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Optimize Your Video Poker Playing
by Marilee of Predictem.com

Imagine walking into a casino and facing dozens, hundreds or thousands of flashing, buzzing, or singing machines. Do you want to play or do you want to win? Need I ask? Video poker is the best machine on the floor – slots do not carry the title “one-armed bandits” for nothing. Video poker is based on basic probabilities and odds and you can slant this game in your favor if you know a few basic rules to start.

Choose the right machine. They may all look the same to you, but regular players know that all video poker machines are not created equal. First you have to choose your game – and there are dozens of different poker games available. Deuces Wild machines will give you more bang for your buck. The returns are lower but the overall short-term return is higher. Basically, you can assume that you will not lose all your money as fast at Deuces Wild. There are a variety of other machines with wild cards or jokers or some combination. All these machines give you a better chance at getting some good play time than basic draw poker style games. But also consider, your chances of hitting a royal flush are significantly less because there are extra cards in the deck. Ultimately it is the royal flush that reigns supreme.

Draw poker games have dozens of variations from the basic Jacks or Better to the very popular Double Double Bonus Poker. Whichever variety you choose, the most important rule is Watch the paytables. A good draw machine, no matter which variety, will have the same odds but will vary in the returns. Look for machines that pay at least 9/5, which means a full house pays 9 coins or credits for every coin bet or 45 coins on a max bet of 5 coins and a flush pays at least 5 coins or credits for every coin bet or 25 coins on a max bet of 5 coins. Machines with reduced paytables are not generally worth the risk. Keep in mind, the odds of a royal flush on any given hand is between 1:42,000 to 1:48,000 so you may have to play a lot of hands to hit the coveted royal. In the meantime, a full pay game (which is actually 10/6) will preserve your bankroll a little better while you are playing.


Use a Club Card. When you visit any casino for the first time, make your first stop the players club. They are usually easy to find. The benefits of the players card may be cash back, gas, food, rooms, shows, or any other number of trinkets and prizes from casino jackets to six packs of Bud. Each coin in builds points on your players card and optimizes your winnings. Some days you will blow your bankroll for the day and come out with nothing but a buffet – but that’s better than losing it all with no buffet. On a good day, you can leave a big winner with a full belly and plenty of points for a movie or even a room for the night. Regular players consider their point benefits as a part of their winning strategy. The downside is that the casino keeps track of your win-loss accumulation so no fooling Uncle Sam. Most people who gamble regularly accept the tax consequences of gambling.

Learning your game is critical to success. There are a lot of resources for people to practice video poker online are to buy books which will show you the “right” play for each and every hand. Bob Dancer is a million dollar video poker player and has written a series of paperback books which explain each hand and why, mathematically, there is one “right” play for each. Dancer also has a computer program with virtually every variety of video poker which will tutor the player by flashing an error box every time the wrong choice is made. These resources are relatively inexpensive and invaluable for a video poker player who wants to spend some time playing without going under. Your odds of winning will increase significantly if you play “perfect” video poker. Learn your game well and then hit the casino and win.

Honor your bankroll. Depending on how much you are prepared to lose, you can make a reasonable decision about which machines are within your budget. From penny and nickel poker to the most common quarters and dollars to much higher denomination machines up to $100, you won't have much fun if you blow your bankroll in the first half hour of play. Over time, conventional wisdom in gambling teaches us that if you want to be a winning player in video poker, you must be able to lose approximately three times a royal without it costing you your house. In other words, a nickel player can expect to lose the payout for a royal, which is $200, times three or $600 (your total gambling bankroll is $600), a quarter royal pays $1000 so your biggest loss should be no more than $3000. You may never lose that much, but you must accept that the probabilities are not always on your side.

A pro knows that your win-loss ratio over a period of time leaves you about even up, so that’s where luck becomes the Lady. A winner will be a little luckier than expected and a loser a little less. The gambler that knows their game and plays well will usually come out a winner over time in video poker. Make all your decisions about daily bankrolls and total acceptable losses before you go to the casino and stick to them. Make them reasonable and don't alter them at the casino no matter how much you may feel inclined to give in to the magic of the casino. If you mind your own set of rules, you will never have to feel gamblers remorse.

Have FUN. If playing is more stressful than it is fun, it’s time to quit. This article is to give you some basic starting hints at successful playing, but make sure it’s playing. Casinos pride themselves on making you comfortable and stimulated. Don't forget that the casino is for fun and not for addiction and compulsion. Don't fret the small losses as things generally balance out over time with video poker playing. Have fun and optimize your winnings.

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