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Soccer Betting 101

Soccer Betting 101 - How to Bet on Soccer Matches
by Jason Green of

Soccer betting is very easy once you know what you are doing, but let's get back to the basics here and cover the aspects of betting on the beautiful sport.

You will not see moneylines for soccer for most sportsbooks, but rather odds like this example:

Barcelona vs. Arsenal 1 - 1.8 X - 3.2 2 - 3.7

The first team (Barcelona) is the home team and the 2nd team (Arsenal) is the visiting team, so 1 signifies the home team, 2 signifies the away team, and the X signifies the draw.

Let's say you wanted to bet $10 on this game. If you bet $10 on Barcelona it would be coefficient for Barcelona (1.8) multiplied by the money you bet ($10), so they payout would be $18. Bet $10 on Arsenal (3.7) and the payout would be $37 and if you bet on the draw it is $10 multiplied by the coefficient for the draw (3.2) so the payout would be $32. Basically, you multiply the amount of money you bet by the coefficient of the team you bet on and that is the payout you will receive.

Pretty easy right? There are other bets that you can make such as the 1X, 2X, and the 1/2 bet. These bets do not give you very good payouts, but are the explanations of those bets:

1X -In this bet you are betting that the home team will either win the game or the game will be a draw. So, if using the example above, you are betting that Barcelona will either win the game or the game will end in a draw.

2X - In this bet you are betting that the away team will win or the game will be a draw. So, if using the example above, you are betting that Arsenal will either win the game or the game will end in a draw.


1/2 - This is a simple bet, as you are betting that either team will win the game. The only way that you will lose this bet is if the game ends in a draw.

Multiplier Bets (Multiples)

Now let's talk about multiplier bets. Sportsbooks will allow you to make several picks in one bet`and all your picks will have to win for you to win your bet. For example, here are 4 matches that can show you how a multiplier bet works.

Match 1 X 2 1X 2X

Real Madrid vs. Valenica 1.7 3.1 3.3 1.2 1.6 1.20
Chelsea vs. Arsenal 2 3.3 3.1 1.4 1.5 1.25
Manchester United vs. Everton 1.5 3 4.1 1.15 2 1.15
Inter Milan vs. AC Milan 1.90 3.10 3.2 1.25 1.5 1.20

You can make a multiplier bet with at least 2 picks up until as many games you want to bet on. However, even though the payout is larger for more teams you bet on the bet is harder to win, as every pick has to be a winner.

For the above example you want to bet on the 4 games and your picks are:

Real Madrid to win (1.7)
Arsenal to either win or draw (1.5)
Manchester United to win (1.5)
Either Inter Milan or AC Milan to win (1.20).

If you make this bet you take the coefficient of each bet and multiply them and then multiply that by how much you bet. So, if you bet $10 with this example it would be:

1.7 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.20 = 4.59 multiplied by your bet of $10, so 4.59 x $10 and your payout would be $45.90.

Soccer betting is not hard to understand, but it may seem so when you first look at the odds. However, once you know how to bet on soccer, it can not only be fun but profitable as well.

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