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2009 Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash Game Part II

2009 Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash Game Part II
by Chad Holloway of

Six-handed play started off slowly with the players trying to get a feel for the game. It was during this time that Chris "Jesus" Ferguson bought into the game for $200,000. The seating chart was as follows:

Seat 1: Chris Ferguson
Seat 2: Jamie Pickering
Seat 3: Phil Laak
Seat 4: Patrik Antonius
Seat 5: Niki Jedlicka
Seat 6: Andrew Robl
Seat 7: Tom Dwan

It didn't take long for a huge hand to develop when Laak raised to $3,500, Antonius called, and Jedlicka reraised to $20,500. When it got back around to Laak, he reraised to $103,000 while Antonius mucked. Jedlicka then pushed all-in with As Ac and Laak called for his entire stack with Ah Kc. The aces held up and brought Jedlicka's stack to over $400,000 and felted Laak; luckily, Dwan loaned Laak an additional $200,000 and he was still in the game. The next big hand came when Pickering raised to $3,500 preflop, was called by Jedlicka and Dwan, and then had Ferguson raise it to $20,300. Everyone called and the flop ran out As 6c 4d. Dwan was first to act and bet $31,400, Ferguson mucked, Pickering called, and Jedlicka mucked. After the 2d hit on the turn, Dwan bet $41,800 and Pickering called once again. Both players checked the 9c on the river and Dwan's pair of deuces was defeated by Pickering's A-K.

During the pot-limit Omaha portion, Robl raised to $6,500 preflop and Dwan called. Robl bet $12,000 on the Js 7d 5s flop and Dwan made the call. The 5d on the turn inspired Dwan to bet this time and Robl made the $23,600 call. The river was the Qc and Dwan bet $68,200. Robl called and mucked his cards after Dwan showed Kc Jd 5h 2d for a full house. After a small break where the players played Chinese poker, the pot limit Omaha portion continued and the following hand came up. Four players went to the flop, which came Qh 10c 9d and all four checked. After Laak checked the 5d on the turn, Antonius bet $3,000 and Dwan mucked, while Pickering called. After Laak folded, the river brought the 4s and Antonius bet $6,000. After a couple of minutes Pickering made the call but mucked his cards when Antonius revealed the Ac Jh 8s 5c for a straight.

A crazy Omaha hand occurred when Antonius raised $3,500 preflop on the button only to have Robl reraise to $12,000 from the big blind, which Antonius called. Robl bet out $16,000 on the Ad 7s 4d flop and Antonius raised the size of the pot ($72,000). Robl then moved all-in for $103,000 and Antonius called; however, they both agreed to run it out four times! Robl showed As Qs Qd Jc while Antonius held the 9h 8d 6d 5d. Unbelievably, Robl managed to win all four runs when they came Kh 2h, Jd Ac, 10h Ks, and 3s10s and scooped the entire pot. This hand more than doubled Robl up while Antonius dropped to $1.8 million.

The final hand of the night saw Dwan, Pickering, and Laak limping to a flop of Kd Qd 3s. Dwan bet out $3,400 from the button, Pickering mucked, and Laak called from the big blind. Laak checked the 4d on the turn and Dwan bet $8,800. Laak made the call and then checked when the 2h hit on the river. Dwan bet $62,200 and Laak thought long and hard before making the call and losing to Dwan's 8d 6d flush.

After the hand, players bagged up their chips and Laak paid back Dwan the $200,000 he had borrowed. This left him with $15,000, and a $185,000 loser. The other losers included Ferguson (-$35,000) and Dwan (-$500,000). The winners included Robl (+$25,000), Pickering (+$115,000), Jedlicka (+$220,000), and Antonius (+$300,000).

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