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Playing Multiple Tables

Playing Multiple Tables
by Hank Cashman

Sometimes playing live poker bores some players. They bring iPods to listen to. They bring books to read. They bring crossword and sudoko puzzles to work.

Online poker has a better way to fill that momentary time between actions. Online you can play multiple tables. I have found this to be fun and challenging.

You can pick two or more tables from one site or you can play different online poker rooms. Either way works just as well as the other.

I recommend trying two tables and get used to the action. Then when you feel comfortable, go to three and so on. Donít stretch yourself too thin. It is better to play four well than five poorly.

If you cascade or overlap your tables, the one that needs immediate attention will come to the front. That way you will not lose your opportunity to act.


If you are playing four tables or less, I recommend having them all visible all the time. This gives you a better chance to study all of the play going on.

Set up the auto-blind button. That way you will put out the blinds and not disturb your train of thought.

To keep things moving and to help you concentrate on the hands of importance, make any automatic folds you can.. You know you won't play that 7-2 off-suit. Click the fold box and go to the hand you might play.

Donít try to create you own H.O.R.S.E. tournament. If you are playing Holdíem on one site don't try to play Omaha on another. Keep it simple, play only one game on all of the tables you play.

When you can, keep notes on the players. This will help you monitor the aggressive players. When moving from table to table it is easy to get the players confused. Have some method to keep it straight.

If you are playing tournaments, they will break at different intervals. If you are playing cash, they don't break. You need to. Just like in live play, you don't want to get to tired. Get up and take a short break when you need one. If you miss a hand or two, so what. You will lose more by playing tired.

I've heard of some players that can play over twenty tables. To me that becomes just calling big hands and hurts the thinking process. Maybe I just like the mental aspect of the game too much.

Keep the cards and chips flying.

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