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2008 Caesars Palace Classic

2008 Caesars Palace Classic Final Table Recap
by Chad Holloway of

The 2008 Caesars Palace Classic Final tabled started to heat up when only seven players remained:

Hevad "Rain" Khan: 7,900,000
Gary Friedlander: 5,700,000
Jonathan Aguiar: 4,100,000
Adam Junglen: 4,100,000
Michael Kamran: 3,900,000
John "World" Hennigan: 2,600,000
Joseph Cordi: 2,400,000

The first elimination came when Hennigan moved all-in pre-flop and had Kamran come over the top all-in. Junglen also called all-in and all three players turned up their hands: Kamran held the 10s 10d, Junglen the Ah Kh, and Hennigan the Ac 9h. The board came Qs Qh 3h 4s 6s and Hennigan was eliminated in seventh place for $118,255. Junglen was left with 1.13 million and Kamran chipped up to 8.7 million after winning the massive pot. The next elimination occurred when Kamran bet 420,000 and Junglen raised all-in for 1.47 million. Khan made the call, as did Kamran. The flop revealed the Qc Qd 4s and both Khan and Kamran checked. The turn and river were the Js 9c and both players checked it down. Khan (Ac Kh) and Kamran (Ad Kc) chopped the pot and Junglen (A 8) was eliminated in sixth place, taking home $147,818.

Later, Khan raised to 450,000 pre-flop while Cordi re-raised all in for 1.5 million more. Khan called and revealed the Kh Kc while Cordi turned up the Ac Qh. Cordi couldn't improved on the Qs Jd 5d 8s 2s board and was eliminated in fifth place, winning $177,382 in prize money. Shortly thereafter, Kamran raised to 550,000 pre-flop and Aguiar moved all-in. Kamran called with the Ac Ah, and Aguiar was far behind with the As 10s. The board came Qh 8s 7c Jc 4c and Aguiar was eliminated, earning $206,946 for his fourth place finish. The next elimination came when Friedlander went all-in pre-flop and was called by Khan's Js Jd. Friedlander, who held the 9d 9h, did not improve on the 6d 5d 4c 6h 8d board and was out in third place winning $266,073.

Heads-up play began with Khan's 17,150,000 chips to Kamran's 14,075,000. Kamran began to pull away when Khan raised to 800,000 and Kamran made the call. The flop came Qd Js Jd and Kamran checked. Khan bet 850,000 and Kamran called. Both players checked the Ac on the turn while the river fell 2h. Kamran bet 1.1 million and Khan, who was down to 9.7 million, mucked.

A few hands later Khan raised to 1 million pre-flop and Kamran made the call. The flop was dealt As Qs 2d and Khan bet another 1 million and again, Kamran made the call. The 4c on the turn was checked by both and then the 7c fell on the river. After Khan checked, Kamran bet 1 million, and once again Khan mucked. After winning a few pots, Khan raised to 800,000 pre-flop and Kamran re-raised to 2.8 million. Khan moved all-in for 6.55 million more with the Jc Jh and was called by Kamran, who held the Ac 10s. The board read the Qd 10d 8h Kd 9s, and Khan doubled up to 17.9 million. After the hand, Khan yelled, "This is my night." After a brief come back by Kamran, Khan's declaration proved accurate.

In the final hand, Khan raised to 800,000 from the button and Kamran made the call from the big blind. Kamran checked the Jd 9s 2c flop and Khan bet 900,000. Kamran raised all in. After thinking for a moment, Khan made the call with the Jc 6h. Kamran, who held the Kd 10h, needed help but received none when the turn brought the 7c and the river was the 10d. Khan let out a loud scream and picked up his chair in celebration after more than a year of self-imposed silence. Kamran took home $520,320 for his second place finish while Khan won $1 million for his victory.

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