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Multi Table Tournament Tips

Texas Holdem Tournament – Multi-Table Tips
by Jason Green of

A few multi-table tournament tips are important to know, especially these days. No-limit multi-table Texas Holdem tournaments are currently very popular the world over for a lot of reasons. Players can win entry into big and prestigious poker tournaments, win huge cash prizes and other great prizes, and test their skills against some of the best poker players from around the world.

To start from the beginning, a multi-table poker tournament is one played at many tables simultaneously. These types of tournaments will generally have between 12 and thousands of poker players. The prizes will differ depending on the numbers of players in the tournament and what the buy-ins are. There are some Internet casinos that will have multi-table tournaments that will offer guarantees. One of the more popular multi-table tournaments are called satellite tournaments, which are qualify tournaments into bigger land-based poker tournaments.

You need to remember that playing in multi-table tournaments will take a lot of time. Generally the tournament will last 3 to 4 hours, at least, and even longer if you are playing well and make it to the final table at a bigger tournament. You have to be ready to spend a lot of time at your computer if you are going to play in multi-table poker tournaments.

Now, here are a few multi-table tournament tips that can help you be successful:

Survival at the table is a big tip. You will do that by being very aggressive and a little bit of lady luck. Even lady luck has to show up for the best poker players in the world in order to win big tournaments. In the early stages of a multi-table tournament you will not want to take too many chances unless it is the case that you have a killer hand. If you make one big mistake your tournament experience is over with. Obviously, the goal is for you to win all the chips at the table and move on. Early in tournaments you can play a little looser and then see more flops come out, since there are small blinds. You want to hit a good hand on the flop and win a significant pot. In the later stages of a tournament, with bigger blinds, you will not be able to afford taking those chances, as a mistake will end your day.

When you get great hands you need to be aggressive and be a strong bettor. You cannot afford to let your opponents see the flop and have the chance, a good chance, to outdraw you. When playing in multi-table poker tournaments you can feel safe if your chip stack is average in relation to your opponent’s chip stacks. You shouldn’t worry too much about the chip leader, as they will not win all the time or even most of the time. But, if you have the short stack you will have to be aggressive and take some risks. You will probably have to go all in at some time and you cannot let the blinds drain all of your chips.

Obviously, playing in multi-table poker tournaments is a rush, however it may be a good idea to start out playing in tournaments that have single tables, in order to get used to the tournament setting and to sharpen your skills. By being successful at single table poker tournaments, you know at which time you are ready to move on to multi-table tournaments which offer great prizes and stiffer competition.

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