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The Flop, Turn and River

Omaha Poker Strategies - The Flop, Turn and the River
by Jason Green of

The best way to become a good Omaha poker player is to come up with a good strategy. Here are a few strategy tips you can follow to become a better Omaha poker player.

1. Using a good Pre-Flop Strategy. Everything in Omaha starts before the flop comes out. If you make the right moves before the flop the rest of the game will fall into place.

2. To Check or Bet, that is the Question. When the flop comes out you hit a good hand or you didn't. If you did not hit a hand you will fold. It is when you hit a good hand it can get a little dicey. After getting a good hand on the flop you have to see how good your hand is. Are you ahead in the hand? Are you not sure where you are? How big is the pot? These are all questions you have to answer before you make a move. If you play tight you may just want to check or it may be the case that your opponents play aggressively and you want them to act. Either way, it will be the next decision you have to make.

After the flop you have to go forward unless you fold. You are far into the hand and folding is not easy to do. If you have a good amount of chips and have a hand that can be beat with many other cards, you have to try to get as much money in the pot as possible in order to protect your hand. If the draw is huge that has a lot of outs you also have to try to get as much money in the pot. The reason for this is you have a good amount of chips and may be ahead in the hand if you have a lot of outs.


Also, if you are in that position then you may have to call a pretty big bet on the turn. If the turn comes out and you didn't hit anything you are faced with another hard decision. You have good odds to see the hand through and you can't fold, so get that over with on the flop by putting chips in the pot. Last thing is by putting all of your chips in you give yourself a big chance to win, as you may win the pot if all of your opponents fold on your strong play.

3. Keep an Eagle Eye on Your Opponents. A vital aspect of pre-flop strategy is to watch your opponents and see if you can get any info on what they have. By not watching your opponents you may miss out on some important information, which can really help you out. Even if you fold you hand, you have to watch your opponents.

4. The Turn and then the River. On the turn and the river the same things will happen to you. You will know the situation at this point. You should have a decent idea of your opponent's style and you should know what you are doing. Many times the big money will be bet during the flop or the turn. It does not happen often where the hand does not go the distance to the river with money still added to the pot. The turn, as well as the river, will carry over from the pre-flop and the flop.

If you are on a draw, you have to make the decision if it is worth it for you to stay in the hand. If you have the Nuts and will not lose the hand you have to find how you can suck in as much money to the pot as possible. After the flop comes out you will be in a couple situations. You will either be drawing to a better hand or you already are holding the best hand. If either of these is not the case, you don't belong in the hand to begin with.

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