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Omaha Poker Tips

Omaha Poker Tips
by Kevin S. of

In this article we will take a look at some of the inís and outís of playing Omaha poker. Omaha is a game of draws. Having the most possible outs does not guarantee a win, but will make you a much more successful player. In order to get cards with great draws you must start with hands that will offer such results.

Although, it does not happen very often, pocket pairs that are double suited offer great drawing capabilities. Try not to play many hands that are linking cards with a gap like 3,4,6,7. These hands look like they could be good draws but leave no outs unless the five shows on the board.

Stick to linking cards without gaps to improve your chances. Never play hands that start with trips or four cards of the same suit. This is counter productive and eliminates too many outs and draws.

Small pocket pairs are decent starting hands but be sure to have some help surrounding those two cards, for example 4,4,2,3 or 4,4,3,5. This gives you optimal use of your starting pair. If trips are not made you still hold power if a straight shows since it is unlikely that no other player will be holding a four.

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Some of the best hands in Omaha are made with playing paint, or all face cards. It is very possible to play hands of this nature with linking gaps. A, K, Q, J and A, Q, J, T are both great hands and should be considered as just that. Add to the mix a couple of suited royalty cards in this bunch and you have the best drawing hand at the table. High ranking cards make for high ranking flushes and straights, so remember to play the paint!

Some more hands you want to avoid in Omaha include holding a suited ace or king that has no helping cards to accompany it. When playing a hand like Ah, 7h, Ts, 4d you eliminate your outs and put too much emphasis on making a flush. Fold these hands more often and look for hands that offer more potential of making draws.

Starting with pocket aces and kings is always a good feeling, but do not over play this hand when you don't have any help. As mentioned earlier this hand may look strong, but without any cards to help make a straight or a flush the chances of winning any Omaha pot on just a single over pair is very, very slim.

Finally, keep in mind that your opponents share your concept of making draws, so watch closely. Be careful that the hand you're drawing to is not up against a better, more powerful draw. Do not get caught drawing dead. If a stronger hand can be made on the board; then think long and hard about folding your small straight or low flush.

Knowing when to fold takes practice and patience but saves much heart ache when the showdown comes.

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