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Welcome to our page where you can get answers to many questions having to do with the game of poker. Have you got a question? If so and it starts with what is, who is or where is, there's a pretty good chance we can dig you up an answer. If it's a REAL good quuestion, we may even add it in here on our poker questions page!

What is Rake? - Have you ever noticed that the dealer snags a few bucks out of every pot? No, he's not stealing and that's those aren't tips either. K. Swope explains rake in full and why the house charges it to it's players.

What are the Nuts in Poker? - You've heard people talk about "the nuts" but you're too embarassed to ask. Chris Holloway tells all.

Poker Prop Players - What are they and how do they work? Are they part of the house or independent or ? Chad tells all!

What is Straddling in Poker? - Chad explains this "under-the-gun" bet in which a player blindly bets double the big blind.

What is the minimum buy-in in an online poker game? The min. buyin is usually 10x the low limit. For example, if you're looking to get into a $1/$2 game, the minimum buy in would be $20.

What happens if I am disconnected during a hand? Most online poker rooms give you what's called a time bank. These can range from 30 seconds to a minute. Most card rooms will act as if though you are all-in with the chips you currently have in play, not counting what your bankroll of course. (Hopefully, you are able to hurry and get reconnected though!)

How much rake do I pay? This all depends on the pot size and how many players are in the pot in question. Most online card rooms won't exceed $5 in any one pot though and that's total, not the cut you pay.

How can I tell how much money is in a pot? Most poker rooms will show a number near the stack of chips. If for some reason they don't, try "mousing over" the stack of chips and the total should show.

Why do most poker rooms have a "notes" option? This is so you can make a note about a player and revisit it later should you end up playing vs. that player down the road. This is especially strategic if the player is erratic or a maniac. Note that kind of stuff and use it to your advantage later! Same goes for a player being a rock, super astute or a guy that you never seem to be able to get the best of.

Can I play in more than one game at a time? Yes, almost all poker websites allow you to take part in multiple games. You need to act in a timely manner though, as it's poor etiquette to not do so.

Why didn't my bonus show up in my account? Almost all online poker room bonuses are "time released" bonuses that you will receive depending on how much rake you have contributed over time.


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