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Slot Machines: Playing Tips
by Wilson of

So, you want to win at the slot machines? The following tips will help you maximize your chances of winning while playing the slots. Most visitors to a casino go in “blind” with little or no knowledge of how to play slot machines. The next time you hit the casino try to incorporate these techniques into your session and you may be surprised at how well you play!

The more you risk the more you win

It’s true. The slot machines with higher denominations will pay back more money. If you play a $5 slot it will pay back more than a dollar slot, therefore a dollar slot machine will pay back more than a quarter machine. The big decision of course is deciding how much cash you’re willing to risk for that big pay back.

Play the most coins allowed!

This is huge! If you play the maximum number of coins allowed the percentage is usually in your favor if you win. There is nothing worse than hitting a jackpot on only one coin. This is actually pretty common as most people are not informed or just afraid to risk more than one coin at a time. My own sister used to do this until I convinced her to “buck-up” and play the maximum. The difference on most machines is about 4000 coins. For example, if hit a red, white, and blue slot machine jackpot on one coin the pay out is 1000 coins. If you hit the same jackpot on three coins played, you will win 5000 coins. How many coins are you going to play?

Lower denomination machines vs. higher?

Sometimes it’s tempting to play the maximum on a nickel machine with the mindset that it will pay out more than playing a dollar slot for one coin. But the truth is that your odds are better if you play the dollar slot machine. Make sure your check the pay table posted on the slot machine to compare which machine actually pays out more. Sometimes going big is your best bet.

Are progressive slots worth the time?

Well, I’ll tell’ya what; it’s tough to pass up a Mega-Bucks slot machine that has a jackpot of 10 million dollars or more! However, if you enjoy playing for that really big jackpot as most progressive slots tend to be in the thousands and millions of dollars then you should know that all the other pay outs on that machine will be less than other non-progressive slot machines. Progressive slot machines will withhold a higher percentage of regular play as they need those funds for the eventual giant jackpot pay out. Somebody has to win it, why not you?

Bring a watch!

Casinos do not have clocks. They do not want you to know what time it is because you might decide to leave. That is one of the many tricks that casino owners all agree on- if people don’t know what time it is they will more than likely stick around longer. Set a time limit for your gambling session. Bring a certain set amount of cash flow for your slot play and when your session is over go away, especially if you are out of money- get out quickly before the “win-it-back” mentality sinks into your brain. Never chase your loses by spending more money than you have set aside. Luck to ya.

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