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Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Tips

Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo - Tips to Improve Your Game
by Jason Green of

Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo is a fun variation of poker that more players are enjoying. Here are some tips on how to improve your fixed limit Omaha Hi-Lo poker game:

Be sure that each Omaha hand you play has the possibility to scoop the high and low sides of the pot at the exact same time. - Suited Aces in your hand is the best starting hand to do this, as you can make a flush, while at the same time getting the best low hand possible. Try to stay away from hands that have middle to low cards, as it is likely that you will make the worst high and the worst low hand with these starting cards. If you have a hand that has only high cards you will win the pot around 30% of the time. You have to make sure that you only play these this type of hand only when there are no flush draws or low cards on the board.

Try to avoid being "quartered." - Being quartered is when you share the low side of the pot and at the same time losing the high side. This can cost you money when playing Omaha Hi-Low, as you will only get back 25 cents for every dollar you put in the pot. Getting quartered happens a lot when you play a bare Ace -2 hand, which means a hand where you have an Ace and a 2 and no other low cards. If there is another low card it can help you from being quartered. It will also give you some back up protection when an Ace or 2 is turned on the river.


Play starting hands that work well together. - In Omaha poker you can use 2 cards from your hand, so it is important that you have chances to hit a winning hand when the flop comes out. Picking starting hands with suited features, connected features, and having back up low cards will give you additional ways to win the pot when there is a showdown. The strongest starting hands are suited cards with aces.

Position is definitely Numero Uno. - By playing a lot of hands when you are in the early position can cost you money when playing fixed limit Omaha Hi-Lo. Playing from a late position is advantageous to you, as you can see the other players act before making a decision on what to do. If other players are ahead of you and raise, you can then fold a so-so hand. If the other players are looking weak then a good bet may win the pot. A good position will make sure that you will not lose as much money when you are behind in a hand and add to a large pot when you are ahead.

Do not bluff as often and make more value bets. This is especially the case when playing online low buy in fixed limit Omaha games, as there are more players that will play to the river with some not-so-strong hands. Use this to your advantage! You can do this by not bluffing as much, as semi bluffs having a scoop hand can still win you money. Considering that other players are not likely to fold often the bluff will not be as effective when playing level fixed limit Omaha Hi-lo games for low stakes.

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