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Bellagio Poker Room Review

Las Vegas Poker Room Review: The Bellagio Poker Room
By Loki Luchs of

If you're looking for a poker room in Vegas that's going to impress you and still make you feel important, the Bellagio is the way to go. The room itself is over 7,000 square feet, with 40 tables that are almost always packed. If there's one problem with the room, it would be that everyone wants to play here. This causes droves of players to flock to this room. The staff is the most competent in the business, although players who are looking to step out of line will not be tolerated. The main gaming area has a surround sound system that generally plays the top-40. The main cage area is full service, in addition to a lock-box area for high limit players who want 24-hour banking options for their huge bankrolls. As far as following the big game while you play, there are eight 32" plasma screens, twelve 42" big-screens, and the whole room is right next to the sports book. The entire room is surrounded by an open-air rail that lets passing railbirds enjoy a few of the hands.

Whatever game you're looking to play, you can find it here. Limit hold em goes from 4/8 all the way up to 100/200 at all hours of the day. During prime hours, the big games of limit, such as 1,000/2,000, can only be found here. No limit games run from your basic 1/2 up to 50/100 no limit, with frequent higher no-limit games when the whales come in. For Omaha players, Omaha 8 or better goes up to 20/40 or can be played at pot limit. This is also a good spot for players who enjoy seven card stud. Not many players get into high limit stud games anymore, but for the players who remember the seven stud days, this is the best high limits game in town. For less popular games, such as Badugi or Razz, this is the one place where you could get a game together if you wanted. With a long list of experienced players, there is always somebody with money who is looking to get into a game.

The tournament scene is one of the best in the city. The daily tournaments can run from $330 up to 5K. Additionally, the World Poker Tour holds their $25,000 championship at the Bellagio every year. This is the highest paying tournament outside the WSOP Main Event. They hold $5,000 satellites and $500 super-satellites for the event in the weeks leading up to it and have a number of minor tournaments that players can also enter.

The poker room is no different than the rest of the Bellagio; it caters to the high class elite. The room has two high limit sections, one on the high rise and then a second one in a glassed off area known as Bobby's room. Named after Bobby Baldwin (the 1978 WSOP champion and the current president of MGM/Mirage), Bobby's room is where all of your poker heroes gather to play high stakes no-limit or high stakes mixed games. Doyle Brunson, Jen Harmon, Phil Ivey, and all of the other big names can be found there since it is the biggest game in Vegas. Bobby's room games have a minimum of 20K buy ins, so it draws all of the Vegas whales.

If there's any drawbacks to the room, it's that it pulls in the most sharks of any room in town. There's always fresh fish in the water, so this doesn't hurt as often as you might think, but there will be times where the tables are packed with very good players. If you're only a mediocre player, there will definitely be players targeting you and your wallet. Despite the wait and level of competition, I have to give the Bellagio a full "A"!

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