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Grand Salami Betting

Betting on the Grand Salami - Betting the Over/Under or Home/Away
by Mike of

I have always been fascinated by how the odds maker determines the grand salami. Let me explain what it is before we get too far into the article and how it can have it's merits in handicapping the NHL.

The "salami" as it is affectionately referred to, is a line set by odds makers that is the sum of all the hockey NHL games being played on that day.

There is one line set for totals and one set for the home & away teams. For example, it is generally set around the –110 or -120 range and the line will fluctuate throughout the day up until the start of the first game. Once the first game start the line comes down and is no longer bettable. As I mentioned previously, the Salami consists of a sum of all the games being played. An example of this would be if there were 4 games being played with an average total of 5.5 we may see a Salami set at 22, your task would be to decide whether there will be over or under 22 total goals scored in all the games played for the day.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Sometimes the Salami is set "off" the sum of the totals to one side or another – this is called shading. The odds maker is tipping his hand to how he feels players will lean when betting the Salami.

Let's give you an example: Let's say the oddsmaker sets the total of the Grand Salami to 21.5 (instead of 22). That means he is shading the "under". He may further cast a shadow on it by adding some juice (say –120) to the over side.

Totals are just one angle for betting the Grand Salami. The the other is "sides". This offering allows you to bet on all home teams or all away teams. Two types of bets are offered when dealing with sites. A moneyline and a puckline (same as a point spread).

Let's take a look at an example using our 4 game set listed above.


Away Teams ML +120 vs. Home Teams ML –140

Away Teams Puckline +2.5 –110 Home Teams PL –2.5 –110

Let's assume the results of the four games were as follows:

Montreal Canadiens 3 Toronto Maple Leafs 0 – Montreal was the –130 ML Road team

New York Rangers 2 Pittsburgh Penguins 3 – Pittsburgh –150 ML

Tampa Bay Lightning 1 Washington Capitals 6 – Washington –180 ML

Dallas Stars 4 Los Angeles Kings 2 – Kings –160 ML

Referring to the above, regardless of the individual lines that were set in these games, we are just focusing on the sum of the home and away scores. Here’s how the home/away scores turned out.

Away 10 – Home 11

In this example, the Home ML (moneyline) of –140 would have been a winning bet. The road moneyline was a losing bet.

The Road puck line of +2.5 wins because the Away teams only lost by 1 goal.

Typical of the Leafs to pull a no show and get shutout at home. (lol)

Heres' a quick quiz. How did the total on the Grand Salami turn out? If you answered "21" that would be correct. Using our example above, the "under" salami wager would have cashed.

Okay, so now you know how the salami is set and calculated but how can you use the salami to your advantage? Well, as you can see, the odds makers set some pretty sharp Salami lines. He was within a goal on the total and paid out the ML but raked juice on the PL (puck line)(using our examples above). This typically does happen and it is amazing how close the Salami comes in most nights. We can use that to our advantage, either by trying to middle the salami and the last game or just by betting the late game based on the outcome of the early games.

For example, the first 3 games are all Eastern Time zone games and should be over by the time the puck drops in Los Angeles for the usual 10PM EST start time. If we look at the scores of the eastern games and subtract our salami lines we may have indication as to a winner in the late game.

The Eastern games only yielded Away 6 Home 9, for a total of 15 total goals scored, so the Home teams are currently covering the Puck line and the total would need 7 goals to push at 22. If you bet the salami over you could buy back your bet by betting the last game under 5.5 (remember we said all the totals we 5.5), or if you layed off the Salami and were waiting for the late game, you could predict over – too close to call? Okay how about the side? Remember, these lines are typically tight. Our road favorite won as well as our two home favs. The favorites could sweep, as well as the money line and puck line for the home teams – I say no, lets bet on the kings at +140 odds and see what happens.

Confusing eh? Here’s what to do... Start out by listing all the games (with odds) as well as the grand salami on paper. Make sure you track the final outcomes to see how you are doing. A pattern will appear and after paper betting for awhile, you may be ready to start playing the Grand Salami! A bet that you can win consistently if you just do your homework!

Most bookies don't offer salami bets. You will likely have to place this wager online. Find this bet and tons of other hockey wagering options at Bovada.

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