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The following are a collection of tips and advice that we give to novice poker players. While some are common sense, others are noteworthy and can help improve your game. Good luck!

Make sure you have your emotions under control. Also be sure that your well rested as your brain needs to be sharp as possible!

Be patient, this is the best advice you'll ever get regarding poker. Good players see very few flops. Wait it out and only make a move when you are dealt valuable hole cards. Starting hands are important!

Savor the times that your getting hit by the deck as these times are far and few in between!

Learn when to fold your hand. If you don't you are susceptible to having a long losing poker career in which you will see unthinkable bad beats and lost loot.

Don't let a bad beat affect your future play. It's done, get over it. Don't chase losses either.

Consider starting with limit games before you test the waters of no-limit action. Weaker players generally tend to be in limit games.

Tells are an important part of the game. You need to have the fundamentals down first though in order to make them effective. Check out Loki Luch's article called Counterpoint to Tells.

Avoid playing weak hands or suited connectors from early position.

Don't go into a hand unless your committed to that hand.

How to Play Monster Hands - Chad Holloway explains the proper way to play a big hand both pre-flop and post-flop.

Loki Luchs says before you play, have a ritual: Poker Pre-Game

Establish a good bankroll strategy.

Be friendly. Don't try to be intimidating or mean. If your fellow players enjoy your company they tend to be easier to beat.

Muck all muckable hands. Keep people guessing about you. Don't give away your style of play or that you bluff/don't bluff.

There are many ways to "get tricky" in poker. Learning when to slow play is one of the most important.

Don't play tired. It's murder on your bankroll. You will tend to miss straight opportunities/flushes and read hands wrong as well.

Many poker players surf the net or do "work" while playing in a poker game. While many have no problem doing this, we highly recommend that you don't. Reason being is "most" online poker rooms will pop up on your screen when it's your move. In the event that this happens and your clicking something in the same spot that the fold, call or raise button (or even worse the all in button) pops up, you COULD lose your arse. I'm embarassed to admit that I have been bitten by this problem more than once! Argh!

If you ever think "I already have a ton in this pot, I'm going to ride it out regardless of taking more of a loss" you are never going to win long term in this game and you need to get rid of that mentality.

Watch others closely. Even watch hands that your not a part of. Try to pick up "tells" on other players that may help you learn their style of play. It can and will help you profit in the long run.

Don't throw good money after bad. If your beat lay down your hand and cut your losses. If your holding deuce-duce and the flop comes A-J-10 and theres more than a couple players in the hand, your likely beat. Dump the hand and get out. Throwing good money after bad is no good.

Hank Cashman talks about Speed Poker and how it may work better for those who are impatient or can't stand waiting for the next player to act. He also gives some tips on other things you can incorporate to keep your mind busy and free of boredom.

Try to make the players at the table think you're a novice. When you first sit down, play a couple bad hands and let the others around you see the ugly hands that you played. You will get taken for a sucker and attract action. Your strategy at this point is to lay in the weeds and wait for a big pot when you have a strong hand then make a move. Check out Loki's article on Introduction to Advertising.

Tilt: Metamorphosis - Loki talks about looking for the stages of tilt. Finding it at the table can be golden to your bankroll.

Preparing Ahead of Time to Get a Seat - Loki talks about thinking ahead so you don't have to wait 2 hours to get a seat once you arrive at a brick and mortar casino.

Reading Your Opponents Wardrobe - Chad talks about trying to determine what kind of players your opponents are by their appearance.

Watch What You Say at the Table - Chad advises that players watch what they say to avoid making mistakes that may cost you a hand.


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