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Omaha Poker is Not Texas Holdem Poker

Omaha Poker Is Not Texas Holdem Poker
by Jason Green of

Considering that poker is very popular these days many people are trying other variations and games. Omaha is one of these games, which more people are starting to play. However, if you use Texas Holdem strategy when playing Omaha it will cost you money. The games look similar, as they are played with hole cards and 5 cards on the board. The main difference is that when playing Texas Holdem you use any 5-card combination, while in Omaha you have to use the best 5 cards, but 2 of the cards have to be used from your hand and then 3 cards on the board.

Omaha Starting Hands

When playing Omaha you are dealt 4 cards instead of 2. There are some players that believe that since you have double the amount of hole cards that it will double the combinations of the starting hands. However, with 4 cards in your hand you will only have 6 possible 2-card combinations.

With 6 starting hand combinations many Texas Holdem players think that it gives them a reason to bet on more hands. It is important to know that your opponents also have 6, 2 card combinations. Because of this, in a 10 handed game, you will have 6 combinations and your opponents will have 54 among them. So, as a result you have to be more selective when making wagering decisions.

You will have to coordinate your starting hands. What this means is that the 4 cards should have to work together. For example, having the chance to get a straight that can work around the flop on the board. Hands that are double suited that have Aces in them are great for the nut-flush, but 3 or 4 cards having the same suit is far from a good hand, as the possibility of a flush goes down significantly, as you have to use 2 cards from your hand.


High Pairs Rarely Win

A huge mistake that many Omaha players make is raising and then re-raising when they have a big pair. Here's a little hint: BAD IDEA. While Bullets are a great hand in Texas Holdem they hardly ever hold up when playing Omaha, when there is a multi-way pot. In Omaha Hi-Lo each player that has an Ace and a smaller card will be in the game, which will hurt the chance even more that your pocket Aces will win the pot. You have to know that Omaha poker is a game of flushes, full houses, and straights, even though those pocket Aces look "oh so good".

The Omaha Nuts Rule

When playing Texas Holdem, it does not happen often that a player has the Nuts after the river. However, when playing Omaha it happens often. If you don't draw to the Nuts after the flop comes out, you can have the 2nd best hand or lower. That simply will not win you any green. In Texas Holdem 9 outs give you a solid chance at taking the pot. In Omaha you will have to have 16 or 20 outs simply to stay in the hand after the flop comes out. In most cases the showdown will happen and the best hand will take the pot. With all the post flop possibilities slow play is not a good idea, as you do not want to give another player a chance to draw out on you.

There are More Bad Beats in Omaha

As there will be more players that are staying in the hand so they can see the flop the pots can get pretty big. Your opponents will be getting the right odds so they feel ok staying in. What this means is that there are more bad beats when playing Omaha poker. Because of this if your temper is quick in Texas Holdem you will have to control it more when playing Omaha.

Make Sure You Learn the Rules of Omaha

To be a successful Omaha poker player you have to learn how to play the game the right way. You will not win a lot of pots if you use the strategy that you use when playing Texas Holdem. The more you know about Omaha poker the more you will find out how different it is than Texas Holdem.

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