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In Play Betting

In-Play Soccer Betting - Make Money From Half Time Scores
by Jason Green of

Many soccer matches will generally end up with no goals being scored before halftime. This may not be great for fans at the game, especially the home fans, it CAN be good news for those that like to bet on the sport of soccer. Halftime scores that are goalless (0-0) are basically a great chance to make some money by using the In Game markets at sportsbooks. The In Game feature is also called "Live Betting" and "In Play betting" at many sportsbooks.


The In Game betting feature basically means that you can lay a wager while the match is going on. You do not need to rush to get online before the kickoff. The main advantage of In Game betting is that when the game is going on the odds for each team, as well as the draw, will chance even if it was the case that there were no goals scored. Obviously, with In Game betting and if there is a 0-0 score the odds of the draw will go down. Also, if a team has scored, the odds of them winning will go down, while the team that trails will have their odds increase.

The odds for a draw in the soccer match will decrease as the game goes on and remains goalless. However, the real value bets with In Play betting can be found with wagering on short priced favorites that have odds that will usually increase if they do not find the back of the net, score, in the first half. Basically what this means is that by making a bet at half time you can get odds on a favorite that is hot that would not be available to you before kickoff.

If you make a bet on a short priced favorite you are basically choosing the result that is the most likely or also the benefit of more profit since the odds are higher after halftime. This is a strategy that does not have a lot of risk since a high percentage of matches get to halftime without a goal being scored. Most goals in a soccer match will be scored in the second half and because of this it is likely that these second half bets will be successful ones.

The In Game betting strategy is a great play that can give you a high rate of success, more profits, and does not have a lot of risk. How can you pass this up if this is the case?

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