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Have you ever sat down at a poker table and listened to all the poker talk. If you are new to poker, my guess is that you might be confused by some of the words and phrases commonly expressed around the felt. In fact, at times I bet is can sound like a foreign language. To help you a little, here is a list of some common poker terms you may want familiarize yourself with to become a master of poker lingo!

DONK or DONKEY - This is not something you want to be called at the poker table. It is somewhat of a derogatory name in poker which means a player who doesn't have any skill or ability. It essentially means you are a jackass who doesn't know what you're doing and just happen to be getting lucky.

DOUBLE-GUTTED or DOUBLE BELLY BUSTER - These terms refer to a straight draw a player may hold. In order to be deemed Double-Gutted or a Double Belly Buster Straight Draw, the draw must have two ways of making a straight that are not open-ended. For example, imaging holding a 9-7 and the flop comes 5-8-J. You now have a Double-Gutted straight draw, meaning any 6 or 10 will make you a straight. Compare this to the difference between this and a gut-shot straight, defined below.

GUT SHOT - This term is used to define a straight draw that can only be complete by hitting one specific card. For example, you hold 4-5 and the flop comes 3-7-K. Since you can only hit a six for the straight, it means you have a gut-shot straight draw.

OUTED - This doesn't refer to what you did to your cousin after he came back from music camp, but rather what happens when your opponent hits the card he needs to beat you. For instance, if your opponent can only hit three cards to beat you and does, then you have been "3-outed." In short, players use this term when they have taken a bad beat and just replace the number with the number of outs their opponent could hit.

PIP or PIPPED - The markings on the number cards are known as "pips." For example, the three of spades will have three spades, known as pips, on it. Since face cards have pictures, they do not contain pips. So when a play say something like, "I have you pipped," they are merely stating that they have a higher card that is not a face card.

RAISY DAISY - This isn't really said at the poker table at all, unless of course you're playing against Sam Farha . . . that is just what he says when he wants to raise.

RIVER - The fifth and final community card in Texas Hold'em and Omaha variations is commonly referred to as the "river."

RUNNER-RUNNER - When someone says they went runner-runner it means they hit two cards, one on the turn and one on the river, to win the hand. For example, suppose you hold the A-K of hearts and the flop comes 4h 5d 6c, giving your opponent the flopped straight and leaving you drawing thin. Luckily, the turn is the 10h followed by the 2h on the river, giving you a runner-runner flush to take down the hand.

SET - A set is when you hold a pocket pair and get a third on the board. For example, you hold pocket twos and the flop comes 2-7-J, giving you a set of twos. This should not be confused with "trips," which is defined next.

TRIPS - Trips refers to those occasions when you make three-of-a-kind when not holding a pocket pair. For example, you hold 8-7 and the flop comes 7-7-10. Congrats, you've made trips!


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