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Poker Tournament Tips

Welcome to the Predictem poker tournament tips page! Here you will find articles written by poker pros that will give you insight including tips, advice and strategies to help better your chances of lasting longer and finishing in the money in tournaments.

You will also find some other misc. articles about tournaments that have nothing at all to do with winning them, but moreso "about" tournaments. Enjoy!

Playing Multiple Tables - Hank talks about playing two tables or more to maximize the downtime while waiting for your hands to be dealt.

Multi Table Tournament Tips - Jason talks about survival and how to get deep into the tourney.

Tips for Different Stages of a Multi Table Tournament - Jason talks about how to endure the beginning, how to play the middle and strategy for the end.

Basic No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament Tips - Jason talks about common mistakes players make such as playing too many hands, putting too much weight into suited hole cards, overvaluing small pocket pairs, raising, risking it all and bluffing at the wrong time.

General Poker Tournament Tips - Advice on how to play when your're in the early stages, middle and in the money.

Single Table Tournament Tips - Jason talks about patience, the blinds, your chip stack and pot odds.

Changing Gears - Jason recommends that you change your style of play up from time to time to keep other players guessing what type of player you are.

Shootout Tournaments - Chad explains what they are, the difference between a shootout and normal multi table tournament and offers tips on how to play in them.

Weekly Tournaments

Online poker tournaments can be life altering events. Each week, many of the biggest card rooms around the net offer up everything from 100K tourneys to million dollar prizes. Sure, many enter and the odds are thin, but SOMEBODY has to win and why can't that somebody be you? Check out Bovada Poker and take your shot at something huge, like winning enough loot to buy a Ferrari or pay your house off!

Tips and Advice

Introduction to Tournament Poker - Loki covers everything from the buy in to prize payouts!

Cash Games vs. Tournaments - Hank Cashman talks about the difference between the two and notes that just because you're good at one doesn't mean that you'll win at the other.