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Turbo Sit N’ Go No Limit Hold’em
by K. Swope of

"Turbos" are a form of poker that have become very popular at online poker rooms. This is due to the fact that many people may only have a limited amount of time to commit to a given game and wish to enjoy playing cards.

Turbo poker is where the blind levels increase in rapid session typically at five minute intervals, and normally will double each increase from 25/50 to 50/100 in five minutes of play. The nature of the game becomes much more action oriented and aggressive since players must try and accumulate chips in order to survive from being “blinded out” or short stacked.

Single table Sit N’ Go’s or two to three table Sit N’ Go’s are the most prevalent of all types turbo games. Many sites offer several types of poker in turbo form but as commonly seen across the world, No Limit Hold’em is by far the fan favorite.

These games offer every bit of excitement and action one player can handle since many opponents will decide to move all-in on strong hands and often medium drawing hands rather than attempt to out-play or cold call most action. This is not necessarily bad for you as a level headed poker player. In most cases you will still want to raise your quality hands but how you play post flop in turbos will determine if you blind out or make the money. With that being said, tight players often find themselves in the money as well.

You will not want to see many flops in a turbo Sit n’ Go. Rather wait for decent starting hands as you would do in a normal No Limit Hold’em game. However, you will play these hands significantly different through your game. Opponents will also not see many flops since doing so will deplete their stacks and cripple them early from the rapid blind increases. Keep this in mind when you miss a flop with hands like KQ and AJ.

By making a large continuation bet, your opponents will not chase cards opting instead to move all-in on draws or simply fold. Making moves like this will net you smaller but much needed uncontested pots and help sustain your chips for the rest of the game.

In situations where you flop a flush draw or open ended straight draw, do not make the mistake of simply cold calling bets to see one more card or to try and hit the river. Instead make a stand with your strong draws and move all-in to try and steal the pot or gamble in hopes of taking down a monster pot. Cold calling hands will only prevent you from making moves later in the game.

If faced with a very difficult decision in turbo play, your're better off to fold the hand or move all-in. Raising on difficult decisions will crush your stack if the opponent decides to re-raise or move all-in over the top of your bet only to leave you with less of a stack than you would have had by just waiting for another hand and folding this one.

Look for players that make the mistake of cold calling too often either against you or others. These players will pay you off by betting small or by chasing. When you find an opponent that plays this way always take the chance to railroad any of their bets by re-raising large amounts or betting out heavy. These types of players are weak and do not understand the cut throat nature of turbo poker and will give their chips away without a fight.

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