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Here at Predictem we go "all in" to bring you everything the web has to offer relative to online poker. Whether your looking to find out how to play the game of poker, increase your odds of winning at the tables or are looking to learn how to play or are in search of the best places to take part in a ring game or tournament online, we have you covered. Enjoy!


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Poker Tournament Information

Merging: Amaya has announced that they will merge PokerStars and FullTilt in an effort to focus on one brand. - 5/17

Poker Story: Chad highly recommends walking through poker's "old stomping grounds" if you're taking a trip to Las Vegas and have never done so. A Trip Through Poker History at Binion's.

US Customers: Individual state laws reviewed by a lawyer for US players at Please review depositing guidelines at Poker Websites before playing.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has given its approval to a planned interactive gaming system that could house online poker websites for multiple casinos. The technology is opeated by 888 Holdings and could one day connect Nevada/Delware creating more critical mass (players in the pool) making the poker rooms more interesting for players. - 7/10

Buyout: Canadian gaming provider Amaya Gaming is set to acquire Rational Group, the parent company of the world's leading online poker site PokerStars, for 4.9 billion dollars US. - 6/13

Pennsylvania Poker? Senator Edwin Erickson announced that in the coming weeks he will introduce Senate Bill 1386 which would authorize online poker in the state. - 6/2

2013 WSOP - Odds to win the Main Event
J.C. Tran (38,000,000)  9/5
Amir Lehavot (29,700,000) 9/2
Marc McLaughlin (26,525,000) 5/1
Ryan Riess (25,875,000) 6/1
Jay Farber (25,975,000) 15/2
Sylvain Loosli (19,600,000) 8/1
Michiel Brummelhuis (11,275,000) 12/1
Mark Newhouse (7,350,000) 15/1
David Benefield (6,375,000) 15/1

2012 WSOP Final Table Odds to Win
Jesse Sylvia 3/1
Andras Koroknai 9/2
Greg Merson 5/1
Russell Thomas 6/1
Steven Gee 9/1
Michael Esposito 9/1
Robert Salaburu 10/1
Jacob Balsiger 10/1
Jeremy Ausmus 11/1

Announcement: Poker Pro Network Announces New Pro Team. The group includes but is not limited to T.J. Cloutier, Barbara Enright and Marsha Waggoner. - 2/22

Chaos Surrounds Poker's All Time Money Winner List: A Call for Uniformity for Poker's All Time Money Winner List

Poker Book Review: Lost Vegas

2010 WSOP Tournament of Champions - The best of the best hash it out! Airs on ESPN on August 3rd. You don't want to miss this one!

KO'd: Poker player Phil Hellmuth was knocked out on day 1 of the 2010 WSOP. - 7/7

My Worst Poker Moment - Daniel Johnson tells a story about an embarassing moment he had while playing in a live card room.

Isildur1 to Reveal Identity? - Online poker phenom "Isildur1" will play in the PartyPoker Big Game IV, but many are wondering if he'll reveal his identity. (Update: He has pulled out)

Becoming a Better Poker Player: Beginners and Novices (Part I) - Daniel Johnson gives tips and advice on how to increase your skill level in poker.

Becoming a Better Poker Player: Intermediates and Advanced Players (Part II) - Daniel gives examples of things that you can do go from being an average player to an advanced intermediate player.

A lot of US poker players have moved to Canada to play poker since Black Friday when they lost the ability to play at most of their favorite online sites. Rather than not play at all they have joined many other Canadian players who can still play online at the most popular online casinos. It is uncertain if and when US players will be able to return home to play there. There are still limited sites available for US players while they wait.

Poker Movie Review: The Cincinnati Kid.

Antonio Esfandiari Biography - "The Magician" came to the U.S. at age 9 and has been turning heads ever since.

My Favorite Hand: 9-10 Suited - Chad talks about his favorite starting hand and how it stacks up vs. other starting hands.

Fantasy Poker Bet: Team Clements vs. Team Mercier - Chad talks about a fantasy poker bet that Scott Clements and Jason Mercier made where each selected ten players with the winner taking all depending on how those players do over the course of the year.

Keeping Track of the Cards in Stud Poker - Daniel talks about stud strategy relative to knowing what the other players at the table are showing.

Poker Movie Review: Lucky You.

WSOP Bracelets - Chad talks about what some players have done with their bracelets after they've won them.

Poker Movie Review: The Grand.

Facebook and Poker - Chad talks about how to use facebook as a tool to follow the poker industry and connect with poker pros.

Poker Superstitions - Daniel Johnson talks about some of the superstitions that professional poker players have including Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson and Johnny Chan.

Watch What You Say at the Table - Chad advises that players watch what they say at the table to avoid making crucial mistakes.

PUI: Poker Under the Influence - Daniel Johnson talks about playing poker against drunk players and gives tips, strategy and advice on how to play against them.

To Show or Not to Show? - Loki talks about the often asked question of whether to show your cards or not.

Poker Strategy: The Reason Poker Isn't a Sport - Loki Luchs talks about when the most strategic times are to play with emphasis on sporting events.

New Game Show: Call The Floorman

A Historical Perspective of the WSOP - Chad talks about his experience covering the 2009 WSOP and some cool stuff he found in the media guide.

Reading Opponents Hands - Loki talks about the strategic move of reading you opponents hands, a "must do" if you plan on playing winning poker!

Negreanu vs. Schulman: The Hand - Details about one of the most exciting final table showdowns ever which has been dubbed "the hand".

Good Article on Tells: Strong Means Weak and Weak Means Strong - Chad talks about some tells regarding reverse psychology having to do with strong and weak appearances and actions.

A Chip and a Chair - Chad tells a story about how he was once holding a minimal amount of chips and he stormed back to be a contender to win the tournament.

Caribbean Stud Strategies and Statistics - Game strategy to increase your odds of winning.

Have you reserved your seat yet for the 2009 World Championship of Online Poker - 8/20

November 7-10: 2009 WSOP Final Table - 8/19

Full Tilt Poker: Face the Ace - 8/19

Chad explains how you can Play With Your Favorite Pro Players

Tells: Reading Your Opponents Wardrobe

Playing Small Pocket Pairs - Chad gives advice on how to play a pair of 8's or less.

Poker Pro Chad Holloway teaches Predictem readers How to Play Monster Hands

Taking Too Long? Calling a Clock

Etiquette? Why You Shouldn't Call a Clock

Continuation Bets: Call Raise Bluff

How to be a LAG: Introduction to Loose Aggressive Play

Poker Story: The Best Hand I've Played in Years by Loki Luchs

Explanations at the Table - When to and when not to speak to others at the table about your play. Loki tells a story about a guy who couldn't let it go and how he reacted to the guy.

Matusow's Prop Bet - Chad talks about Mike "The Mouth's" prop bet with Ted Forrest that he could lose 60 lbs within a certain time frame.

Keeping Cool: Keeping your composure at the table when a problem arises and the result isn't one you're happy with.

Poker Book Review: Check Raising The Devil (Reviews the ups and downs of professional poker player Mike "The Mouth" Matusow)

Check out Bodog's Mini Poker Series and be one of the first to win a seat to the 2010 WSOP!

Live From Las Vegas!: The Rio During the WSOP

Biography of 1990 WSOP Winner: Mansour Matloubi - 5/6

Biography: A one-time pro tennis player, turned rummy player turned poker player... David Benyamine - 4/13

Don't Do It! Chad Holloway warns against Going South while at a card room.

Bad Idea? Apologizing at the Poker Table

Poker Tip: Understanding Opponents

Get the Maximum Out of Your Blinds: Buying the Button - 2/2

Book Review: Al Alvarez's The Biggest Game in Town

Simply Amazing: Chris Fergusons Challenge

Biography: Johnny Chan - One of only three men to win the WSOP back to back.

Movie Review: Rounders: Starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton.

Tips and advice on Continuation and Probe Bets

Chad explains home poker game: Bullet

For Big Pot Lovers: Poker game variation Double Legger

A Dirty Little Way to Gain the Upper Hand: Unhinging Your Opponents

Chad Holloway talks about Getting Hit by the Deck

Bluffing Tactics: Continuation Bets

Book Review: Bad Beats and Lucky Draws - Chad Holloway reviews Phil Hellmuth's brilliant book.

Lessons on Playing Suited Connectors and Gapers

A must read article that will increase your chances of winning at the tables: Game Selection.

Finding Games: Loki Luchs talks about how hard it used to be to find a good game and how easy it is now... IF you know the right places to look.

What to Look For: Tips on avoiding being prey to Poker Cheats and Player Collusion

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk: All you wanna know about Bluffing Terms

Chad talks about Deuce to Seven Lowball and quotes the great Doyle Brunson who says the game is "the most skillful form of lowball poker".

What is Straddling in Poker? - Chad explains this crazy bet where a player in the small blind bets double the big blind without looking at his cards.

Biography of professional poker player Scotty Nguyen

How to Buy a Free Card in ring games.

Poker Tells: Watching the Eyes and Those Feet Were Made For Talking

Counterpoint to Tells - Most players put too much emphasis into "tells" long before their play is ready for that. Loki Luchs does a little hand slapping here for those whose fundamentals are not established.

Hank Cashman talks about Speed Poker and how it may work better for those who are impatient or can't stand waiting for the next player to act. He also gives some tips on other things you can incorporate to keep your mind busy and free of boredom.

Loki Luchs talks about having a ritual that you stick to before every poker game you play in: Poker Pre-Game

Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball Strategy - K. Swope goes over strategy for no-limit, limit and pot limt Lowball.

Learn From Your Mistakes - Hank Cashman talks about learning from your own mistakes and advises poker tournament players not to focus too much on bluffing OR being a rock, but finding a common place somewhere in between.

Assessing the Table - Hank Cashman says "THINK" before you start playing. He gives advice on assessing the table you sit down at.

Listen to Your Gut - Loki Luchs talks about listening to your gut because it will give you a perspective that is honest and objective.

One of our favorite topics of all time: When to Slow Play

The Importance of Position in Poker - Loki explains how the later you act the better off you are.

The Art of Bluffing in Poker by professional poker player Kevin Swope.

Biography of Doyle Brunson by Damian Moorman

Heads Up Poker Strategy by K. Swope

2-7 Triple Draw Tips and Advice by Hank Cashman

5 Card Draw Poker Strategy - Kevin Swope walks you through the in's and out's of the game.

Hank Cashman talks about how you should Be Careful With Freerolls as they can hurt your game more than they can help it.

Becoming a Professional Poker Player - It takes much discipline and a healthy bankroll. Loki Luchs explains what it takes to sustain the grind of becoming a pro poker player.

Loki talks about money management and Building a Bankroll

Emotional Control - Damian Moorman talks about how one must have "emotional control" in order to have a shot of playing winning poker.

Are You a Winning Player? - Loki Luchs talks about keeping records and being honest about your results.

Folding is a Weapon - Damian Moorman talks about how folding is a bigger benefit to your play at the tables than you may think.

Knowing Your Opponents - Determining what type of player you're going against is essential to winning.

Rumors are swirling that Party Poker may be re-entering the U.S. market as a private company.


Check out all the guaranteed tournaments, SnG's, satellites and qualifiers Bovada Poker has to offer! They are truly a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need in an online poker room!

Party Poker - The PartyPoker "Monthly Milion" plays on the 1st Sunday of every month. The tourney starts at 12:45EST. (Note: Party does not accept USA players)


Bovada Poker - Sign up, deposit and get an instant 10% bonus. Get a 100% bonus up to $500 which is released as you earn points. If done right, this could equate to a 110% bonus!

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