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Wynn Las Vegas Poker Room Review

Las Vegas Poker Room Review: The Wynn

By Loki Luchs of

The Wynn-Las Vegas is one of the Premier casinos in Sin City. It won the five star and five diamond award when it opened and it is easily one of the highest rolling floors in the city. The poker room is no exception. It is one of the best poker rooms in Las Vegas.

In order to better accommodate their players, the Wynn has a video queing system to let you always know where on the list you are. While many rooms do that, the Wynn's is the only one that I'm aware of that actually is accessable from your hotel room! They also have a phone ahead service for locals who want to get ahead of the waiting list on their games. The lists fill quickly, so it's actually a very smart move for both locals and tourists to plug this number into their cells: (702) 770-7654.


The game selection is tough, but it offers one of the widest spreads in the city. Limit games can range anywhere from $4/8 all the way to $100/200. Typically, the highest game running is the 30/60, but the peak hours on Friday/Saturday bring in whale players if you have the bankroll to swing. This is one of the main draws of the Wynn, because there aren't many other rooms in the city that can generate enough action to get that game together.

For no-limit players, the basic no limit game is a $1/3 no limit (which I think is a MUCH better game than the normal $1/2) with a minimum buy in of $100. Typically the big game is $5/10 no limit, but the prime hours will sometimes see $25/50 no limit, which is a very lucrative game. The no limit games are VERY loose during peak hours, and even though a lot of locals frequent them, most of the tourists sit those tables and the stacks become very deep, very quickly! Another nice thing about the game selection is that they will often start lists for unusual games and actually get them started! I've seen a no limit Badugi game and a $20/40 Chinese Poker being spread, as well as Omaha Hi/Low and pot-limit. The amount of action for these games is hard to sustain, and the Wynn is one of only about three rooms that can consistently do it.

The Wynn offers daily No-limit tournaments for the higher-income players. While most rooms offer these for middle stakes players, the Wynn offers $330 on weekdays and $540 on weekends. Most of the people playing in these tournaments are the rich business men or the highly skilled professionals. For a no-name tournament player, this room is an easy way to pull home a six-figure income if it's the only game you play.

The staff is impeccable, being both professional and friendly. The dealers are well trained before they hit the floor, so you rarely have to deal with the newbie-nonsense and misdeals. One example of this is that when the random weird game (such as Chinese poker) occurs, the staff still knows how to deal it. Considering the rarity of the game, that takes extensive training. The front staff members are very amiable, even when they're crunched (which happens fairly regularly). They often hand you one of their magazine orders, just so you're not bored during your wait. I have always been treated with respect, which is something that I can't say about almost any other room in town.

The added bonus of the Wynn is the rake. To my knowledge, it is the ONLY room in town that doesn't have a 10% rake! The rake of each pot is 5% up to the limit. This might not seem like a huge difference, but it keeps money on the table. Not only for you, but also for the other players who you're beating! How many times have you been crushing a single player and bust them with a nut hand? Think of how many times you had wished that they had just a little more money! While this might get you an extra bet or two a session in the limit tables, it might get you as much as 10-15 over the course of ten hours in play at the no limit tables!

The final great promotion on the Wynn is their locals free-roll. They change it up every couple of months, sometimes making it a monthly offer, other times making it a weekly offer, but either way, it's one of the biggest in town. Their monthly free-roll is a forty-hour minimum to qualify, but prize pools range from $50K-100K in prize pool! April had four free-rolls, where twelve-hours a week qualified you for $12,500 in prize money. This is the size of most rooms monthly free-rolls! Last August was the largest I've seen, when there was a race to the final table: the top ten players in the tournament each got 10K. While this changes the strategy a little, the end result was the same! Don't get knocked out on the bubble!

One of the few problems that the Wynn has, however, is that the room itself is somewhat small to accommodate the tables that they have. The center aisle to the main cages has its seats constantly being bumped and pushed by players and it definitely feels a touch cramped. Also, they don't have a waiting area for players. While the bird rails can actually watch the games that are going on, they have to stand in the hallway.

The staff, the game selection, and the rooms special offers make this one of the best rooms in town. Be certain to take advantage of the call ahead service and be sure to tip the surgically enhanced wait staff. All in all, I give the Wynn a full "A" as a poker room.

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