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Joker Poker - Two Pair or Kings or Better
by Marilee of Predictem.com

Joker Poker is one of the hardest games to master. The joker is wild. This has two consequences. On the one hand, the odds of hitting a royal flush are reduced because there is an extra card in the deck. On the upside, the joker provides an additional possibility to deal into a lower hand. This game takes the most patience of all the video poker varieties.

There are two basic varieties of Joker Poker. “Two pair” joker poker means that two pair is the lowest winning hand. No single pair is a winning hand. This is a deal breaker for a lot of people. The basic paytable breakdown for “two pair” joker poker is as follows:

Two pair pays 1:1

Three of a kind pays 2:1

A straight pays 5:1

A flush pays 6:1

A full house is 6:1

Four of a kind pays 10:1

A straight flush or a royal flush with joker pays 50:1

Five of a kind pays 100:1

A natural royal flush pays 500:1

Do not play a “two pair” joker poker machine if the paytables are reduced more than those listed. If you choose to tame this game, give it some time. You will likely lose more money learning the game, but the returns can pay off quickly.


The second variety of Joker Poker is “Kings or Better.” Here, a pair of kings is the lowest winning hand. For most people, this variety is more forgiving and attractive because low even money wins are the things that keep you playing without inserting bill after bill.

The paytable for “Kings or better” joker poker is as follows:

Pair of Kings or better 1:1

Two pair pays 1:1

Three of a kind pays 2:1

A straight pays 3:1

A flush pays 5:1

A full house pays 7:1

Four of a kind pays 20:1

A straight flush pays 50:1

A royal flush with joker pays 100:1

Five of a kind pays 200:1

Royal Flush pays 400:1

Pay special attention to the differences between these two games and choose your machine to suit your own sensibilities. Most people prefer the “Kings or better” variety, but some have a passion for the “two pair” style and swear by it. Find these games online and practice a while before venturing to your favorite casino if you have a chance.

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