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Slot Machines: Etiquette
by Wilson of

How to find an open slot!

You may think that once you enter a casino all you have to do is hustle straight to your favorite slot machine and jam coin after coin into it until you hit the jackpot but there are a few things you need to consider.

Just because a slot machine appears to be unoccupied does not mean that it is, in fact, unoccupied! Why? In the “un-written” law of the slot machine society people can reserve or save machines while they go the restroom or get change. However, to the novice, or unsuspecting new player this will not even register on their radar.

The best thing to do is simply ask someone who is playing next to the machine if it is open or if they are also playing the machine. Yes, some slot machine players will occupy more than one machine. Most casinos will allow players to play up to three machines as long as they are all immediately next to each other. It’s common to see a slot player pumping coins into slot machines to the left and right of them. You will find that most people are polite and courteous, but there’s always the chance you’ll run into the guy who’s been losing for three days straight! Don’t be that guy!


Pace yourself!

Once you do find that special slot machine or machines (if you plan on playing more than one) relax and play at your own pace. There is no time limit while you play slots unless you are playing in some type of slot tournament. We’ll talk about tournaments later, but for now you are simply supposed to enjoy playing your chosen machine. Remember, you are a paying customer, and without your business casinos would not even exist. Plus, if you play to quickly you’ll miss out on the free drinks!

Good service?

Speaking of free drinks, if you are playing a slot machine you will be offered service. Make sure that you are polite and tip your waitress, usually a dollar per drink unless you’re a big spender than tip more if you feel the desire. I promise that you will definitely encounter different levels of service depending on what casinos you frequent. If you are receiving poor service and you have tipped well and been polite I would ask to speak with the casino manager to voice a complaint and then leave the casino. Big tips usually mean a higher frequency of free drinks though, as a normal rule of thumb if there is anything normal in the world of gambling!

However, if you’re waitress is awesome, which means that she brings you a cold one before you finish the previous drink, then you better take good care of her! If you tip poorly or not at all, don’t be surprised if your waitress forgets about you!

The Gallery!

If you are watching someone play a slot machine you will not be asked if you want a drink, or if you do request a drink they may charge you full price since you are not gambling. Hey, for some unlucky people it’s probably cheaper to pay full price for the beverage.

Tip your servants!

In the case that you do win a big jackpot it is customary to tip the casino staff that is and has directly serviced you during that session. Two or three percent for each member is an acceptable percentage. But you do not have to tip ever, but who wants to be the casino tight-wad? Not me!

Use the Restroom!

You may have heard some sickening stories of degenerate gamblers who are superstitious about their machine and not wanting to get up from that machine. What we're getting at, is that although not many, SOME people have been guilty of pissing in their chair. Please, take a few minutes to get up and walk to the bathroom. Nobody wants to plop down in a wet soggy chair. Argh.


While spending some time at Silver Legacy in Reno, Nevada, we were playing some slots and witnessed a drunk woman stand up and puke between two machines and go back to her seat and play some more. At first it was funny, but I don't think the person who found the barf laughed!

State of mind

Playing slot machines can be an enjoyable recreation or an uncomfortable event. But if you go into it with a positive attitude and old fashioned politeness you will more than likely have a blast! Always play with a set amount of money, don’t go without a plan, and smile when you hit the red, white, and blue jackpot! Luck to ya.

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