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Welcome to the slots articles page! Here you will find articles written by professional gamblers about slots and slot machines.

Not all slots are equal! Varying reels, multi line payouts and different themes are just a few things that differ when it comes to slots! Here you will find articles offering tips, strategies and advice about one of the most popular forms of gambling at the casinos, slots!

Choosing the Right Machine - Jason Green talks about things to consider before sitting down at "any ol' machine".

Slot Machines: Online vs. Land Based - We look at the difference between playing online and at the casino.

Slots: Development and Play - Wilson talks about how slots started with Charles Fey's liberty bell and has worked it's way into the video age

Why So Many Slots? - Wilson explains why casinos are dominated by slot machines.

Flat Tops vs. Progressives - Wilson compares and contrasts the two different types of machines.

Slots: Land Based vs. Online Casinos - Wilson compares and contrasts the two.

Slots: Payout and Operation History - Wilson talks about how casinos have gone from coin payouts to "gas station receipts" as well as reels to electronic screens.

Play Slots

Free Online Slots - Play for fun! Some of these sites even offer free prizes!

Tournaments - We advise where you can find online slots tournaments where your playing head to head against other real people.

The Player's Favorites

Multi Line Slots - The game that gives you more chances to win. Play more coins and get paid on combinations using 1, 2 or 3 lines.

Wheel of Fortune - Everybody's favorite slotmachine.


Random Number Generator - How do slot machines work?

Winning Slot Machine Strategies - Find out where the loose slot machines are placed in most casinos.