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How to Play No Limit Omaha Poker

How to Play No Limit Omaha
by K. Swope of

No limit Omaha is a rare version of poker see mostly in the online arenas. The game will typically be played in a “Turbo” format where the blinds increase rapidly in low timed increments.

The game of Omaha will usually have a max of nine players per table. It is possible to have ten at one table but most venues do not play with ten people due to player requests since seating ten players creates more dead cards from the deck being dealt out.


Omaha is played with a small blind and big blind ante system. The two players to the immediate left of the dealer become the small and big blinds respectively. In cash game play these blinds are set at a level according to the stakes of the game. In tournament play the blinds increase at different rates and time increments according to the nature of the tournament.

A dealer is selected and marked by using a disk or button to begin play. The blinds are placed by the two players to the left of the dealer. Each player is then dealt four cards face down in a clockwise fashion. Players must then decide to fold, call the big blind or raise. After each player chooses their course of action, the dealer will then “burn” or discard one card face down and deal three community cards face up in the middle of the table, known commonly as the “Flop”. The Flop may be used by all players to help create the best possible hand.

A round of betting follows the flop and the remaining players must again decide to stay or fold.

When wagering is finished the dealer burns another card and places one card face up on the community board, commonly referred to as the “Turn” or Fourth Street.

Another round of betting takes place following the Turn card. The dealer then burns a final card and places the last community card face up notoriously named the “River”.

A final round of betting commences and the remaining players reveal their hands to determine a winner.

In Omaha Poker, a player must use two cards from the four hole cards they hold and use only three community cards of the five available to make the best possible five card hand.

Omaha uses the standard scale of card ranking from a single high card up to a Royal Flush. In no limit Omaha players may choose to bet any amount of chips from the big blind value to the maximum of what that person has in play. At any given time a player may choose to “go all in” and wager everything they have in front of them.

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