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Paigow Poker Tips

PaiGow Poker Tips
By Wilson of

Paigow has been introduced into most online casinos as well as in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and most other casino destinations around the world. The game is a variation of poker that calls for the player to make two hands in order to win, but the dealer must make two hands as well.

Should I play a full house for my five card hand?

Playing a full house may, at first, seem like a great idea as this hand in traditional poker is fantastic. However, in paigow you must play two hands. I would recommend never playing a full house in paigow as it is much more productive to split the full house into two strong hands. For example, if a player is dealt a pair of tens and three nines he would have a better chance of winning both hands with a three of a kind and a pair. If the player plays the full house he is leaving the two card hand (low hand) with whatever is left and usually that means itís a weak hand. Donít get too excited over one strong hand as you need two strong hands to win.

Three Pairs

If you are dealt three pairs make sure you play the highest pair as the two card hand and the lower two pairs for the five card hand. Again, it is crucial that you remember to build the best two hands. Most two pairs will give players a good chance to win the five card hand.


In case you are dealt six cards to a flush it will be best to play the flush from the lowest card, therefore you can play the highest card in your two card hand. Again, remember that your two card hand cannot be stronger than your five card hand (high hand) or you will not qualify to play against the dealer.


Similar to the rules while playing a flush, if a player is dealt a 6 card straight he should play the straight from the lowest card and leave the highest card for the two card hand. In other cases where the player is dealt a five card straight he should play the straight in the high hand and hope for the best with the low hand.

Three of a kind

If a player is dealt a three of a kind he should always play it in the high hand unless he is dealt three aces. If three aces are dealt they should be split between the two hands as an attempt to build two strong hands due to the high cards. If five aces are dealt a player should split these as well unless they also have a pair of kings in their hand.

Low hand (two card hand):

Donít ignore this hand; it is just as important as the high hand as you will need both to be strong to win. Your low hand cannot be stronger (higher in value) then your high (five card) hand. But both hands should be as close as possible in strength.



Some casinos will let the banker shift hands during the game. Be sure to ask your dealer or pit boss if this is allowed at their casino. The banker wins all ties in paigow thus giving the banker an advantage over the player. Most online casinos and land-based casinos have shied away from this practice as it can be detrimental to their overhead and also confusing for novice players.

Ask for help

Most casinos want the players to play at their tables as long as possible, so asking for help in order to learn the game should always be welcomed by the dealers and pit bosses. If you find yourself at a table or casino where the dealers are snooty you must leave immediately. Remember that the customer must come first and without you the casino cannot survive.

Be awake!

If you plan on investing your hard earned cash by trying to get a return Lady Luck you better be alert. The biggest mistake players make is falling into the ďtired zoneĒ while they gamble. I recommend getting plenty of rest in between gambling sessions and wearing a watch as time can slip away from you quickly, just like real life, time flies by in a casino. Take frequent breaks and never feel like you have to stay for certain amount of time. Luck to ya.


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