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Reduced Juice + Bonus

-108 Lines, Big Bonuses &
Cash Back Every Quarter

Heritage Sportsbook Review

Ever see a kid on Christmas morning get so much stuff that he doesn’t even realize everything that has been bestowed upon him? That’s what it can be like when first joining Heritage Sportsbook. When a player deposits, he or she immediately gets a Cash bonus. Right now that is 50%. When the player starts betting, they get Reduced Juice at -108, 20% less than the standard margin. After they have been betting for a full calendar quarter (example: January through March) they receive cash back on ALL wagers win or lose. This trifecta of player benefits means players rarely leave once experiencing all Heritage has to offer.

It is no surprise that Heritage is one of a few reduced juice sportsbooks available when you realize ownership was also part of the original ownership of Pinnacle Sports, widely considered the pioneer in reduced vig. Heritage is also the best sportsbook for buying and selling points. Many sportsbooks will have the option to buy points at high prices to make some free money. It’s like buying the $50 warranty at Best Buy to go with the wireless mouse. At Heritage, it is treated as a fair opportunity to play a different spread with your pick. Today these innovations are lead by Director of Operations Mike Madson.

Heritage Overview

Heritage Sportsbook Details
Online Since: April 2001
Sign up Bonus: 50% Cash, Up to $250
Bonus Fine Print: 12X rollover
Reduced Juice: Yes, -105 or -108
MLB Dimeline: Yes, up to -160
Unique Odds: Yes, lines move more with low margin sportsbooks
Deposits: Credit Card, Bank Wire, Person-to-Person, Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum
Bitcoin: Yes, Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies held in USD
Payouts: Bitcoin & Cryptos - Free. Check, Wire, Money Order - Free 1x/month then $26 - $80.
Heritage Pros: Top Live Betting Platform, High Limits & Bonuses
Heritage Cons: Sharp players are limited

Heritage Sportsbook - The Club is Open

Early on Heritage was an invite-only sportsbook, somewhat of a club. Heritage wasn’t small considering few people left once they joined, but it wasn’t large as it is today. Heritage always wanted to make sure that it could offer the personalized VIP experience that was at its core identity. There was even some jealousy within the betting forums when players would talk about their experience at Heritage as other players complained that Heritage was exclusionary. In 2011 Heritage was approached by BetJamaica, another large bookmaker known for giving personalized service. BetJamaica was closing and player accounts needed to be rehomed. Heritage honored every dollar and wager taken by Betjam, and as a result, many players decided they had a new home. Heritage instantly transformed itself that 2012 from a primarily country club experience to a company now known for wagering value and software features as well as great service.

Heritage Sign-Up Bonus

Predictem currently ranks Heritage’s signup bonus 5th overall in terms of free money and in terms of the total bonus package, Heritage is probably No.1. The deposit bonus is 50%. Players would be smart to max that out up to $250. Otherwise, it’s like not contributing to your 401k when your company matches it. As mentioned earlier, you are rolling that bonus over with reduced juice lines, a pretty sweet deal. Then after as little as three months, you are getting another bonus in the form of a rebate (up to .08% back) based on how much you risked. So, if you are in it to win it for more than just the weekend, you are getting a big bonus over three months.

Heritage Bonus Terms

The bonus only applies to deposits at $300 and above, which means the minimum bonus bettors will see is $150. The rollover AKA play-through is 12x, which means if you take advantage of the max bonus of $250 on a deposit of $500, your rollover is $9,000. Another beautiful thing about this bonus is the rollover is simply counting how much is risked. You don’t have to worry about betting favorites or underdogs or any complicating calculations.

Reduced Juice - How much do you want to pay?

The cash bonus and the quarterly cash rebate comes with -108. That’s significant when comparing to -110. If you made a hundred $100 wagers and won at a coin-flipping 50% rate by using Heritage you put $100 in your pocket. However, Heritage also offers -105 reduced juice, but you have to ask for this. It is not the default. If you opt for this, there is no bonus, and no cashback quarterly so do the math. Use our calculator below. Choose one of two great plans. Our advice? Take the -105 if you know Heritage is going to be part of your long-term betting strategy.

Unique Odds - Low Margins Means No Place to Hide

Especially if you chose Heritage’s -105 package, you will see the lines are juicy on one side or the other. When sportsbooks use -110 or -115, they can ‘straddle’ the market price using the wide margin. Sometimes they don’t even have to move the lines on time, and they are still holding a nice percentage. With the handful of books that offer -105 the line often favors one team of the other. For example, if players are loading up on the New England Patriots, Heritage needs to move them from -105 to -110 leaving their opponent, the Dallas Cowboys at +100, event money. While this is happening at Heritage, another sportsbook that started at Pats -110 and Cowboys -110 doesn’t have to do ANYTHING, and they are still within a safe range, albeit less profitable. It’s like being the smallest defender on the basketball court. You always have to move your feet to stay in front of your man. While your teammate with the 7-foot wingspan? He can stand there half asleep and be OK.

Bitcoin - Same Day Pay

Heritage is also one of the very best Bitcoin sportsbooks. In our experience, it currently takes about 35 minutes to receive your funds. This may make Heritage the current industry leader. Heritage does ask that you give them an hour and that “same day withdrawals” are requested before noon. $90,000 can be sent per month without any limit requests. Other cryptocurrencies are available, including litecoin and Bitcoin deposits are held in Heritage balances in USD.

Heritage Cons

The signup process… is more of a process than at other sportsbooks. You need to signup and then call to verify your account. It’s a holdover from the days of exclusive memberships to Heritage. Bitcoin payouts are slower on the weekends than on weekdays. European leagues are light on the menu when compared to books not focused on North American sports, like Bet365.

Heritage Sportsbook Pros

This is a sportsbook in the 15-year club. Heritage is committed to a Low Vig product but also offers a decent bonus for the guy whos not making a long-term commitment. Excellent service and a good live betting product. Great for the player using more than one sportsbook and players seeking value for each wager.

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