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Omaha Poker Pre-Flop Strategy

Omaha Poker Strategy: Pre-Flop
by Jason Green of

An important aspect of Omaha poker is the pre-flop strategy you have. Obviously, the whole hand is also important, but you still have to pick an aspect that is important to you being successful when playing Omaha. This is the pre-flop strategy.

A reason why the pre-flop is important is because it will set up the rest of your hand. The hand selection you have and the pre-flop moves you make pre-flop will get you through the flop, turn, and river. Without having a sound pre-flop strategy the hand will be lost. You will have to choose between folding, raising, calling, or simply observing. The best time to get information on what your opponents are holding will happen before the flop comes out.

Your Hand Selection

It is very important that you know about hand selection and know what to do in certain situations. Before the flop comes out you have to make the decision on whether to play the hand or not. You can determine this on how strong your hand is, your position at the table, and what your opponents are holding. If you have determined if your hand is one that is worth playing, you have to observe what is going on around you.


Your opponents will dictate the actions that you make, with the basis of how you know your opponents, what you believe they are holding, and other things will give you an indication of what action to make. You should always observe your opponents and their betting tendencies because it will be beneficial to you and it will help you take the right action.


For example, you are in a late position with a good drawing hand, such as a King-Queen of clubs and a 5-6 of hearts. This is a playable and decent hand, but it will depend on your actions of your opponents. If one opponent raises and a couple of them call, you will probably call and see the pot odds you get. Using this situation if your opponents limped in you may want to raise to see if you can steal the pot. If you can be aggressive you should do so. It is great to be in control of the hand. Before the flop you can get control, as now your opponents don't know what you have, and all before the flop.

Folding Your Hand

After you have folded, you still need to observe your opponents and their actions. The actions they make pre-flop will often happen again later in the game. If you pay close attention to what players do what and at the end show their hands, you can take note of that info the next time you are playing in a hand.

For example, you observed a player that is in the middle position and they re-raised and then at the end of the hand theirs was only a decent one, as this is info you need to remember. Later on in the game and they re-raise you they probably think that their hand is stronger than it really is. If you do not know that information you will probably fold the hand, which is not as good as the one you are holding. Again, this is a situation that happened pre-flop.

Hand selection, betting, and getting information, is what you do before the flop. Afterwards, you can play the hand in a smooth manner. At that point you do not know what the community cards will be. What you can do is get yourself in the best position to pay off if you draw a hand that hits. These hands are the ones that you are most likely to win the pot.

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