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Advanced Poker Strategy

Welcome to our page about advanced poker strategy. Here you will find tips, strategies and advice for experienced players that are looking for even more of an edge. You will find a bunch of different topics on this page however the highlight of this section of the site are articles on "tells" written by Loki Luchs, a true student of the game.

If you are not currently winning at poker on a consistent basis, this page is not likely to do you much good. It is more or less for players that already know how to win. If your not getting it done on a regular basis, bookmark this page and come back later down the road when you have a better understanding of the game. You'll be glad you did! Enjoy!

Vocal Tells: The Guessing Game - Loki Luchs talks about the psychology as well as the reverse psychology that goes in with vocal tells at the table. He notes that while some players may be good at disguising their physical tells, they often aren't very shape with the vocal aspect.

Visual Tells: Watching the Eyes - Loki Luchs gives tips on watching other's eyes in order to pick up on what kind of hand they may have.

Those Feet Were Made For Talking - Loki Luchs talks about poker tells having to do with players feet.

Advanced Blind Stealing - Loki Luchs gives tips on how to steal others blinds in tournament play.

Game Selection - Such a simple concept but overlooked by many, hence it being listed as advanced strategy.

Bluffing Tactics: Continuation Bets - Loki explains why not surrendering even if you don't make your hand on the flop may be a good idea.

Introduction to Loose Aggressive Play - Loki Luchs talks about how to become a LAG player.

Call Raise Bluff - Loki talks about continuation bets and how to throw the table about what kind of player you are.


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