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Slot Tournaments

Slot Tournaments
by Wilson of

Slot tournaments are extremely popular in today’s casinos. Players flock to their favorite casinos for a chance to play for cash, prizes, and ultimately, bragging rights! Most casinos hold slot tournaments throughout the day, week, and month at set times.

You can sign up for a tournament at the casino that is hosting the tournament. There are three main types of slot tournaments: free or invitational tournaments, which are usually held for high rollers as a token of appreciation by the casino (that’s code for keeping their business).

The second type of slot tournament is known as a profit tournament. This type of tournament is geared to make the casino a profit by taking a percentage of the buy-in straight from the top.

The third type of tournament, and in my opinion, the best, is the “return all fees” type. The casino returns all of the players’ fees by dishing out cash to the top finishers along with other prizes. Casinos will often host “return all fees” tournaments with the mindset that most people will stick around and gamble or spend money in other areas of their casino.

The Machines

The actual slot machines that are used by casinos are normally roped off in a certain location; usually centrally located to attract players. These machines are pre-loaded with five hundred or a thousand credits before each tournament. All players are assigned a certain numbered machine to play.

How do I play the slot?

To play the slot machine you will need to be extremely alert and well rested! Why? Well, in most casinos the tournaments last about twenty minutes and you will need to play all one thousand or five hundred credits in order to give yourself the best chance of winning. The best way to play your slot is to keep your hand on the spin button and tap the button lightly as fast and consistent as possible. You do not need to pound or raise your hand to hit the button as this is not faster and it actually takes longer to play.

You will need to pay close attention to your machine, not your neighbor’s machine. When you are playing you will likely hit some big payouts that will take a while to pay. Make sure you begin pressing your button as soon as your machine is ready. I see players who celebrate every big win on their machine, and then they lose time because they are not ready when the payout is complete.

In most cases, a slot tournament rounds last twenty minutes. Players who are not rested and alert will fade and tire toward the end of the round. If you are playing in a tournament for the first time I would suggest getting there early to ask questions that you may have and scout out what kind of machine you will be assigned. The more familiar you are with the slot machine the better off you will be in the tournament. Remember, the best slot tournaments are held in the casinos which offer to return all player fees as cash and prizes. When you do play in a tournament make sure you are well rested, and focus only on your machine. The most important thing to remember during a slot machine tournament is to have fun! Luck to ya.

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