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Debunking Myths About Omaha Poker

Debunking the Myth that Omaha Poker is a Complicated Game
by Jason Green of

There are, of course, many complexities to the game of poker. But many people think that Omaha poker is more complicated than Texas Holdem. This is not the case, as actually it is the other way around.

Making decisions when playing Texas Holdem are ones that are, many times, uncertain and random. Basically in Texas Holdem all of the players do not have anything before the flop comes out. In Omaha players can have a strong starting hand simply with their hole cards. In most Omaha games it is rare that there is heads up play on the pot, as well as when there are 3 or more players still in the hand. One player will have a better hand than their opponents, or more than one strong hand will be had, or any player bet can win the pot with a bluff because no player has anything. Every hand when playing Omaha has ways to get a good hand when the flop comes out. 12 cards with 3 hands on the table does not only have twice the number of ways to hit a 3 card flop, when playing Omaha Hi-Lo which is one Omaha variation, it also gives the players a chance to win with the lo hand, as well as the hi one.

Many times hands in Omaha will come down to a calculation made by you in order to see your chances of winning a portion or the whole pot. The main thing is how you can manipulate the pot size through betting. Many situations when playing Omaha will be calculating the outs you have, counting cards to make your hand and then making that into a percentage. The rare situations that happen where it is a complicated hand do not occur often, as most hands are not complicated. Omaha is mostly an easy game to play, as you should play hands pre-flop that can make a nut hand, play hands after the flop when getting good odds to hit the nut hand, as well as manipulating the size of the pot.


Being able to handle the difficult aspects of Omaha will come after you understand the basics of the game. One major problem that many Omaha players have is making mistakes in the simple aspects of the game. For example, if you are playing a hand with Queen-Jack-10-4 and the flop comes out and is King-Jack-4, you may delay and think about how hard that hand is to calculate. You throw that hand away before the flop and the game is easier and you do not lose money as you have no real chance to get a Nut hand. Make simple decisions and the game will be much easier. Stick to the basic rules above and you will find out how simple the game really is to not only play, but have success.

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