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Poker Players Alliance

Poker Players Alliance
by Staff

Have you ever tried to make deposits at online poker rooms only to be rebuffed? Maybe you had a previous deposit and wanted to make a withdrawal, only to jump through endless hoops. Thousands of online poker players have experienced countless difficulties since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed by congress in the dark of night in 2006. Many believe this is an unfair and unjust attack on our right to play poker. You very well may feel the same way but believe you are helpless to make a change.

Fear not, the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is here to help. This advocacy group, headquartered in Washington, D.C., has put together a stable of politicians and attorneys whose mission is as follows:

"The Poker Players Alliance is a fast-growing grassroots organization with a singular mission - bringing poker players together to speak with one voice, to promote the game, and protect the right to play poker in all its forms."

Chaired by Former U.S. Senator Alfonse D'Amato, the PPA looks to "guarantee poker players a safe, regulated place to play . . . protect this game of skill, one of the oldest recreational activities in America, from undue government interference and misguided laws . . . [and] to organize America's poker players into a potent, political force." So does the PPA actually make a difference? You bet it does. The PPA has already notched victories in Pennsylvania, where a judge ruled poker a game of skill, and in Virginia, where a bill that classified poker as a game of chance was killed. Furthermore, the PPA was involved in the defense of a man in Colorado who was charged with illegal gambling for running a poker league and introduced in South Carolina where a bill was introduced to make home poker games legal. This is just a short list of PPA accomplishments. PPA Chairman D'Amato explains:

"We have made major headway in the past months, and our momentum will only continue to grow - with your support. Whether you play in person, or prefer to play online, your freedom is at risk. The opposition is not backing down, and it is critical to show them that we are a potent political force. Our mission will not be complete until our nation's lawmakers shudder at the thought of restricting our rights."

As the PPA states: "Stand up for your rights, and for the great American game. Poker Needs You - Join Today!" Members offer a number of benefits including PPA gifts, updated news and information, and discounts on online poker tools; this in addition to contributing to keep poker legal.

Other contact information on the Poker Players Alliance:



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