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Limit Omaha Poker

How to Play Limit Omaha Poker
by K. Swope of

Limit Omaha is played according to normal Omaha rules, but places a “limit” on the amount a player may wager for each bet.

We will begin by explaining the rules of Omaha. Whether playing a cash game or tournament, an Omaha table may only seat up to ten players, but it is more common to see only nine players per table due to player preferences.

A button or disk is used to determine the dealer. The two players to the immediate left of the dealer become the small and big blinds, respectively. The blinds represent a forced “ante” that each player will have to make as the dealer button moves around the table. The small blind is normally a one half bet while the big blind is a full bet.

Dispersing cards in a clockwise manor each player is dealt four cards face down. Players must then determine to call the big blind, raise it, or fold their hands. When this complete the dealer “burns” or throws away one card face down and deals three cards face up in the middle on the table. This is commonly known as the “flop”, which is, community cards that each player may use for their hands.


A round of betting follows the flop after which the dealer burns another card and places the fourth community card face up, often called the “turn”. Betting again follows this community card.

When players are done, the dealer burns another card and places the last community card face up called the “river”. Players have a final opportunity to bet after which the remaining players reveal their hands to determine a winner.

In Omaha, a player must use two cards and only two cards from their hole cards dealt to them, and must use three out of the five community cards on the board to make the best possible five card hand. (Unlike Texas Hold'em where you can use all five community cards for your hand and NONE of your hole cards.) Omaha uses the standard table for ranking hands with the highest possible made hand of a Royal Flush down to just a high card.

In a limit game players are only permitted to wager amounts according to the set stakes. For example, if playing in a $10/20 limit game, players may only bet $10 or raise another player’s bet $10 when wagering pre-flop and post-flop. Players are then permitted to bet $20 or raise another player’s bet $20 on the turn and the river.

When playing in a live cash game some poker rooms will allow what is called a “kill pot”. A kill pot is when a single player wins two consecutive hands. On a kill pot the stakes for the game are doubled for the next hand, and will continue at this level until the kill pot player loses a hand.

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