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Common Pot Limit Omaha Mistakes

Common Mistakes When Playing Pot Limit Omaha High
by Jason Green of

There are a lot of mistakes that players make when playing Pot Limit Omaha Poker. Some of these mistakes are playing too many hands, playing the wrong hands, and playing when at the wrong position. Here are some common mistakes that Omaha players make:

Playing hands with 2 cards. - As there are 4 hole cards when playing Omaha there are many ways that you can hit a good hand on the flop. A common mistake that players make is playing too many 2-card hands, such as K-K-8-3. The only way that this hand can hit when the flop comes out is to hit a King, as only 2 out of 6 possible 2-card combos work. On the other side of the coin a K-K-A-J double suited hand can hit on the flop in a lot of ways, as you can hit a straight, flush, or a high pair combo.

Raising when you have Aces - Some Omaha players will only raise with a pair of Aces. By doing this in the early rounds of betting with a small pot gives a big advantage to other players at the table. This is a tell, as opponents will know that they have the Bullets. It also gives other players a good chance to call and beat them on the flop. If you see another player who only will raise when they have Aces you should call them if you have a good chance of beating them. 2 pair hands and lower straights can be good to win your opponents chip stack in betting rounds later on in the game. If an Ace comes out in the flop then you can fold, which will save those bets for opportunities that are better for you.

Drawing to hands that are not the nuts - Omahaís large number of hand combinations can make drawing anything but the nut hand a mistake that can cost you a lot of money. One mistake that happens often is calling a raise to draw a K or Q high flush. You may hit your hand then bet and raise only to find out that another player had a higher flush the whole time. This is also the case when there is a pair on the board, as if no other player has a full house then someone will probably draw to one. In this case drawing to either a straight or a flush can really hurt you.

Boards that have trips - If the board has 3 of the same card the winning hand can either be a 4 of the same card hand or a full house if someone has a pair. A mistake that many players make is for a player that holds a hand such as K-Q-6-2 with a K-8-8-8-4 on the river. You must remember that you donít have a full house, as you have to use 2 cards from your hand and 3 cards that are on the board. Also, a player that has a 7 or any pair will beat you. A player that has a low hand of 3-3-J-7 would beat your kings.

Bluffing - Bluffing can be done when playing Omaha, but with so many hand combinations it can be a mistake a lot of times. When there are several players in the pot the chances are very good that someone will hit a good hand on the board. Bluffing, even when you have some outs, can be a mistake when you are playing in the early position. If a player that is behind you bets a large re-raise on your bluff you might lose the chance of drawing the best hand, which will make you lose your bluff bet. When playing Omaha poker bluffing should be used very selectively. If there are not many players in the pot or there is a board with 3 suited cards can be good times to bluff.

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