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How to Bet on Hockey

There are many different ways to bet on the NHL hockey. Here we'll outline those options for you and explain the different betting types and what they offer.

The Moneyline The most popular of all NHL betting options. Moneyline betting consists of picking a team to win straight up (no spreads involved). Simply put, your team wins and you win your bet. How much profit you pocket depends upon whether the team you choose is the underdog or the favorite.

The Puckline Also called the Canadian line at some books, the puckline changes the odds on a game by adding a 1.5-goal spread. The addition of this spread usually turns the moneyline on it's head and makes the favorite the underdog and the underdog the favorite. This can also mean big value on games you expect to be a blowout by the moneyline favorite.

Totals When you're betting totals there is no spread and it doesn't matter who wins the game. All that matters is the final score and how many goals are scored (by both teams combined). The bettor's job is to determine if the number of goals scored will go Over and Under the total set by the sportsbook.

Parlays If you're a risk taker and into high reward, parlays are for you. When betting a parlay, a bettor selects between two and 12 teams, which consist of any combination of moneylines, pucklines or totals. To win this bet, all of the selections must win. If even one selection loses, your parlay card becomes worthless and is a loser. Hitting a winning parlay can be difficult because everything has to go your way, but the increased profit can often make the risk worth it.

Stanley Cup Odds Betting of a team to win the Stanley Cup is easily the most popular NHL future bet. At most sportsbooks you can wager on the Stanley Cup winner at any time of the year. Throughout the season the Stanley Cup odds are always changing and even a small wager can turn big profits if your choice ends up hoisting the Cup at season's end.

Where to Bet on NHL Games

If you're going to bet on NHL hockey online, we suggest that you have an account with 5Dimes. All of the wagering types we listed above are available plus a plethora of other bet options such as 1st Period, 2nd Period and 3rd Period game lines!

Free NHL Picks

Free Hockey Picks - Our staff analyzes each day's hockey odds and posts our best bet of the day.

Hockey Betting

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