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Omaha Poker Terms

Omaha Poker Terms
by Jason Green of

When playing Omaha poker online it is definitely advantageous to you that you know the terms that are associated with the game. Besides just knowing the terms, you should use them, so you will look like you are an experienced player. When playing Omaha poker, or any type of poker game, you need to know how to “talk the talk”, as by not doing so you will look like a beginning player and your opponents will take advantage of it. Online players are always looking for beginning players in order to prey on them and take their money since they are not experienced at the game. Knowing the terms of Omaha poker will make it less likely that you will be taken advantage of.

Here are some Omaha poker terms that you should be familiar with:

PLO – Pot Limit Omaha Hi.
PLO8 – Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo.
Omaha 8/b – Omaha Hi-Lo.
The Flop – The first 3 community cards that are turned up on the board.
The Turn – The 4th community card that is turned up on the board.
The River – The 5th community card that is turned up on the board. The River will be the last community card that is turned up on the board.
The Nuts – The Nuts is the best statistical hand possible.
The Wheel – The Wheel is a 5 high straight, such as Ace, 2,3,4,5.
The Scoop – Scooping the pot is when you win the high and low hand when playing Omaha Hi-Lo.
Double Suited – Double suited is having 2 sets of cards that are of the same suit. An example of a double suited hand would be an Ace of Clubs and 4 of Clubs with a 8 of Diamonds and King of Diamonds. You have two double suited cards, which can be a strong hand as you have a good chance to hit a flush with the community cards on the board.
Quartered – Being quartered is when 2 or more players have to split the pot in Omaha Hi-Lo, generally the lower pot.
Chopped Pot – The Chopped pot is also knows as a split pot and happens often when playing Omaha poker. When the pot is split between both the Hi and Lo hand the pot is split, or chopped, between 2 players.
Nut Draw – When playing Omaha and trying to draw for the best hand possible it is referred to as the Nut Draw. If you have an Ace-King-7-2 and the flop comes out and is 10-Queen-3-5 having no chance at a flush your Nut Draw will be an Ace high straight if you hit the Jack on the Turn or the River.

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