Senators/Nashville Predators OVER 6.

Sunday, February 18th: Pittsburgh Penguins/Columbus Blue Jackets OVER 6, Toronto Maple Leafs/Detroit Red Wings UNDER 6, Dallas Stars/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, February 17th: Passing.

Friday, February 16th: Philadelphia Flyers/Columbus Blue Jackets OVER 5.5.

Thursday, February 15th: Detroit Red Wings/Tampa Bay Lightning OVER 6.

Wednesday, February 14th: Montreal Canadiens/Colorado Avalanche OVER 5.5.

Tuesday, February 13th: New Jersey Devils/Philadelphia Flyers OVER 5.5.

Monday, February 12th: Tampa Bay Lightening/Toronto Maple Leafs UNDER 6.

Sunday, February 11th: Not much value today so we're taking a pass. Calgary/NYI OVER came close but not enough positive info to pull the trigger.

Saturday, February 10th: Los Angeles Kings/Tampa Bay Lightning UNDER 5.5, Philadelphia Flyers/Arizona Coyotes OVER 5.5, Colorado Avs/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5.5.

Friday, February 9th: Detroit Red Wings/New York Islanders OVER 6.

Thursday, February 8th: Arizona Coyotes/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5.

Wednesday, February 7th: Edmonton Oilers/Los Angeles Kings OVER 5.5.

Monday, February 5th: Passing.

Sunday, February 4th: Passing.

Saturday, February 3rd: Tampa Bay Lightning/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5.5.

Friday, February 2nd: San Jose Sharks/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5.

Friday, January 26th through Monday, January 29th: NO GAMES SCHEDULED (All Star Break)

Thursday, January 25th: Carolina Hurricanes/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5.5.

Wednesday, January 24th: Huge apologies for not having hockey plays today. We ran out of time.

Tuesday, January 23rd: Passing.

Monday, January 22nd: Buffalo Sabres Sabres/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5, New York Islanders/Arizona Coyotes OVER 6.5.

Sunday, January 21st: San Jose Sharks/Anaheim Ducks UNDER 5.5, New York Rangers/LA Kings UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, January 20th: Florida Panthers/Nashville Predators UNDER 5.5.

Friday, January 19th: Passing.

Thursday, January 18th: Pittsburgh Penguins/Los Angeles Kings UNDER 5.5.

Wednesday, January 17th: Passing.

Tuesday, January 16th: San Jose Sharks/Arizona Coyotes OVER 5.5.

Monday, January 15th: Today's short slate packed with early games didn't give us a chance to properly handicap the card so we're forced to pass.

Sunday, January 14th: Vancouver Canucks/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5 scores.

Saturday, January 13th: Colorado Avalanche/Dallas Stars OVER 5.5.

Friday, January 12th: Calgary Flames/Florida Panthers UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, January 11th: Calgary Flames/Tampa Bay Lightning OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, January 10th: Passing.

Tuesday, January 9th: We ran out of time today so have to pass. Things should be more settled down moving forward.

Monday, January 8th: Today's single game card offers no value so we're forced to sit this one out. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, January 7th: Edmonton Oilers/Chicago Blackhawks OVER 5.5, Florida Panthers/Columbus Blue Jackets OVER 5.5.

Saturday, January 6th: Nashville Predators/Los Angeles Kings UNDER 5.5.

Friday, January 5th: Florida Panthers/Detroit Red Wings UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, January 4th: Buffalo Sabres/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5.

Wednesday, January 3rd: Ottawa Senators/Detroit Red Wings UNDER 5.5.

Tuesday, January 2nd: Anaheim Ducks/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 5.5.

Monday, January 1st: All I could do was laugh when I logged on to see today's NHL card and saw one game on the schedule AT 1PM EST. Who the hell made today's schedule? An early game after New Year's Eve? Brilliant! Needless to say, we're passing today as I'm still digesting the massive cheese ball I ate last night during the festivities! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 30th: Los Angeles Kings/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 5.5.

Friday, December 29th: Nice 3-1 day yesterday. A bit peaved that our strongest game of the bunch lost, as if you only played that one game we left you holding an empty bag. It never ceases to amaze me how one game may feel stronger than another, but at the end of the day they truly all have the same value, hence why our 2 unit top plays and 3 unit best bets are so rare. My apologies to anybody who was only on that one game. Today's play is NYR/Det UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, December 28th: Boston Bruins/Washington Capitals OVER 5.5, Philadelphia Flyers/Florida Panthers UNDER 5.5, Toronto Maple Leafs/Arizona Coyotes OVER 6, Calgary Flames/San Jose Sharks OVER 5.5. For those looking to just play one of these games, the Flames/Sharks game had the most value out of the four.

Wednesday, December 27th: Passing.

Saturday, December 23rd: Los Angeles Kings/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5.5.

Friday, December 22nd: Passing.

Thursday, December 21st: Anaheim Ducks/New York Islanders OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, December 20th: Passing.

Tuesday, December 19th: Winnipeg Jets/Nashville Predators OVER 5.5, Florida Panthers/Arizona Coyotes UNDER 5.5, Tampa Bay Lightning/Vegas OVER 6.

Monday, December 18th: Pittsburgh Penguins/Colorado Avalanche OVER 6.

Sunday, December 17th: Passing.

Saturday, December 16th: New York Rangers/Boston Bruins UNDER 6.

Friday, December 15th: Dallas Stars/New Jersey Devils OVER 5.5.

Thursday, December 14th: San Jose Sharks/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, December 13th: Detroit Red Wings/Boston Bruins OVER 5.5.

Tuesday, December 12th: Calgary Flames/Minnesota Wild OVER 5.5.

Monday, December 11th: Vancouver Canucks/Winnipeg Jets OVER 5.5.

Sunday, December 10th: We're passing today. We've been swamped with Football/Basketball so had to back burner hockey for a few days. NHL picks will resume on Monday.

Saturday, December 9th: Passing.

Friday, December 8th: We ran out of time. Passing.

Thursday, December 7th: Philadelphia/Vancouver OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, December 6th: Calgary Flames/Toronto Maple Leafs OVER 6.

Tuesday, December 5th: Winnipeg Jets/Detroit Red Wings OVER 5.5.

Monday, December 4th: Boston Bruins/Nashville Predators UNDER 5.5, Philadelphia Flyers/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5.

Sunday, December 3rd: Passing.

Saturday, December 2nd: Toronto Maple Leafs/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 6.

Friday, December 1st: Ottawa Senators/NY Islanders OVER 5.5.

Thursday, November 30th: Vegas Golden Knights/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5.

Wednesday, November 29th: Ottawa Senators/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5.5, Anaheim Ducks/St. Louis Blues OVER 5.5.

Tuesday, November 28th: Florida Panthers/New York Rangers UNDER 6 goals.

Monday, November 27th: Anaheim Ducks/Chicago Blackhawks OVER 5.5.

Friday through Sunday: Passing.

Thursday, November 23rd: Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

Wednesday, November 22nd: San Jose Sharks/Arizona Coyotes UNDER 5.5.

Tuesday, November 21st: Edmonton Oilers/St. Louis Blues OVER 5.5.

Monday, November 20th: Winnipeg Jets/Nashville Predators OVER 5.5.

Sunday, November 19th: Was up all night handicapping NFL and don't have any gas left in the tank to look at NHL today. Back strong tomorrow!

Saturday, November 18th: Minnesota Wild/Washington Capitals OVER 5.5.

Friday, November 17th: Buffalo Sabres/Detroit Red Wings UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, November 16th: Carolina Hurricanes/New York Islanders OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, November 15th: Calgary Flames/Detroit Red Wings OVER 5.5 scores.

Tuesday, November 14th: Buffalo Sabres/Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 5.5 goals.

Monday, November 13th: Saint Louis Blues/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5.

Sunday, November 12th: New Jersey Devils/Chicago Black Hawks UNDER 6.

Saturday, November 11th: Vancouver Canucks/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5.5.

Friday, November 10th Plays: Carolina Hurricanes/Columbus Blue Jackets OVER 5.5, Florida Panthers/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5.5.

Thursday, November 9th: Detroit Red Wings/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, November 8th: Boston Bruins/New York Rangers OVER 5.5 and Tampa Bay Lightning/San Jose Sharks OVER 5.5.

Tuesday, November 7th: Vancouver Canucks/Calgary Flames UNDER 5.5.

Monday, November 6th: Winnipeg Jets/Dallas Stars OVER 6 goals scored.

Sunday, November 5th: New Jersey Devils/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5.

Saturday, November 4th: Anaheim Ducks/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5.5.

Friday, November 3rd: New Jersey Devils/Edmonton Oilers UNDER 5.5 goals.

Thursday, November 2nd: Carolina Hurricanes/Colorado Avs OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, November 1st: Pittsburgh Penguins/Edmonton Oilers OVER 6.

Tuesday, October 31st: Arizona Coyotes/Detroit Red Wings OVER 5.5.

Monday, October 30th: Tampa Bay Lightning/Florida Panthers OVER 5.5 scores.

Saturday, October 28th: Passing.

Friday, October 27th: Nashville Predators/Chicago Blackhawks OVER 5.5. - 10/27

Thursday, October 26th: Washington Capitals/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5.5.

Wednesday: Passing. - 10/25

Tuesday: Vancouver Canucks/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5 goals. - 10/24

Friday-Monday: Passing. We haven't seen enough yet to feel confident enough to make picks.

Thursday, October 19th: Carolina Hurricanes/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, October 18th: Montreal Canadiens/L.A. Kings OVER 5. - 10/18

Tuesday, October 17th: Edmonton Oilers vs. Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5.5 goals.

Monday, October 16th: Today's lone game has no value so we have to pass!

Note: NHL picks will start a couple weeks into the season once we've had a chance to study the teams. Please set a reminder to check back Monday, October 16th!

Thank you for hanging with us during the 2017 NHL season!

Sunday: Penguins/Predators UNDER 5.5 goals. - 6/11

Thursday: Passing. - 6/8

Monday: Passing. - 6/5

Saturday Game 3: We don't have an opinion on this game so have to pass. - 6/3

Wednesday Stanley Cup Finals Game 2 Play: Nash/Pitt UNDER 5.5. - 5/31

Monday Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Pick: Nashville Predators/Pittsburgh Penguins UNDER 5.5 goals. - 5/29

Wednesday: Passing. - 5/24

Tuesday: Pittsburgh Penguins/Ottawa Senators OVER 5. - 5/23

Monday: Anaheim Ducks/Nashville Predators OVER5. - 5/22

Sunday: Ottawa Sentators +0.5 goals (60 mins.) - 5/21

Saturday: Nashville/Anaheim UNDER 5. - 5/20

Friday: Passing. - 5/19

Thursday: Anaheim Ducks/Nashville Predators UNDER 5 goals. - 5/18

Wednesday: Pittsburgh Penguins/Ottawa Senators UNDER 5 goals. - 5/17

Tuesday: Anaheim Ducks/Nashville Predators OVER 5. - 5/16

Monday: Ottawa Senators/Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 5. - 5/15

Sunday: Pass. - 5/14

Saturday: No value here. Passing. - 5/13

Friday: Our NHL cappers feel that this line may very well land on 5. With that being said, there is no value to be had. - 5/12

Thursday: No games scheduled. - 5/11

Wednesday: Edmonton Oilers/Anaheim Ducks UNDER 5.5. - 5/10

Tuesday: Ottawa Senators/New York Rangers OVER 5. - 5/9

Monday: Passing. - 5/8

Sunday: St. Louis Blues/Nashville Predators UNDER 5. - 5/7

Saturday: Passing.

Friday: Nashville Predators/St. Louis Blues OVER 5 and Edmonton Oilers/Anaheim Ducks OVER 5.5. - 5/5

Thursday: Passed. - 5/4

Wednesday: Anaheim Ducks/Edmonton Oilers UNDER 5.5. - 5/3

Tuesday: Passing. - 5/2

Monday: Passing. - 5/1

Saturday: Passing.

Friday: Edmonton Oilers/Anaheim Ducks OVER 5 goals. - 4/28

Thursday: Passing. - 4/27

Wednesday: Nashville Predators/St. Louis Blues OVER 5. - 4/24

Sunday: Passing. - 4/23

Saturday: St. Louis Blues/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5. - 4/22

Friday: We couldn't find any value so have to pass. - 4/21

Thursday: Passing. - 4/20

Wednesday: Minnesota Wild/St. Louis Blues OVER 5 goals. - 4/19

Tuesday: Edmonton Oilers/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5. - 4/18

Monday: Washington Capitals/Toronto Maple Leafs UNDER 5.5. - 4/17

Sunday: Minnesota Wild/St. Louis Blues OVER 5. - 4/16

Saturday: Nashville Predators/Chicago Blackhawks OVER 5. - 4/15

Friday: New York Rangers/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5. - 4/14

Wednesday: St. Louis Blues/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5. - 4/12

Monday/Tuesday No games scheduled. - 4/10 and 4/11

Sunday: Vancouver Canucks/Edmonton Oilers UNDER 5. - 4/9

Saturday: Buffalo Sabres/Florida Panthers UNDER 5.5. - 4/8

Friday: There is no value in tonight's lone game so we're forced to pass. - 4/7

Thursday: Pittsburgh Penguins/New Jersey Devils UNDER 5.5, St. Louis Blues/Florida Panthers OVER 5.5. - 4/6

Wednesday: New York Rangers/Washington Capitals UNDER 5.5. - 4/5

Tuesday: Carolina Hurricanes/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5. - 4/4

Monday: Toronto Maple Leafs/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5.5. - 4/3

Sunday: Anaheim Ducks/Calgary Flames OVER 5. - 4/2

Saturday: Toronto Maple Leafs/Detroit Red Wings OVER 5.5. - 4/1

Friday: Washington Capitals/Arizona Coyotes UNDER 5.5. - 3/31

Thursday: Toronto Maple Leafs/Nashville Predators OVER 5.5. - 3/30

Wednesday: Washington Capitals/Colorado Avalanche UNDER 5.5. - 3/29

Tuesday: Dallas Stars/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5.5. - 3/28

Monday: Detroit Red Wings/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5.5, Nashville Predators/New York Islanders UNDER 5.5, Florida Panthers/Buffalo Sabres UNDER 5.5, Arizona Coyotes/St. Louis Blues UNDER 5.5. - 3/27

Sunday: Dallas Stars/New Jersey Devils OVER 5.5. - 3/26

Saturday: Carolina Hurricanes/New Jersey Devils UNDER 5. - 3/25

Friday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Detroit Red Wings UNDER 5.5. - 3/24

Thursday: Passed. - 3/23

Wednesday: Edmonton Oilers/Anaheim Ducks UNDER 5. - 3/22

Tuesday: Calgary Flames/Washington Capitals OVER 5, Philadelphia Flyers/Winnipeg Jets UNDER 6. - 3/21

Monday: Boston Bruins/Toronto Maple Leafs UNDER 6 and San Jose Sharks/Dallas Stars UNDER 5.5. - 3/20

Sunday: Despite today being a pretty good sized card, we were unable to find any advantages so we have to pass. - 3/19

Saturday Pucks: NY Rangers/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5 scores. - 3/18

Friday: New Jersey Devils/Pittsburgh Penguins UNDER 5.5. - 3/17

Thursday: Dallas Stars/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5.5 scores. - 3/16

Wednesday: Boston Bruins/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5. - 3/15

Tuesday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Ottawa Senators UNDER 5. - 3/14

Monday: Boston Bruins/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5. - 3/13

Sunday: New York Rangers/Detroit Red Wings UNDER 5.5. - 3/12

Saturday: Pittsburgh Penguins/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 5.5. - 3/11

Friday: Chicago Black Hawks/Detroit Redwings UNDER 5.5. - 3/10

Thursday: New York Rangers/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5.5 and Ottawa Senators/Arizona Coyotes UNDER 5.5. - 3/9

Wednesday: Our NHL handicappers submitted conflicting picks today so we have to pass. It will never cease to amaze me how four experts (who beat the odds every season) can look at the same game and two like one side and two like the other. As we've stated many times in the past, "there's always another game" and there is never a need to force the action. Back tomorrow with more winners! - 3/8

Tuesday: Philadelphia Flyers/Buffalo Sabres UNDER 5.5 and St. Louis Blues/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5. - 3/7

Monday: New York Rangers/Tampa Bay Lightning UNDER 5.5. - 3/6

Sunday: Columbus Blue Jackets/New Jersey Devils OVER 5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** - 3/5

Saturday: Colorado Avalanche/Winnipeg Jets UNDER 6, Philadelphia Flyers/Washington Capitals OVER 5, Columbus Blue Jackets/Ottawa Senators UNDER 5.5. - 3/4

Friday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 5.5. - 3/3

Thursday: Colorado Avalanche/Ottawa Senators OVER 5. - 3/2

Wednesday: Carolina Hurricanes/Tampa Bay Lightning UNDER 5.5. - 3/1

Tuesday: Colorado Avalanche/Philadelphia Flyers UNDER 5.5 scores. - 2/28

Monday: Los Angeles Kings/Minnesota Wild OVER 5 goals. - 2/27

Sunday: Buffalo Sabres/Arizona Coyotes OVER 5. - 2/26

Saturday: Buffalo Sabres/Colorado Avalanche OVER 5. - 2/25

Friday: Calgary Flames/Florida Panthers UNDER 5.5 goals. - 2/24

Thursday: New York Rangers/Toronto Maple Leafs UNDER 6. - 2/23

Wednesday: Edmonton Oilers/Florida Panthers UNDER 5.5. - 2/22

Tuesday: Ottawa Senators/New Jersey Devils OVER 5, Montreal Canadiens/New York Rangers UNDER 5.5, Calgary Flames/Nashville Predators UNDER 5.5, Los Angeles Kings/Colorado Avalanche OVER 5. - 2/21

Monday: Today's short card offers no value so we have to pass. - 2/20

Sunday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Colorado Avalanche OVER 5. - 2/19

Saturday: Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5, Florida Panthers/LA Kings OVER 5, Ottawa Senators/Toronto Maple Leafs UNDER 5.5. - 2/18

Friday: Colorado Avalanche/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5.5 goals. - 2/17

Thursday: Ottawa Senators/New Jersey Devils OVER 5, Arizona Coyotes/LA Kings OVER 5. - 2/16

Wednesday: St. Louis Blues/Detroit Red Wings UNDER 5.5. - 2/15

Tuesday: Colorado Avalanche/New Jersey Devils OVER 5, Buffalo Sabres/Ottawa Senators UNDER 5.5. - 2/14

Monday: New York Rangers/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5 and Arizona Coyotes/Calgary Flames UNDER 5.5. - 2/13

Sunday: Detroit Red Wings/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5 and Vancouver Canucks/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5. - 2/12

Saturday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Winnipeg Jets UNDER 5.5. - 2/11

Friday: Short card; no real value so we're taking a pass. Have a great day! - 2/10

Thursday: San Jose Sharks/Boston Bruins OVER 5 and Dallas Stars/Ottawa Senators OVER 5.5. - 2/9

Wednesday: Chicago Blackhawks +100. - 2/8

Tuesday: Blues/Senators OVER 5.5 - 2/7

Monday: Sabres/Devils UNDER 5 - 2/6

Sunday: Small card - passing. - 2/5

Saturday: Toronto Maple Leafs +130. - 2/4

Friday: Flames/Devils Over 5. - 2/3

Thursday: Buffalo Sabres +110. - 2/2

Wednesday: Short schedule; Passing. - 2/1

Tuesday: Toronto Maple Leafs/Dallas Stars OVER 5.5. - 1/31

Monday: No games scheduled. - 1/30

Sunday: No games scheduled. - 1/29

Saturday: No games scheduled. - 1/28

Friday: No games scheduled. - 1/27

Thursday: Calgary Flames/Ottawa Senators UNDER 5.5. - 1/26

Wednesday: Vancouver Canucks/Colorado Avalanche OVER 5. - 1/25

Tuesday: Calgary Flames/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5.5 goals. - 1/24

Monday: Passing. - 1/23

Sunday: Nashville Predators/Minnesota Wild OVER 5. - 1/22

Saturday: Ottawa Senators/Toronto Mapleleafs UNDER 5.5. - 1/21

Friday: Detroit Red Wings/Buffalo Sabres UNDER 5.5, Pittsburgh Penguins/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 6, Chicago Blackhakws/Boston Bruins UNDER 5. - 1/20

Thursday: Washington Capitals/St. Louis Blues OVER 5. - 1/19

Wednesday: Boston Bruins/Detroit Redwings UNDER 5.5 and Pittsburgh Penguins/Montreal Canadiens OVER 5.5. - 1/18

Tuesday: Carolina Hurricanes/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5. - 1/17

Monday: Arizona Coyotes/Edmonton Oilers UNDER 5.5. - 1/16

Sunday: New Jersey Devils/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 5 goals. - 1/15

Saturday: Nashville Predators/Colorado Avalanche UNDER 5.5. - 1/14

Friday: Buffalo Sabres/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5. - 1/13

Thursday: New Jersey Devils/Edmonton Oilers UNDER 5. - 1/12

Wednesday: Montreal Canadiens/Winnipeg Jets OVER 5.5. - 1/11

Tuesday: Vancouver Canucks/Nashville Predators OVER 5. - 1/10

Monday NHL Play: Dallas Stars/Los Angeles Kings UNDER 5.5. - 1/9

Sunday Hockey Picks: Boston Bruins/Carolina Hurricanes OVER 5, Edmonton Oilers/Ottawa Senators OVER 5, Minnesota Wild/Anaheim Ducks OVER 5. - 1/8

Saturday: Passing. - 1/7

Friday: Toronto Maple Leafs/New Jersey Devils UNDER 5.5 and Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks UNDER 5.5. - 1/6

Thursday: Nashville Predators/Tampa Bay Lightning UNDER 5.5. - 1/5

Wednesday: Montreal Canadiens/Dallas Stars UNDER 5.5. - 1/4

Tuesday: Winnipeg Jets/Tampa Bay Lightning UNDER 5.5. - 1/3

Monday: Boston Bruins/New Jersey Devils OVER 5. - 1/2

Sunday: Ottawa Senators/Washington Capitals OVER 5. - 1/1

Saturday: Arizona Coyotes/Calgary Flames UNDER 5.5. - 12/31

Friday's Top Play: Anaheim Ducks/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5. - 12/30

Thursday: New Jersey Devils/Washington Capitals OVER 5 goals.

Wednesday: Los Angeles Kings/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5. - 12/28

Tuesday: Washington Capitals/New York Islanders OVER 5. - 12/27

Saturday through Monday: No games scheduled. - 12/24 through 12/26

Friday: Montreal Canadiens/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5, Los Angeles Kings/Dallas Stars UNDER 5.5, Colorado Avalanche/Chicago Blackawks UNDER 5.5. - 12/23

Thursday: Carolina Hurricanes/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5. - 12/22

Hockey Betting Primer: Take a Punt on the Puck.

Wednesday: Washington Capitals/Philadelphia Flyers OVER 5. - 12/21

Tuesday: NY Islanders/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.5, Colorado Avalanche/Minnesota Wild OVER 5, Winnipeg Jets/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5. - 12/20

Monday: Calgary Flames/Arizona Coyotes OVER 5. - 12/19

Sunday: New Jersey Devils/New York Rangers OVER 5. - 12/18

Saturday: Arizona Coyotes/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5. - 12/17

Friday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Vancouver Canucks OVER 5. - 12/16

Thursday: New York Rangers/Dallas Stars OVER 5.5. - 12/15

Wednesday: Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Calgary Flames OVER 5 scores. - 12/14

Tuesday: Passed. - 12/13

Monday: Boston Bruins/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5. - 12/12

Sunday: St. Louis Blues/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5 goals. - 12/11

Saturday's NHL Play: Toronto Maple Leafs/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.5 - 12/10

Friday's Plays: Columbus Blue Jackets/Detroit Red Wings OVER 5. - 12/9

Thursday: Edmonton/Philadelphia OVER 5.5, Nashville/Dallas OVER 5.5, Carolina/Los Angeles OVER 5. - 12/8

Wednesday: Toronto Maple Leafs/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5 goals. - 12/7

Tuesday: Colorado Avs/Nashville Predators UNDER 5.5. - 12/6

Monday: Arizona Coyotes/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5 goals. - 12/5

Sunday, December 4th: Tampa Bay Lightning/Carolina Hurricanes UNDER 5 and Detroit Red Wings/New York Islanders OVER 5.

Saturday, December 3rd: Columbus Blue Jackets/Arizona Coyotes UNDER 5.5.

Friday, December 2nd: Montreal Canadiens/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5. - 12/2

Thursday, December 1st: Carolina Hurricanes/Boston Bruins UNDER 5 scores.

Wednesday, November 30th: Please accept our apologies as we spaced off posting today's NHL play!

Tuesday, November 29th: Passing.

Monday, November 28th: Dallas Stars/St. Louis Blues UNDER 5.5.

Sunday, November 27th: Calgary Flames/Philadelphia Flyers UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, November 26th: Chicago Blackhawks/Los Angeles Kings UNDER 5.

Friday, November 25th: Calgary Flames/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.

Thursday, November 24th: Small card; No value.

Wednesday, November 23rd: Toronto Maple Leafs +125

Tuesday, November 22nd: Philadelphia Flyers/Florida Panthers UNDER 5.5.

Monday, November 21st: Wild/Stars UNDER 5.5.

Sunday, November 20th: Flames/Redwings UNDER 5. - 11/20

Saturday, November 19th: Winnipeg Jets/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.

Friday, November 18th: New York Rangers/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5. - 11/18

Thursday, November 17th: Tampa Bay Lightning/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5.

Wednesday, November 16th: Arizona Coyotes/Calgary Flames UNDER 5.5. - 11/16

Tuesday, November 15th: Philadelphia Flyers -140 - 11/15

Monday, November 14th: There's just one game on tonight's NHL card and it doesnt have any value so we're forced to take a pass. - 11/14

Sunday, November 13th: New York Rangers/Edmonton Oilers UNER 5.5.

Saturday, November 12th: Buffalo Sabres/New Jersey Devils UNDER 5.

Friday, November 11th: Washington Capitals/Chicago Blackhawks UNDER 5.

Thursday, November 10th: Minnesota Wild/Pittsburgh Penguinms UNDER 5.5, Los Angeles Kings/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5, Dallas Stars/Calgary Flames OVER 5.5.

Wednesday, November 9th: Anaheim Ducks/Columbus Blue Jackets UNDER 5.5 goals.

Tuesday, November 8th: Ottawa/Nashville UNDER 5.5.

Monday, November 7th: Buffale Sabres/Boston Bruins UNDER 5.

Sunday, November 6th: Edm/Det UNDER 5.5, Win/NYR UNDER 5.5, Dal/Chi UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, November 5th: Vancouver Canucks/Toronto Maple Leafs OVER 5.

Friday, November 4th: Winnipeg Jets/Detroit Red Wings UNDER 5.5.

Thursday, Novebmer 3rd: Winnipeg Jets/Washington Capitals UNDER 5.

Wednesday, November 2nd: Vancouver Canucks/Montreal Canadiens UNDER 5. - 11/2

Tuesday, November 1st: We got a late start today so we have to pass. - 11/1

Sunday, October 30th: Washington Capitals/Calgary Flames UNDER 5.5.

Saturday, October 29th: Pittsburgh Penguins/Philadelphia Flyers UNDER 5.5, Los Angeles Kings/St. Louis Blues OVER 5, Dallas Stars/Minnesota Wild UNDER 5.5, Nashville Predators/San Jose Sharks UNDER 5.5. - 10/29

Friday, October 28th: Rangers/Hurricanes UNDER 5.5, Blackhawks/Islanders OVER 5, Oilers/Canucks OVER 5, Blue Jackets/Ducks UNDER 5.5. - 10/28

Thursday, October 27th: Minnesota Wild/Buffalo Sabres OVER 5.

Wednesday, October 26th: Montreal/New York (Islanders) OVER 5.

***2016 NHL PICKS WILL START WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26TH!*** We need a couple weeks to see who is doing what so we can form solid opinions! Please set a reminder to check back then!

Sunday Stanley Cup Finals Game 6 Pick: Pittsburgh Penguins -107. - 6/12

Thursday: We have mixed feelings about this game so are taking a pass. - 6/9

Tuesday/Wednesday: No games scheduled. - 6/7 through 6/8

Monday: Pittsburgh Penguins +116. - 6/6

Thursday: Off day. - 6/2

Wednesday Stanley Cup Game 2 Prediction: SJ/Pitt UNDER 5.5. - 6/1

Tuesday: No games scheduled. - 5/31

Monday Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Pick: San Jose Shark/Pittsburgh Penguins UNDER 5.5. - 5/30

Friday/Saturday: No games scheduled today. - 5/27 and 5/28

Thursday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Pittsburgh Penguins UNDER 5.5 -120. - 5/26

Wednesday: Blues/Sharks UNDER 5. - 5/25

Tuesday: Passing. - 5/24

Monday: Passing. - 5/23

Sunday: Tampa Bay Lightning/Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 5. - 5/22

Saturday: Passing. - 5/21

Friday: No clear cut winner here so passing again. - 5/20

Thursday: Passing. - 5/19

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