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Las Vegas Poker Room Promotions

Las Vegas Poker Room Promotions
By Loki Luchs of

In the current financial crisis, the Las Vegas economy has taken the biggest hit in history; Short of Motor City, there are few areas that have felt the crunch as much as this shining gem in the desert. Almost every casino is struggling to draw the remaining patrons through their doors and away from their competitors. For a serious poker player, while the competition has certainly toughened up as the fishing becomes a little bare, this offers up many potential opportunities that tourists won't be able to take advantage of!

The most common of the promotional offers are given in the form of free-roll tournaments. While tourists are unable to stay more than a few days, maybe a week at most, promotional freerolls target locals and are held the week following the required hours. For instance, the flamingo requires that you play at their casino for 10 hours a week and then you're entered into their weekly free-roll. Most of the time, tourists won't know about a casino's special offers or even if they do, won't be able to earn the appropriate hours or won't be around when the free-roll begins.


Another of the recent trends is to offer special hours for extra bonuses. For instance, a poker room might have double the payouts on high hand bonuses for certain hours of the day. If you're able to change your hours of play to accommodate those double hours, then you're going to increase the overall profit on those bonuses. Most of the time, those hours are out of the normal business hours, but there can be an additional bonus to playing during those hours: other players are going to be playing weaker at those times of the day. The late night hours are going to be the prime pickings for weak play anyway, so this could be a real advantage to your overall take home.

One of the new trends in casino bonuses is the "aces cracked" rule. During off hours, many casinos will offer you a consolation prize when your pocket rockets end up losing a hand. Some casinos have even thrown in pocket cowboys to sweeten the pot. It's usually $50 or so, but if you're playing in very low limit games, this gives you a free roll on those hands! It means that you can ram and jam the pots to the max without worrying about the scary flops. If you lose the hand, you'll break even. If you win the hand, you'll win a much larger pot. I've seen some players at the micro limits (2/4, 4/8) who actually intentionally try to lose the hand with the rockets because they're not likely to win that much in a small stakes pot. This seems like a mistake to me, though, because it lowers what you'll win when the rockets hold up. (Believe it or not, you can actually win a hand with Aces down!)

One of the most interesting freebies I've seen is the Silverton Casino's "Buy a Rack, Get a Stack" promotion. Even though it's a small room, with mostly small tournaments and 3/6 hold'em, at high noon when you buy a rack of 100 chips, they'll give you an additional $20 for free. This obviously is a big draw for local players, but players generally are a little looser with free money than they are with their own. For a five-day-a-week player, that's an extra C-note a week. This could easily turn the tide for a player that is just barely losing.

Even though the economy has affected most of us in one way or another, it's important to keep in mind that the casinos are being affected likewise. Poker rooms are consistently among the lowest house earners, so they struggle to stay afloat. If your regular room isn't giving you something in return, make suggestions to the managers that might get you something more in return. The more competition there is in the area, the more likely they'll be willing to listen!

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Check to see how long the poker room has been in business. What kind of bonus do they offer? Do they offer customer support via the phone or email? Do they offer numerous deposit options? Also be sure to check their volume (how many players are online at any given time) to assure that you can always find the card game of your choice no matter when you log on to play.


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