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Pot Limit Omaha

How to Play Pot Limit Omaha
by K. Swope of

The game of Omaha is one of the most lucrative and largest action games available to any poker player when considering the “pot-limit” level. Due to the nature of Omaha theory and the betting capacity of a pot-limit game some of the most expensive tables to play in are those that offer this particular combination of stakes.

In the game of Omaha it is common to see six to nine players at a given table. Most casinos and online venues will not seat more than nine players per table to refrain from depleting too many cards from the deck.

Omaha uses the “blinds” structure in which the two players to the immediate left of the dealer are designated the small and big blind respectively. Each player is dealt four hole cards face down in a clockwise fashion. At this time players must decide to call the big blind, raise or fold their hands. When finished the dealer “burns” or discards one card face down and turns over three cards face up in the middle of the table that represent the community board “flop” that each player may use for their hands.

A round of betting takes place after which the dealer burns another card and places the fourth community card face up, known commonly as the “turn”. A round of betting follows the turn card and the dealer then burns a final card and places the last community card face up, called the “river” card.


A final round of betting takes place and the remaining players reveal their hands. Every player must use two cards of the four in their hands and three cards of the five community cards available to make the best possible five card hand. (Unlike Texas Holdem where you can use all five community cards to make your hand if you want) Omaha uses the standard ranking structure of poker hands with the lowest possible ranking hand as a single high card and the highest possible hand of a Royal Flush.

In a pot-limit game the method in which players are permitted to wager is limited by the amount of chips currently in the pot. When opening with a raise a player may only wager up to the amount of the small and big blinds combined. For example in a $1/$2 pot-limit game the initial raiser may only make a bet of $6, the $3 in the pot, raised by the amount of the pot or an additional $3.

Any bet made by a player immediately becomes part of the accumulated pot and may be used when following players determine the amount they wish to raise. Players have the option of betting all of their remaining chips, or going “all-in” when the pot has become large enough to warrant such a move.

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