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2009 Paddy Power Poker Irish Poker Open Final Table Recap

2009 Paddy Power Poker Irish Poker Open Final Table Recap
by Chad Holloway of

The 3,500 buy-in 2009 Irish Open final table played out in Dublin, Ireland. Last's year's field of 668 was surpassed when 701 players competed for a prize pool of over 2.2 million. The final eight players and their chips counts were:

Seat 1: Lee Brooke-Pearce - 998,000
Seat 2: Andrew Pantling - 2,286,000
Seat 3: Andrew Bradshaw - 351,000
Seat 4: Kara Scott - 701,000
Seat 5: William Kassouf - 569,000
Seat 6: Bradley Verburg - 217,000
Seat 7: Christer Johansson - 906,000
Seat 8: Atanas Gueorguiev - 990,000

The first elimination of the night came when Bradshaw raised and was reraised by Gueorguiev. Bradshaw made the call for his tournament life with A-Q but was behind Gueorguiev's K-K. The board ran out 10s 6h 4h 10x 4x and Gueorguiev took down the 824,000 pot. Bradshaw was sent home in eighth place ($74,413). Shortly thereafter, Pantling raised only to have Verburg move all-in. Pantling called the remaining 134,000 with Kh Jc and was up against Verburg's Ad 2d. The Jx 7x 2x 4d 6h board gave Pantling top pair and he knocked out Verburg in seventh place ($99,128). Play continued when Kassouf found himself all-in with J-J against Gueorguiev's Q-Q. The 10h 8c 6s 9c Ad board gave the 676,000 pot to Gueorguiev and Kassouf was eliminated in sixth place ($133,943).

With five players remaining, Brooke-Pearce moved all-in with 5-8 and was immediately called by Pantling's K-10. The board ran out Ah 6c 3s Kc 7h and Pantling took down the 487,000 pot. Brooke-Pearce finished in fifth place ($173,541). The next hand developed when Gueorguiev raised, Pantling reraised, and Scott re-reraised to 500,000. Gueorguiev pushed all-in and Scott made the call creating a pot of 2 million! Scott showed A-Q but was behind Gueorguiev's K-K. The flop came 5-3-3, providing no help for Scott. The 8h on the turn changed nothing but a miracle ace hit on the river! The win gave Scott 61% of the chips in play and sent Gueorguiev home in fourth place ($216,992).

In another hand, Pantling opened for 102,000 and was called by Scott. Johansson then reraised to 500,000. Pantling moved all-in, Scott folded, and Johansson made the call. Pantling showed 7-7 while Johansson turned over K-Q. The 8h 8d 6c 5s Qh board sent Pantling packing in third place ($272,668).

Heads-up play began with Kara Scott holding 3.7 million in chips and Christer Johansson 3.3 million. Johansson managed to grind down Scott and develop a bit of a chip lead. Then, in the thirteenth hand of heads-up, Scott raised to 140,000 and was called by Johansson. The flop came Kd Jd 7s and Scott bet 175,000. Johansson raised it to 575,000 and Scott moved all-in for 2.5 million. Johansson called 1.9 million more and revealed K-3, giving him top pair. This was ahead of Scott's middle pair with J-9. The turn, Qs, and river, Ad, did not provide deliverance for the popular Kara Scott and she was eliminated in second place ($415,381).

Johansson became the 2009 Paddy Power Poker Irish Poker Open champion and took home the $797,276 first-place prize.

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